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Your Blog Is Your Personal Coach! – or why to start blogging August 24, 2008

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Every day thousands of people join blogosphere. Blogging is not just something new. It is the new way of living for those who choose that amazing way of expressing oneself and communicating with the world (online AND offline!). Now for those who still hesitate – to blog or not to blog? – I have put together some points that might be attractive. Why? Because blogging in may ways is the easiest and cheapest way of a personality training: YOUR BLOG IS YOUR COACH.

So what happens when you start blogging? What do you gain?

1. Determination -especially if your blog has a certain theme, you will want to keep collecting materials and posting good pieces on that. Even if it determination is not your strength, you will have to learn it. What is great about blogging in that this learning process happens naturally, in the flow. Your blog will teach you to follow your ideas determinedly!

2. Commitment – oh, that is a gold-value quality today, when more and more modern people avoid committing themselves to any serous relationships. And blogging can become very serious when you will find out one day that there are hundreds/thousands of readers waiting for your next post out there! Thus, your blog will be a good commitment trainer!

3. Dedication– blogging needs lots of dedication in terms of time and attention (your mind will be searching for new stories, new inspirations constantly). The question “What shall I post next” – will become same natural as “what will I eat for lunch?”. You may even quit some other activities (like I quit TV), because you suddenly discover that it is more fascinating to make news yourself rather than digest some propaganda. And, finally the essence of dedication is that it is done with the heart. You can only blog well if your heart is there. Your blog will open your heart!

4. Sharing – even if your ordinal idea is some showing-off, you will land up sharing things for the benevolence of others. Otherwise who will read something of no use for anyone except of you? Your blog will help you realise the essence of sharing! (If by chance you missed that quality before).

5. Sustaining friendship  – that seem a bit of a problem for many. In the fast changing modern world people meet and then split, for various reasons. Having a blog, you will have a platform to meet your old and new friends. You will learn how to sustain the developing relationships with your readers and yourself become a stamm-reader of your favourite blogs… The blogger-relationships are not any different from the any relationships offline, but here you will have a touch of something special, some kind of anonymous intimacy and trust… a bit wired mix 🙂 Your Blog will bring you waves of new, fascinating people to meet and to make friends with!

6. Collective thinking– especially if you write in English and use WordPress you will interact with the world wide community of intelligent, cool people who are the Earth citizens. Blogsphere, probably more than any other Web 2.0 part represent the exchange of ideas, support, transfer, and generation of knowledge (personal experience based, not the dead knowledge!) on the collective level. You become the ACTIVE paritipator of the collective thinking. You become more sensitive to the information in general and more or less independent from the media and marketing brainwash. Your blog will make you feel Oneness and consciously touch the Collective Being of mankind!

I am done here. There are surely many more +points and it would be great to hear what my experienced blogger-readers will say to it (thanks in advance!).

Of course, blogging means lots of fun too, but I wanted to underline the educational aspect of it. People spend lots of money on training and self-improving programmes, but here is the simple and very powerful tool which is easily and for free available to everyone. Go for it and your personal and professional qualities will flourish!

LOVE; axinia


17 Responses to “Your Blog Is Your Personal Coach! – or why to start blogging”

  1. Ramya Says:

    Thanks Axinia!!! That is definetely very very useful….I am very happy and I hope to start bloggin soon :-)!! I really never saw blogging in this angle before….:-)

    Ramya, thanks! I hope to make the next one on “how to start blogging” this week for you.
    🙂 axinia

  2. amzolt Says:

    Such a beautiful and spiritual overview of blogging!

    Most writers stick to the increase of traffic and making money.

    You raise the whole “game” to another level!!

    ~ Alex

    thanks you, Alex, that is a beautiful appreciation! -axinia

  3. Eelco Smit Says:

    I was looking for a reason to blogpost more. Now I have found not only 1 reason, but at least 4 reasons! Thanks, Eelco

    thanks! -axinia

  4. radha Says:

    i ll also make a post, thanks for the inspiration. there are too many valid reasons for blogging! you got the basics here, Lov, r

    thanks, dear! – I am sure some brilliant post will come down your finger tips… axinia

  5. Nita Says:

    Nice post Axinia. All your points I think are absolutely right, but when it comes to online relationships I am not so sure. I wonder at their depth. It is possible for people to fool you, but then I guess I am old-fashioned that way!

    Nita, thank you. I see your point. Surely, the anonimity is a rich soul for fooling and cheeting. ON the other hand, it is also the reason to be very honest and open. I believe that the online frienship can exist, but it better to be nourished witht eh offline meetings 🙂 No virtual hug is same great asa a life-hug 🙂 – axinia

  6. wortman Says:

    thx for the great article.
    not all of the online relationships want to fool you nita 😉
    for my own, i found some very interesting friendships in this blogworld and also many inspiration for my own creativity.

  7. swaps Says:

    AND, people(like me) should resolve to keep off blogs while working.

    Btw, what is Buddha blogging? Wish I could see the laptop’s screen.

    ..hmmmm…what is Buddha blogging? May be about the detachment to blogging? 🙂 – axinia

  8. […] for real!? It is several weeks I wanted to say something about blogging and finally i got pushed with inspirative reasons. I will list few artistical reasons and rememeber you to take care of your blog as you would of a […]

  9. axinia Says:

    Before I answer to everyone let me quote Radha, who freshly posted some other view, an artistic one (my one was educaitonal) on blogging:

    Similarly to any piece of art, a blog is made out of certain materials and colors, ceramic, argilla, glass, crystal, precious stones, metals, copper, acrylic, pastels, tempera, watercolor. Any combination does mirror your character and personality, completely hand made, it is not a Made in China product, it’s not fake. You are the artist: chhosing the template, the font, when to post, what subject, it is all arranged by you. By the way sina blog, a Chinese platform has a very beautiful template, Birth of Venere by Botticelli and i played with it wanting to start a pure Chinese blog (totally kidding).

    The art is in your words, in their meaning, in their strenght, in their originality and creativity. For each post you can use thousands of different words depending on the topic and on the target. Some posts will be directed theorically to any person, some others to a more restricted group of people. You are like talking to the people, so you have to arrange the words in the right dosage and quality, just like an artist completing a very nice artwork.

    A good artwork transmits real feelings: so it is the passion and the meaning flowing thru the blog. Certain blogs are fresh and light, others lost in words, others meaningless, others empty and copied. Each blog gives a specific feeling to the readers. It should be the same feeling communicated if in person.

    The art of selling your artwork: meaning the way of being intelligent, cool, funny, positive, smart, alert, careful in what you propose and the way of organizing the contents for the blogosphere. See the response afterwards.

    Playing like kids has got art in it: the blogosphere gives you the opportunity to play literally. To appear and disappear, to surf here and there, to post 5 times in one day, to not post for 5 consecutive days and so on. To start a new blog and delete an old one, to have more blogs at the same time. Everything is so clearly playful. i can also see art in all these movements and times.
    great take, isn`t it?
    see more here:http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2008/08/25/blogging-artistical-angle-of-it/

  10. Scietech Says:

    I agree with you, Axinia. Blogging is addictive and is terrific fun! It has become my favourite hobby now! 🙂 I express my gratitude to Nita for this 🙂 As I have discovered, there are quite a few people who think like I do. It would be quite difficult for me to come across someone who thinks like me in the real world 😐

  11. axinia Says:


    you made a very important discovery by finding that out! – the world is full of people like you, thanks God!

  12. Actually Axina, since I am not much into the other forms of social networking, blogging, to me is a medium that re-connects me to the world. It feels like the same world which neglected you is offering another life in blogosphere and wants to re-connect to you. It is a great feeling.

    Destination Infinity

  13. Ramya Says:

    Hi Axinia…am away now on a holiday…am feeling bad that i am nt able 2 spend time reading blogs ( meagre internet access u knw )….will be back soon…hopefully with a blog…am still thinking of a theme still!!



  14. […] Blogging is like bringing up children, you will need lots of love and patience – with yourself, with your readers and with fitting your blogging into your daily life… But you will be rewarded, because blogging is one of the most joy-giving and fresh activity of today` life! Some more reasons to start blogging you will find here. […]

  15. […] Your Blog Is Your Personal Coach! – or why to start blogging […]

  16. Wenger at how things are at the end of the season

    • Axinia, you have a powerful language, in spite of your Russian background.

      When you are going to speak from your heart language is not at all a barrier! Great. Go on and on.

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