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One more advantage of blogging! September 2, 2008

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This month I celebrate my 2 years of blogging!

Apart from being such an excellent tool for sharing and communication, blogging is also something between two desirable professions which I could never really experience: a Journalist (I am not critical enough for that job) and a writer (not serious enough about becoming one yet)… But that is my personal thing.

Something else what I notice can be extremely useful for everyone who bloggs – you can spare so many words in any discussion just by giving a link to one of your posts! Especially for the hard online comunicators it  can become a pure blessing: you write something ONLY ONCE and then always reffer to it! Very useful in our busy-busy times…


P.S. I wonder if my readers-bloggers also use blogposts for the same purpose?



16 Responses to “One more advantage of blogging!”

  1. Congratulations, Axinia! 🙂

    Happy blog-o-versary! 🙂

  2. Nova Says:

    Good thought Axinia… Wish you many many happy years of blogging 🙂

  3. Nita Says:

    congrats for completing 2 years axinia. I will be reaching that landmark anytime now! this month I think.
    i personally do not give my links to anyone because most people i know are not online people! you will be surprised to know that people here are not generally into online stuff unless thye are below the age of 30 or are in the IT field. Or perhaps are journalists, but even amongst journalists I find this online preference more for the younger lot.

  4. odzer Says:

    Congratulations for your blog. I am not sure if I can ever reach 2 years with my blog but we can try eh. I hope you keep writing on, just out of curiosity why did you choose to write in English or do you blog in Russian as well? I do ask a lot of questions, don’t I!

  5. axinia Says:

    @Thank you Nova and Raj!
    @Nita, I see your point. IT will take dome time but also in India I believe more and more people will go online – because Indians are great communicators 🙂

    I liek to blog in English because I can reach more people worldwide. I have a blog in Russian too, but I type soooo slow in RUssian, so mostly I ask some frinds to translte my English posts into Russian (I know it may sound wired :)…I also have one blog in German, which is my favourite language.

  6. Aiz Says:

    hi axinia,

    how r u?
    blogging do make us feel more content and proud of ourselves for being able to tell what we feel in a fine manner where many people come and read and share their views as well..


  7. sunshineforlife Says:

    Happy 2 years blogsary, Axinia! Wow that’s quite long.

    Am more than a year yet but i enjoyed my time, and the most unforgetable thing i get in my bloging are great online friends. 🙂

  8. axinia Says:

    swaps, thanks for the link. The test shows I am 57% addicted to blogging – i guess the questions were wrong. I am sure I am at least 80% addicted to blogging! 🙂

  9. shi Says:

    I see a new change in this blog that has been characterized by the color galore in past. Good chnage. You have a lot to say on blogging. How are you? (Dio)

    Hallo, my old friend! I am surprised you see some changes here – I do not see any..:) please tell me!
    – axinia

  10. swaps Says:

    80% is bad, too BAD (Blog Addiction Disorder).

    Wrong questions? Perhaps this is for you:

  11. axinia Says:

    thanks but again wrong questions 🙂
    I can hardly answer two of them with “yes”…May be I am not addicted at all? May be bacuase I am a yogi, to me any kind of involvement is already too much. So if I feel I am giving too much attention to blogging, this amount could be just fine for any non-yogi… I guess it works this way…

  12. swaps Says:

    Your response was on expected lines 🙂

  13. Весьма спорно, но как вариант

  14. Павел Says:

    Занятно написано, приятно полистать ваш сайт!

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