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East and West September 10, 2008


In the West, Intellect is the source of life.

In the East, Love is the basis of life.

Through Love, Intellect grows acquainted with Reality,

And Intellect gives stability to the work of Love,

Arise and lay the foundations of a new world,

By wedding Intellect to Love.

Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)




13 Responses to “East and West”

  1. Matt George Says:

    Sweet photo of rose petals. It’s perfect for what you were talking about in regards to love and intellect.

  2. amzolt Says:

    Fabulous poetry !!

    Followed the link to the Iqbal site–going to read his “The Reconstruction of Religious
    Thought in Islam”.

    Got a bonus, too: a free program that downloads a complete website with images and internal links intact for offline viewing !!

    ~ Alex from Our Evolution

  3. John Says:

    so tell us Alex: where’s the free program you found?

    more of Iqbal:

  4. Lovely poem! 🙂

    “Arise and lay the foundations of a new world,
    By wedding Intellect to Love.”

    I wish people follow his advice 😐

  5. Nova Says:

    Its surprising Axinia. But, east is governed by intellect as much as love.

  6. sunshineforlife Says:

    that is a very touching observation. 🙂

  7. axinia Says:

    Thanks, everyone! 🙂 I love this quote…

    @Nova, sure there is much intellect in the East, no doubt – but it is still more connected to the heart, anlike in the west.

    The thing is the thinking in the West is linear, they try to explain everything logcially and straightforwardly. The easten mentality goes roand about, taking into concideration many other aspects, also intuition. The whole perception is very different with the easten people. Just compare the spelling art, say, English and Devanagari 🙂

    @John, thanks for the link! – the poem on your site is amazing, this is the pure Sahaja yoga!! How could Iqbal only know??

  8. vishesh Says:

    interesting poem…until we use our intellect,we can’t love…and love is needed for everything…until you love something,you can never think on it… 🙂

  9. swaps Says:

    But Axinia ‘East is East and West is West, never the twain shall meet”.

    We are living in interesting times. On one hand, the East is working overtime to match the Wester benchmarks of development and progress, on the other, the West is pushing at the limits of its ‘intellect’ and coming to realize ancient Eastern wisdom. So East is chasing Western dreams while the West could be approaching Eastern truths, but they won’t meet.

    We can have cycles, not the static thing called ‘order’. Just my thoughts.

  10. dinesh1201 Says:

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting my blog.

  11. In the East, Love is the basis of life.

    😆 😆 😆

    Poor old Iqbal! 😦 Great poet as he was, he fails to understand the truth about the civilised peoples and the savage, uncouth, barbaric hordes.

    It’s not a question of East and West. Nor is it a question of intellect and love. It never was about these things. It’s a question of the difference between the behaviour of civilised, evolved, progressive human societies and the savage, uncouth, regressive barbarians that (over)populate the lowly turd world.

    Let’s see, I believe Allama Iqbal was the gifted Urdu poet who lived in the British Indian empire and chose to move to Pakistan when the British empire in the sub-continent split into two – the evil, filthy, uncouth turd world Indian and Pakistani empires.

    Let’s see how they practise “love” in Iqbal’s beloved Pakistani empire:

    Islamabad, Jul 13: When a boy drank water from a facility outside a mosque in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, it led to several other consequences.

    Around 60 members of the minority Hindu community including women and children were attacked and forced to move out of their homes at Memon Goth in Karachi, following the influential tribesmen of the area objected the boy drinking water from a cooler.

    The boy who looks after chickens in a farm drank water from a cooler outside a mosque before the people of the region started beating him, informed Meerumal, his father. Later they minority group was attacked by around 150 locals and injured seven among them. The injured were later taken to the Jinnah Hospital.

    The Hindus who were compelled to move out of their homes have taken refuge in a cattle shed. The injured people confessed that around 400 Hindu families are being threatened to vacate the area.

    See? An everyday example of the practise of so-called “love” in a turdy, uncouth part of the “East”. Brilliant! The civilised “West” should copy the behaviour of these savage barbarians of the “East” who practise the great so-called “love”. When an entire community is beaten, threatened, driven out and herded into a cattle pen just because a thirsty boy drank a cup of water from a cooler kept outside a place of worship. A great act of “love” indeed! 😆

    Poor old Iqbal! I wonder what he would have said about this act of “love” in his beloved Pakistani empire? Not that the filthy, uncouth, evil Indian empire fares any better. What the evil Indian empire and its semi-literate mercenary creatures are doing to the hapless Muslim people of Indian-occupied Kashmir is much worse than what is being done to those hapless Hindu families in Sindh. And of course, the “low castes” among the Hindoid savages that live in the filthy, evil, uncouth Indian empire are forbidden to drink water from common pots or draw water from common wells. If they did, they would then face much worse abuse than the Hindu families in Sindh. Such great practitioners of “love” they are, the savage barbarians of the lowly, uncouth, turd world that Iqbal describes as the “East”, aren’t they? 😀

    What great acts of “love”! Brilliant! 😆 So much better than the so-called worthless “intellect” of the “West”.

    Well, the “intellectual West” needs to copy the behaviour of the “lovely East”, don’t they??? Wait! As far as I know, the USA had “separate but equal” water fountains for different communities about a century ago. They have moved along the path of civilisation since those mediaeval times. So, I guess they need to imitate the “lovely” behaviour of the uncouth, savage, primitive, barbaric hordes of the “East”, eh? Great! The entire world is being turd worldised and barbarised at a much, much faster rate than I dreaded, thanks to the behaviour of the uncouth, unevolved, primitive, regressive, savage barbarians of the lowly turd world, what Iqbal euphemistically (but very incorrectly) describes as “the East”. It’s a real pity! 😦


  12. mahesh chendake Says:

    True fact is intellects in west loves their ego’s only so remains unsatisfactory and in east they loves themselves !!! no use of brain so keep others unsatisfactory, very funny but true!!!

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