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Know Thyself – it is about itellectual examination? August 3, 2008

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The exhortation to “know thyself” is often taken to require nothing more than a sort of intellectual examination of our personality. But in reality, real self-knowledge comes not from the mind, but from an experiencing of -and eventually a fusion with-our own complex spiritual system.

The ancient Seers literary spent their whole lives in deep meditation, trying to unravel the form and function of this mysterious and subtle system. Many introspections ended up frustratingly fruitless and empty, but from the few who managed to achieve genuine enlightenment, we have gained as invaluable understanding of the subtle spiritual instrument, energy channels and chakras.

Many of these insights must have been accompanied by direct physical sensations, which were then used to track these subtly energy flows and prove their existence outside of the meditative state.

From “Meditation” by Nigel Powell

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16 Responses to “Know Thyself – it is about itellectual examination?”

  1. Thanks for this post, Axinia! You have written about what I believe in – Man, Know Thyself!

    I believe Know Thyself is all about knowing the Truth behind the Universe. Each and everyone of us is a microscopic part of the cosmos and by knowing the Truth in oneself, we would find out how the Universe works!

    You expressed it wonderfully, analienearthling! But you did not answer my question – HOW are you going to know thyself? It is only intrellectually? thanks, axinia

  2. Renato Says:

    Hello Axinia:Congratulations on your blog.It is quite interesting. I think that “know thyself” starts with a genuine intellectual inquiry that lead to face our own depth and interpretation. Since , it is common to beleive that intellectuality only deals with a linear way of thinking that includes rationality, logic, facts and that is not true. Our mind and therefore our consciousness can take us to a spiritual quest to know thyself.

    There is an esoteric book titled the Kybalion that talks about the 7 hermetic laws. Whereas, the first law is “everything is mental”. I always wondered why didn’t said “everything is spiritual”. Mind/Consciousness is the main gate to trascend into a another higher reality a spiritual one.

    I would like to send you pictures from Machu Picchu taken by me. You’ll love it!

    Dear Renato,
    many thanks for your intresting comment! It is true, mental thinking is believed to linear. And I believe it too. Because I expierience it every day! 🙂
    The spiritual experience is very much different. Yes, it is the level of consisousness, but it really does not involve the mind. I mean at the momment when you KNOW WHO YOU ARE. That is very precious.

    Could you send me the link to your pictures? (May be it is better to upload them on flickr.com rather than send per email 🙂 thanks, axinia

  3. wortman Says:

    die suche nach der spirituellen selbsterkenntnis ist ja ungebrochen. im grunde basiert ja der gesamte buddismus auf dieser grundlage.
    vielleicht es es deswegen auch so eine interessante religion.

    Mein lieber Ritter!
    in nehmen an, die Suche nach selbsterkenntnis is die Grundlage für jede Religion, nicht nur Buddhismus 🙂 Leider wurde in Christentum und Islam zu viel organisiert, und der persönlicher Bezug zur Suche nach dem Ich/oder Gott (was das gleiche ist, weil das Selbst der Funke Gottes ist) ging verlogern…

  4. Hasan Says:

    I have a friend on flickr. He sent me a link and thats how I am here. I am very interested in exchanging thoughts with you ,specially on “Know thyself”.

    if you do not mind, you may drop in a line or two at hasan.hma@gmail.com

    Thank you.
    please take care

    Warm regards,
    Hasan Muhammad Ali

  5. axinia Says:

    Dear Hasan,
    many thanks for your invitation to exchaning thoughts on this very inportant topic. I feel pleased by your request.
    The point is only, I don´t believe in exchaning thoughts 🙂

    I believe in the personal expeirence which every seeker of truth should make. Unless and untill you get this experience, it remains only talking 🙂

    do you want the experience???

  6. “HOW are you going to know thyself?”

    Hmmm . . . intellectual self-knowledge is just one part of Man, Know Thyself! It goes beyond the mind . . . it involves the the body, the heart and the soul as well . . . also, it is a continuous process for an ordinary Earthling like me . . . so I will have to keep learning more and more about myself . . . and about the cosmos that I am a part of . . . by knowing who I am, what my mind, body, heart and soul want, I know what I must do on this planet . . . it is a on-going process . . . it will end only when I die . . . 😐

  7. axinia Says:

    hmmm, if you will do it the way you describe, it will not even end when you die 🙂 You will have to continue for lives together, for these are very small little steps you make.

    You know, when I was younger I wanted to know myself and to grow fast. Therefore I went to study psychology – it looked the closest to my goal. Psychology deals with the psyche/souls and give a lot of answers why and what is actually happening in one`s being. But it was sooooo slow. And also it had a terrible impact on me in trems of becomming the analyser (I started seeing only complexes and problems in every person, the love went away)…

    At some point I found Sahaja Yoga, which gave me very fast-working possiblities TO KNOW MY SELF, and that was amazing. I can analyse the state of my being in seconds, I can see the deepest movements in my soul (and in that of others) and (!) I know what to do about it. How to grow spiritually. How to BE myself.
    Isn`t it beautiful?

  8. What you describe is very beautiful indeed, Axinia.

    I have to check out the Sahaja Yoga links on your blog . . . I have never tried out yoga . . . except for a few very basic lessons in primary school . . . there is a yoga institution near my home . . . but I don’t know what kind of yoga they specialise in 😐

    Are you a psychologist by training? Combined with your spiritual skills, I guess you have mind-reading (and soul-reading) skills. Can you see what’s going on in my mind and soul?

  9. axinia Says:

    You made me happy with this comment, my friend!

    I never became a psycologists, although I wanted it at some point. As I mentioned, I got very dissapointed by the limitedness of this subject. I guss I have some spychological skills 🙂 But it all works naturally, I do not force myself on that and never concider myself a psycologist.

    As for you…I feel that you are a Seeker: you are seeking your Self and your Love. But your mind is quite full of stuff that does not belong to you, all possible concepts that are not yet based on your experience… And also you have a good genuine heart.

  10. Mavin Says:

    The ancient saints say that the purpose of life is to “find yourself”.

    If you go beyond the obvious, this is a fascinating journey within. You soon realise and feel the presence of an “unseen power” that is directing everything ever so gently and lovingly in our lives.

    The true essence is when we realise that every human is but another manifestation of the divine.

    I am really amazed that all this and much more was studied and understood by our ancestors in India and probably elsewhere. They had unravelled secrets of existence way before our current society even realises there is a problem.

    I for one feel blessed and am fortunate I keep coming in contact with seekers like you.

  11. axinia Says:

    that is is a wonderful comment, Mavin. thank you!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on me and for your kind words, Axinia.

    “As for you…I feel that you are a Seeker: you are seeking your Self and your Love.”

    May I ask you what is it exactly that I am seeking? The Absolute Truth? I really don’t have an answer because I am still in the process of finding it 😐

    What do you think are my negatives, Axinia? The positives can take care of themselves but I have to work on the flaws 😐

  13. axinia Says:

    that is sweet of you to ask about it 🙂 be sure I am not oing to post about your flows on my blog here, that goes too far 🙂 I may write you an email if you insist.

  14. Okay, please send me an e-mail. I would like to know what a Sahaja Yogini thinks of a fellow Earthling who lives thousands of kilometres away! 🙂

  15. Kat Says:

    I’m in the process of knowing myself. I have only come upon it in the past few months. Because of depression, I have searched for peace all my life and now I believe I’m closer than ever before.

    The process I found involves seeing What Is There. We are taught as early as possible to deny ourselves our true feelings, and in that process we learn to ignore most of what is going on in and around us. Instead we learn to see/notice only what we have been taught to. Even things as obvious as trees and sky become invisible. Knowing yourself is about reconnecting with what is there, what is always there, what has always been there.
    Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see.

    Maybe it is intellectual, but I’m not sure what that means. It is more about feelings, about form and essence – not about words or calculations.
    At the simplest level it is about admitting to yourself who you really are, to have the courage to not persist in trying to cram yourself into the small-minded, unrealistic templates that society offers. This is hard to do, especially if you’ve been practicing the wrong way for decades.
    But when you get it right, it feels GREAT.

  16. axinia Says:

    thank you, Kat, for this sharing..the stories of seeking are always very special…

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