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The war is like cannibalism August 12, 2008

Any war is same barbarous as cannibalism. But the wars can only stop, when people will find it same disgusting as eating flesh of other humans.

Quote from the post on Osetia by Vladimir108 here.

Война – такая же дикость, как каннибализм. Но прекратится лишь тогда, когда люди почувствуют к ней такое же отвращение, как к людоедству.


9 Responses to “The war is like cannibalism”

  1. koolbuddy36 Says:

    what about war against injustice?

  2. axinia Says:

    any war.
    there are other means.

  3. Well said, Volodimir and Axinia!

    Humans can be more barbaric and savage than animals. As far as I know, animals don’t divide themselves into groups and kill each other like humans 😡 Ofcourse, there may conflicts between individual animals but they don’t indulge in mass killings of their fellows.

    Mother Earth committed a mistake by giving a little extra intelligence to humans. If She had given it to some other responsible creature, our planet would have been a much better place 😐

  4. axinia Says:

    i am not sure, my friend!

    getting evolved – becomming awareness and self-awareness – inclueds also the Ego part, which is missing in animals.
    If not human being, thany anybody else would have taken to the wars…Getting the ego- and then growing out of it, overcomming its tricky character – that is the goal, which does not seem to be achievable yet…

  5. What you say is certainly true from a spiritual point of view, Axinia. From what I understand of oriental spiritualism, humans are evolved creatures, not just in evolutionary terms of intelligence but also interms of the spirit. And the the spiritual goal is to make full use of the human birth (which itself is not that easy to attain) to become one with the cosmos – or attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death according to Hindu philosophy or attain the blissful state of nirvana according to Buddhist philosophy.

    But collectively, humans will never learn from their mistakes. Stupid as they are collectively, it would be near impossible for many of them to evolve further. All one can do is to hope . . .

  6. axinia Says:

    there is such a thing as collective wisdom too, not only colelctive stupidity 🙂
    I believe that we need a certain amount of enlightended evolved personalities on this Earth – as soon as the break-even is reachend, the rest will follow!!!

  7. koolbuddy36 Says:

    War is inevitable because of emotions of greed, power and hatred. Also love.

  8. axinia Says:

    thank you, swaps, I will check it.

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