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What happens when you start to meditate September 24, 2008

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One of the difficulties that many people face when they first start to meditate is working out whether they are doing the meditation properly and whether it is having a beneficial effect. Strangely enough this is not so much an issue in the first two weeks or so as it is later on, after the initial period of familiarisation is over.

The early days of meditation are usually marked by a general feeling of well-being. For many people, this is the time that they will have experienced a true spiritual practice in action, and their subtle system really flowers under the attention. They feel happy, many start sleeping better and may find their heart opening in the most unexpected ways. For some the experience can be incredibly intense, with tears of release or feeling of overwhelming joy.

No two people are alike and so it is impossible to state how each individual reacts, but suffice to say it can be wonderfully elevating, confusing, exhilarating and scary all rolled into one kaleidoscopic mishmash. Or it can be very low key.

From “Meditation” by Nigel Powell

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4 Responses to “What happens when you start to meditate”

  1. Axinia, I did try out Sahaja Yoga by myself once with the link that you gave me. I could feel the cool air over my head and sat in meditation for a few minutes – I was meditating after a long time. It was refreshing! I want to do it more often 🙂 Thanks to you! 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Raj! – I am glad you have tried it out and could feel what I feel 🙂 Keep experementing!

  3. Dewdrops Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    As you mentioned the experience of meditation is different for different people.
    Whenever I meditate, I feel refreshed and relieved from all the pains and griefs, I feel that I have cut all ropes tied around me….

    Its a wonderful feeling…

    And thanks for being an inspiring blogger.I have started a blog :www.dewdropsblog.wordpress.com.I will follow your tips mentioned in “How to start blogging”.

    Take care

  4. Indian Fakir Says:

    You stop starting to meditate. 🙂


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