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The Church down the Centuries: women, sex and child abuse August 17, 2008

 image by vova

The history of the West is heavily minted by Christianity as an organised religion. In particular, as far as the attitude to a woman is concerned. There is a number of facts that depict how this attitude developed and explain how did it come to the disrespect and abuse of the womanhood as such.

This is a cross-post from my Shaktipower blog, you can read the incredible fact-line here.

LOVE, axinia


14 Responses to “The Church down the Centuries: women, sex and child abuse”

  1. IgoruS Says:

    Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader.

  2. wortman Says:

    axinia, du musst mal was übersetzen, bitte 🙂
    das hatte ich heute in meinen beiträgen:
    Очень красиво, работа собственная?
    was heißt das? 😦

  3. axinia Says:

    das ist ein kompliment 🙂
    es heißt “sehr schön, hast du es selbst gemacht?”

  4. wortman Says:

    ooh, das höre ich gerne 🙂
    würdest du dann so lieb sein und diese antwort übersetzen?
    “danke für das lob. ich baue alles selber und auch die geschichte ist von mir.”

    werd auch sagen, dass du es übersetzt hast 😉

  5. wortman Says:

    “Ti Ma’Re” is my new photo-story. yesterday i started this project 😉
    It based on a short story, that i wrote some years ago.

  6. axinia Says:

    eine sehr interessante Geschichte, lieber wortman!
    ich werde die übersetzung des Kommentars erst am Abend schreiben können, da ich nur mühesam auf Russisch tippen kann. bis bald! 🙂

  7. wortman Says:

    ich warte auch gerne bis morgen axinia 🙂
    vielen dank, dass du das für mich machst. möchte dann ja auch passend antworten 😉

  8. volodimir108 Says:

    it is strange that no one comments on this post, even your stamm-readers. It is too shocking or they disagree?
    I am glad you posted it here, it is very helpful to understand many things in the West.

  9. swaps Says:

    Abuse of women in the name of God (of all things) is still in vogue in India. Nobody does anything because it is too deep rooted to certain regions. So much for our spirituality.

  10. axinia Says:

    Swaps, in the West people are aware of this problem (believe me, they know here about all bad stuff happening aroudn the world, but not the good one!).

    But how is it connected with religion?

  11. Swaps Says:

    Let me elaborate.
    1. In the custom I referred to poor parents ‘sell’ their young girls to the temple as maids of God. The temple turns into a harem for priests and village strong men.
    This is a old custom which has been engraved on temples (Sun Temple, Konark).

    2.If you thought education and prosperity would remedy this. Wrong. The abuse only becomes deadly as seen in the link (BBC report). It is ashameful irony that in a land where Durga is worshiped and Shakti is considered the source of Creation, 1 million female foetuses are killed.

    Religion is just a convenience.

  12. axinia Says:


    thanks for point 1, i did not know that details 😦 terrible!

    regarding your poin Nr.2 I agree – I just can not bring this two facts together – how a woman can be worshiped and disrespected at the same time??
    Ok, in the West there have been no worship of women since Sumerian times http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumer
    and the masuline culture is predominating… but INDIA??? this goes beyond my understanding…have you got any answer?

  13. swaps Says:

    See, Indians are very materialistic.

    Here devotion, by and large, is motivated by greed and fear. Not love or realization of God’s beauty. If they worship, it is for their well being!! This attitude is consistent with female foeticide because girls are perceived to be a liability,so they would rather avoid the future ‘problem’.
    (Watch the movie “Devi” for another angle).

    I don’t say this applies to all (I am an Indian too), but here even a small percentage is a big chunk.

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