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Why most of commentors on my blog come from India? August 28, 2008

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This is the question which I ask myself when I see the list of my stamm-commentor, but also the random ones…

I am Russian living in Austria, and my blog is dedicated to spirituality in general, although such topics as Russia and Austria, or generally western mindset are well covered. Posting on spiritually, one can not avoid India, right. But it is not that I post more on India than on any other subject!

So is it because Indians are so sensitive to Spirituality? Or simply because they are the most passionate commentors in the world??

I keep meeting people who read my blog and NEVER comment here. And I have lots of readers from all over the world! But WHY Indians?

I would really love to understand that mystery…




33 Responses to “Why most of commentors on my blog come from India?”

  1. Maybe your posts appeals to Indian’s very much. Indians today are on the threshold of westernization (Atleast the internet browsing ones) and hence maybe they are fascinated by anything remotely connected to culture and spirituality. Because, today’s Indian’s are neither spiritualistic, nor westernized.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Nita Says:

    I don’t know about others Axinia, but I certainly don’t come here because of spirituality. I am not into it as you know well. However I find you appealing as a person, a human being. I find you friendly, and open to new ideas and I feel I will gain something by seeing your thoughts. Overall, I think Indians are friendly people too. So they are drawn to you. I don’t find this friendliness and warmth in many foreigners. Sorry to be generalise, but it is not meant in a bad sense. I think foreigners are more reserved. I am not reserved myself and can make a blog friend pretty quickly. But you can be assured that the person will be an Indian, not a foreigner. They just keep a distance. I don’t know why.

  3. axinia Says:

    @ Destination Infinity,
    thanks a lot for this! So as far as I understand you think I am “soemthing in between” India and the West adn that is why acctarctive for open-minded Indians…If feel it is very true, the funny thing is it woudl mean that it is nostly because of my RUssian background – because RUssia is something between East and West, both mentaly and spiritually.

    thanks a lot for you very kind words!
    You have touched upon an inportant issue of the western “closenees” and “coolness” – and you are not the only one. Believe me, every eastern person coming to the West sees the same. And many really suffer from that and then go back to their minorities…
    The emotional life in the West seem to be rather poor because of many reasons, and I once wanted to post something on it. Hope I will do it. It is really intresting.

  4. odzer Says:

    I do not know why you get most of your commentators from India, but here is one more! You have a nice blog. Oh and I am not so much in to spirituality either, I guess living in India I get an overdose of it. I am looking forward to reading more…..Oh and if you solve this mystery do let us know!

  5. axinia Says:

    hmm… I actually hope that YOU (and your contryman) will solve that mystery. I really can not do that! :))
    thanks for dropping by, your blog is a good example of an “emacipated from spirituality” Indian…

  6. vishesh Says:

    lol might be the fact that we all blog a lot 🙂 and yes we like to talk a lot too 🙂

  7. swaps Says:

    I have been thinking the same too.

    I now think, the question should be why others do not comment? Yeah, that’s the question.

  8. amzolt Says:

    Even though India is struggling with over-population and decay, most of the Indians I’ve met (and the ones I interact with online) are eager and responsive individuals, searching for knowledge and interaction.

    Maybe it’s a part of growing up there…

    ~ Alex

  9. axinia Says:

    vishesh, swaps and Alex – your reasons seem to be very appropriate.
    Indeed, even the acto of driving in India is such, that people do not swer at each oterh (like here) but talk!! – that is what foreginers find pretty amazing 🙂
    Yes, Indians love to talk, and some even too much. SO basically they are just the better communicatiors?
    Hmmm…and what about the Americans? I saw hardly any one commenting here, although they are also famous for being talkative…
    what say?

  10. Bad Karma Says:

    Here’s an Indian commenting from America! lol

  11. swaps Says:

    Axinia is just biased in favour of Indians 🙂 That is another reason.

    @Alex, there is decay everywhere, not just in India. The worst decay ails the western profit-crazy social order who just export their decay (to Iraq, Georgia… and things like global warming). From this perspective India’s style of decay is virtuous.

    It is a miracle that 1 billion diverse people jam-packed in a midsized country can live in peace at all.

  12. Nita Says:

    I don’t see any decay in India at all. In fact just the opposite. We had reached the bottom and are rising again. I can always say that western society is decaying, but I won’t, as I do not understand it in depth.

  13. radha Says:

    Because Indians enjoy a lot to engage in conversations (not just talking). Italians also like it a lot. Chinese dont. this is my ezperience in one line. pls blog more abt communication, i am also dedicating moer postes recently to it because lately cause my attention is very much there. cheers

  14. Nova Says:

    @Alex: Hi, India is not decaying! In fact the best of the brains (Most NASA Scientists are Indians) and the Beauty (We have multitute of beauty queens from India… once winning all the titles of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific) generate in India.

    @Axinia: I agree with Nita. We are more social people and yeah this is a part of our growing up. We grow up in large families with tons of uncles and aunts around. In fact, we are taught since childhood to refer to mom’s friends as aunties and dad’s friends as uncles… thus reinforcing the concept of brotherhood and camaraderie…


    Enjoy your Indian commentators 🙂

  15. axinia Says:

    Thanks to everyone (Nita, Radha, Nova, Alex, Bad Karma, Swaps) for contribution, it is very intresting to see what all of your (acutally the most active commentors anyway).
    I really enjoy your brilliant comments!!
    BIG HUG 🙂

  16. Raman Says:

    I feel you are more Indian than most Indians…so we are just one big family…

  17. axinia Says:

    Raman, is that a compliment?

    One is for sure – WE ARE one big family, actually the whole human race .))

  18. Scietech Says:

    I don’t know about other Indians, Axinia, but I comment here because you write about what I believe is true spirituality. This kind of spirituality seems to have disappeared from India and the materialistic West does not have it either.

  19. axinia Says:

    thank you, my friend!
    that is a great compliment!

  20. Raman Says:

    I meant it as not just a compliment – I truly feel you exhibit much more indianness than most indians (including I) do. Pity, I wasn’t convincing the first time…

  21. axinia Says:

    no, you were convincing! I just wanted the confirmation 🙂

  22. HuiHua Says:

    i feel that is the openness and collective nature which indians have. they r forthrite n outspoken on what they feel. but not in a harsh manner like in the west. i use to chat in chat rooms and found that most of people there are indians. so i have been having this question too. it would seem that indians r everywhere! the reason y i don’t always comment is i think too much abt how others view me hence the hesitation. n not always i feel that i would like to comment, maybe only on topics which i feel strongly about, like this post! i prefer to sit back n relax n not be out there too much. but whenever i do participate, i feel that it is a really nice feeling to be connected with others.

  23. axinia Says:

    HuiHua, your bservations are very intresting. And thank a lot for commenting here, please do not hesitate!

  24. Atlantic Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    I think the answer is really very simple. Those people who comment here have many of the same values and ways of thinking as you do. Remember the old saying that says birds of a feather flock together?

    Yes, you do talk about a variety of different topics and never cease to suprise me. However it’s also true that you tend to lean more favourably toward Indian culture while at the same time you’re more negitive toward western ideas. Keeping this in mind there is a strange mentality here that says “if your not with us your against us”. People tend to get defensive and or aggressive if you dissagree with what is termed as politicly correct. There is no longer room for freedom of thought and expression in the so called land of the free. Unfortunatly if you were an American you might get hate mail and labled some kind of trader but because your a foreigner you’re almost exepected to criticize the west and therefore it’s easier to just ignore you. Basicly just say because she’s Russian she doesn’t know any better and after all if she were born in the west she’d think differently. This I guess, might be partly true but ofcoarse it works both ways. I know it’s harsh but that was one part of it and the other is a lack of spirituality. We do claim to have a christian culture but our beleif in God is only skin deep and is low on our priority list which generaly means we have a tough time seeing outside of ourselves. A blog about this subject is not of much interest since its not seen as somthing desirable.

    Axinia, for the record, you know that I agree with you on a ton of issues and I apreciate and respect the things that make us different. Infact sometimes I like the differences as much as like agreeing with you but I think it’s safe to say that you probibly won’t get to many comments from my part of the world. I surly hope I’m wrong! Anyways for what it’s worth thats my two cents.


  25. Hi Atlantic/Newfoundlander! 🙂

    It’s great to see you here after a long time, my friend! I completely agree with you that people tend to become defensive or aggressive when you express something that goes against the herd mentality. And it’s not just in the West. Throughout the world, expressing a different opinion earns you tons of suspicion. I mean, people find it so difficult to tolerate someone who dares to criticise the ills of the systems that they believe in. This leads to a sure but steady decay.

    A lack of spirituality is not limited to the West, mon ami. Spirituality has completely decayed in its homeland, India. And what is worse, it is being replaced by a dangerous mixture of materialism and a culture of hatred 😡

  26. axinia Says:

    happy to hear from you again! – many thanks for your extended and as usual very thoughtful comment.

    You are right, that my blog is obviously not very appealing for the regular Western reader, and that is for the resons you gave – beleive me, I am very much aware of that. Western people have many great qualities but they are also rather arrogant and not willing to accept some other views.

    My question was, however not why I am not getting enough readers – I am very happy with the numbers. My question was why the people who keep rading my blog and actually fond of it, never comment 🙂 I am very surprised to see the link to my blog on some blogs which I never knew…It means people do like it, but for some reasons they are not that talkative like Indians 🙂 – and, BTW, all the Indians who are commenting here are atypical Indians…

    But you are an exeption in any case, Newfoundlander! – and I am proud to get you brillint comments any time.

  27. Atlantic Says:

    Thankyou raj for your warm welcome. I sincerly wish that it had not been so long and that I could read and comment more often. Unfortunately I expect I’ll be leaving this part of the country for several months and will therefore be unable to comment once again.

    I’m not at all suprised to see that low spirituality is more of a world wide problem, still I imagine there are more places less affected by materialism than the west. But yes, it is sad to see that they’re catching up. Dare I say even following the path of the west, because as you both probibly know I’m not nearly the optimist that Axinia is.

    I’m sorry, I did not completly understand. Let me just say that many of the thoughts and ideas presented here are forign to most none Indians. As a westerner, even I sometimes feel a little bit like an outsider looking in. (maybe not all topics) It’s easy to be intriged by other cultures and ways of thinking but it’s quite another to give comments about subjects you know nothing or little about. It’s way easier for people of the same background to relate. Also sometimes it’s nice just to know what others think. I must confess that I don’t always comment either, even on posts that I feel strongly about. Just knowing were others stand on the issues is the first step to understanding them and when your readers are ready I feel certain that they’ll break the ice. Smile.


  28. axinia Says:

    it is exactly the way you say it – And it is not only for my interest for India, but also for my Russian background and mindset, that this blog is a bit difficult for the typical western reader. But this is life 🙂 I am what I am.

  29. You’re welcome, Atlantic 🙂 Though I dream of a better world, I more of a pessimist than an optimist. This is because I can sense decay everywhere. The West may be sinking into a bottomless pit of materialism 😦 but it does have some positives. The most important one is that the West values and welcomes change, change for the better that is. That is why you find Western systems and ideas evolving continuously. The feudal mindset of many Orientals, on the other hand, hates the idea of positive change, be it revolutionary or evolutionary. That is why you still find abhorrent, primitive and mediæval systems and practices in the East. Backward, feudal and regressive mindsets 😡 take a lot of time to change, that is, if they change 😦

    That is the reason why the loss of spiritualism is such a terrible thing for the East. Instead of combining the best of Western systems and practices with Oriental spiritualism, like Japan has done, many countries in the East are combining Occidental materialism with the worst of Eastern systems and practices 😡

  30. axinia Says:

    An alien Earthling,
    thanks for this truly brilliant observation! I too find the quality of dynamism very special in the West, and I enjoy it a lot. By the way, it is connected with the fact, that the West is basically righ-sided, which gives the lands this special dynamism…
    I hope that after all the changes an trying out of differnt system, the leading western countires will find the goldem middle of a social/econimical/political system, based on true spirituality, balanced materialism and collectivism.

  31. dirt cheap internet rates and 1 billion population. do you need reasons more than this. Your blog is colourful though. Indians love differnet colours.

  32. Winner Says:

    Да уж, автор этого сайта на самом деле очень добрый и отзывчивый человек. Спасибо 🙂

  33. ela Says:

    Hi . This is my first comment on ur blog. I am also from India. You
    appeal to me that’s why I read ur blog.

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