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Russia is too bad… at its PR August 13, 2008

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Russia has a very subtle type of ego – while some countries try to show off and do excellent PR job outside, Russia simply does not care for its image. Let us be honest – today it is the question how the land “sells” itself and its policy plays a major role. And the fact that Russia really does not care much is harmful not only for the good relationships with the rest of the world, number of tourists or fans, but also the economical development.

The recent blizt-krieg in Georgia has again shown the deeply rooted image of “evil Russians” and how easy it comes up when needed. To be honest, I was shocked my the mass media coverage of the conflict with titles like “Russia is the aggressor”, etc.- simple knowing of the facts (historical and the present situation in Osetia) will let one know that it is not true. However Russian administration obviously does not care about presenting the facts for the world community. That´s a shame and also rather respectlos.

It gets obvious if one compares with the others. Luckily, some western media realise how the PR machine of Georgia worked. “Indeed, if the Georgian Army had been as aggressive as its public relations campaign then the war for South Ossetia might have ended very differently”, says The Times and Le Figaro. As foreign correspondents poured into Tbilisi a team of Belgian PR advisers launched a slick operation to keep them updated with e-mail alerts detailing the latest alleged aggressions by Russia and the Georgian Government’s reaction. On Sunday, for example, more than 20 e-mails went out to shape Georgia’s message that Russia had launched an invasion. Some of the claims veered into outright exaggeration – such as stating that Russian jets were “intensively bombing Tbilisi” or that Russian troops had taken Gori. At the same time Russian administration did not even think of a press-conference (!).

Apparently there are some programms aiming to improve the image of Russia abroad, but the best PR is just airing the true information and letting people know what is happening – whether it is good or bad. And the main reason why Russia does not do it – believe me or not – not because they want to hide something, but just because they do not care much. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, Russia has always been a self-sufficient country, doing well at inside-propaganda but not interested much in the outside one. Today I feel it gets worse – the latest dramatic development in Caucasus speaks for itself.

Today people want to be informed and it is their good right. Russia, please show your true face! I wish the world could learn it proper, and not through the lines of manipulated mass media. As it looks now, bloggers are the only hope to get some correct, although personally coloured infromation.

P.S I found an intresting post on the similar topic here and here.

LOVE, axinia


25 Responses to “Russia is too bad… at its PR”

  1. Nita Says:

    Actually it’s the same thing with India. It’s only of late when the truth is coming out that India’s image has improved. For many years it was the bad boy and Pakistan the good boy.

  2. yashkaexpozhko Says:

    However Russian administration obviously does not care about presenting the facts for the world community. That´s a shame and also rather respectlos.
    that what I was mad about and write letter to my friend a week ago.
    I am happy to see lots of people in the West with straight heads 🙂

  3. swaps Says:

    “The greatest victory over your enemy is to not become like him (use PR).”

    Anyway, Russia need not bother with PR, when CNN is doing a great service….one Canadian commentator said the West has neither credibility nor CAPABILITY.
    The whole world has seen that USA’s bluff has been called, no PR can hide that.

  4. axinia Says:

    @Nita, thanks, I did not know it was that bad with India nad Pakistan before.

    @yashkaexpozhko, unfortunately there are not many people in the west with “straight heads” as you mean… but there are some 😉

    @swaps, very intresting input. I know you love Russia, but I did not expect to get such a comment from you on that matter.

  5. Nova Says:

    I think the beauty of Russia lies in its Enigma. Lets keep it at that 🙂

  6. Well said, Axinia! The so called “mass media” or “mainstream media” keep dishing out bullshit, half-truths and plain lies all the time as those shameless stooges want to lick the boots of their political or economic masters all the time. People who don’t know the truth may believe such propaganda but not everyone is like that. A lie, even if it is repeated a million times, will NOT become the truth! It would only expose the shameless liars! I don’t follow only the “mainstream media”. For every controversial issue, I look for alternate sources of information on the internet that report the truth as it is. Fortunately, there are enough journalists who still write the truth on the internet on websites that present the truth as it is.
    I don’t trust blogs for information either. Blogs do not always give out the correct information. Blog posts can be ridiculously biased, more so if views that contradict those of the author are not allowed. Unless one scans the blogosphere for contradicting posts on the same topic, one would be left with false information.

    What kind of alternative sources do you ususally search for?
    Blogs are surely very personal but that it its own value… I actually meant blogs like that: http://ossetianwar.livejournal.com/ , which report from where the happening it taking place! Not any blogs 🙂

  7. Peter Says:

    “The dog barks, but the caravan moves on” – Arab proverb

    good point 🙂 axinia

  8. radha Says:

    sometimes i have the feeling that the whole humanity is not yet well prepared to how build up good connections (of image and in practice) between the countries. So we have countries which do not care, others who care badly, others who care clumsily, other who are mute and do not know ho wto talk, messages are misunderstood, PR does not work efficiently. Everything is in a big disorder. We need some others years before starting to commect well and present a positive image to all the others. This is just a general comment inspired by the post. Thanks for the post! xx

  9. swaps Says:

    Btw, I am reminded of Tolstoy’s “A Prisoner In The Caucasus”.

    It is so beautiful….a small PR effort on my part 🙂

    Thank you! Your love for Russia is inspiring!.. axinia

  10. axinia Says:

    your comments make me think that probably it is the matter of spiritual growth again – as soon as people will learn to percept each other on vibrations, and not mentaly, no PR is needed: immediately we kind find out who is who. Did you mean something like this?

  11. That is a good blog, written by a South Ossetian living in South Ossetia. It clearly shows that the conflict was started by Mikheil Saakashvili, who is no more than a lap dog of George W. Bush. It’s ridiculous to hear Saakashvili’s claims that Russia “invaded” Georgia. The person who sent 2000 Georgian troops to Iraq as a part of the invading and occupying forces against the wishes of the Georgian people is just a stooge of Bush. Saakashvili is solely responsible for the deaths of so many people in the war. It’s good to see Russia rush to defend her citizens and declare a ceasefire once the Georgian troops were thrown out of South Ossetia. Russia has got a strong leadership in the Medvedev-Putin combination. People like Saakashvili who understand only the language of violence must be paid back in their own coin!

    There are many internet news sites that do not deviate from the ethics of journalism, Axinia. They do not belong to any media house and are usually small organisations but present unbiased, neutral views on different topics.

  12. Raman Says:

    Hello Axinia, hope you are doing fine – this is the peak business time for the company I work for and hence have been too tied up.

    Actually, I remember a famous quote: The History is always written by the country that wins the war. It tells us the times that we are living in.

    Sometimes, we tend to be guided by patriotism & our emotions for our motherland and believe that we are not the wrong ones – of course, this is not in context to the current Georgia – Russia standoff, but generally. Like India & Pakistan for example – the kind of atrocities that are expounded by India in Pakistan & Pakistan in India would shame not only us, but also our brothers across the border. AFterall, we, civilians never ask for war – we have bigger problems like food, inflation & oil to contend with, who cares about geography?

    hope all this stops & we become one world.

  13. radha Says:

    yes of course, if the spirit of a nation does not get fully estabilished, she will not be able to do anything, nor PR, no peace, no war, nothing… i cant avoid myself to comment about the character of a nation without referring to the growth of her spirit. i am going to write something about this in my blog if more inspiration comes up! see you, r

  14. axinia Says:

    thank you for your input, I think I see your point.
    I am normally very critical towards Russia and Russian people. But I feel there should be some balace…For many reasons Russia is a country which has been always feared/hated/misunderstood by many. And there are surely reasons for that. But to say only nevative things??? – that is not fair.

    In general I love things which I know well. As mentioned before, I love Russia, Austria nad India very much – simply because I dedicated lots of time to learn their history, culture and character. If I would have lived, say, in the US, I would be probably same prasing America.
    Love is the matter of knowledge, and hate is the matter of ignorance.

    In my blogs I try to show the essence of all things – and the essens is always pure and beautiful.

  15. Vic Says:

    You are making decisions from the mass media. I think its not a good idea, bcz I dont see CNN, FOX and others at the conflict place, they are making news from the Tbilisi, not from the burned capital of Osetia. Its truth. You are taking information from one side only. In my mind India is the most peacefull country. Religion maybe ?
    I’m russian and with such deals of mass media I feel like a victim, all of thw world are hating me.
    I saw Saakashvili online on CNN yesterday, and what can I say ? I dont like him, he is very good showman, a lot of disinformation, lie and he blaimed Russian ppl, not our goverment or president. He said he saw evil demonic eyes of barbarian Russian ppl. Well prepared PR.

    BTW Happy independence day.

  16. irinaforden Says:

    Axinia, thanks a lot for your visit and comments. Unfortunately I’m too busy to hang around here and on my other web places, I do have other blogs too :O))
    Again – spasibo !

  17. swaps Says:

    “..all of thw world are hating me”.
    Hey, Vic it is NOT true. I love Russians 🙂

    Good people are always loved…and they can be anywhere.
    Try not to hate anyone. Don’t become like your enemies.
    And, thanks for greetings.

  18. Roop Rai Says:

    i should thank Nova for introducing me to your blog. It’s a rare find this. A blog that survives on a strong thought process. 🙂

  19. Roop Rai Says:

    hmm Nits, I didn’t think India was ever the bad boy. Asia and Africa in general are clubbed as downtrodden and backwards … but have never experienced India being singled out. in terms of PR that is. India always has had the image of a spiritual land …. a generalization, a myth that’s broken when one travels.

  20. Roop Rai Says:

    sorry for hogging yer space, i’d say the same for China too as you did for Russia. ok, done this time. ;p

  21. andreyshilov Says:

    I would rather blame unefficient state structure of Russia and unflexible executives.

    Thanks, Axinia, for the link in your comment on my writing. I wanted to reply to you straight from there but, I have to say, I still don’t know the WordPress rules. I even don’t manage to make a Friens List – an operation one starts with at Livejournal (I have a Russian language weblog there). For example, I cant figure out whether I can read your posts on ‘my territory’ in WordPress or I have to go to ‘your’ address for that? All these new information technologies are so confusing!)

  22. Тиран Says:

    100 баллов!

  23. Helen McElroy Says:

    Hello everyone. As a lifelong US citizen, I must say I feel fortunate to have been born and spent my entire life here in the States. However, I am ashamed and embarrassed of my government. We have become greedy and arrogant and the continued occupation of Iraq has led to disrepect and virtually no credibility in the eyes of most of the world. I am hoping and praying that we have a return to skilled diplomacy in the near future. However, and I don’t mean to appear too negative, but most politicians love power and the sound of their own voices over rational thought. I have friends of over twenty years in the Middle East and India. Through them I have learned the real truth about their cultures and religions. All most people want is respect and understanding. Arrogance and greed breeds arrogance and greed and that is what we are now witnessing worldwide. I am afraid oil is the root of all misery. I coined a phrase after 9/11. “The truth shall set you free, that is if you can recognize it.” Negative rhetoric such as “the axis of evil” only causes hostiltiy. The leaders of all countries CAN be negotiated with through skilled diplomacy. War should be the last resort, not the first. Greed in leadership is unacceptable.

  24. axinia Says:

    Helen McElroy, many thanks for your comment – it is good to read such a wise statement from an American.

  25. […] have been always fascinated by the cleverness of the American propaganda techniques, in that very case I find it amazing that they actually announce […]

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