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What 1000 Russian men told about their Ideal Woman August 2, 2008

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The recent study of an analytical center in Russia gives an insight into one pretty intriguing topic- what does female ideal look like? The cultural aspect plays here a crucial role – I wonder how much the results would differ in the other countries.

The study was done in Mai 2008 by the analytical center of SuperJob.ru. Representative number of Russian men gave thier opinion on the female ideal. Interestingly a strong differentiation has been found between a wife and a girlfriend. The grafic shows the results in Russian, I`ve made a short English summary here on my Shaktipower blog.

LOVE, axinia


14 Responses to “What 1000 Russian men told about their Ideal Woman”

  1. I don’t know about how others would respond to the survey, but I completely agree with the answers of the Russian men! 🙂

  2. JV Says:

    Collective mind has no single conscious. Even single mind has various conscious, so personally I do not see any purpose (rather have aversion) of such surveys. Surveys should be limited to the marketable commodity.

    Male/female has different preferences during at different times and there cannot be single preference, or it cannot be said that preference of majority prevails. Such survey on the contrary makes people conscious what they are not. Nature is not giant manufacturing complex where all units are produced with similar pattern and standards.

    Anyway !! Thanks for being my friend!! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!

  3. axinia Says:

    “Nature is not giant manufacturing complex where all units are produced with similar pattern and standards.” – this is very well said, my friend!
    however there is such a thing like collective consciousness and it has its own rules. There also archetypes (by the way, they seem to be acting worldwide, not culture-dependant).

    They say “never trust any survery which you did not fake yourself” 🙂 But in that case I found the results pretty much to the point – based on my own femininity, what I see in Russian women and what I know about Russian men. .

  4. swaps Says:

    What a survey :))
    Do men really know what they need?
    I believe men need to be taken care of through out their lives.
    So, the ‘ideal one’ is just like your mommy. Albeit a little cuter and younger.

    Btw, anybody doing a similar survey among Russian women?? That’s helluva lot more important.

  5. Nova Says:

    This is very interesting… I think it varies from culture to culture..

  6. axinia Says:

    Would be great to hear some sugggetions from non-Russian readers 🙂

    • verdell lewis Says:

      hello axinia i am african american and i have a brother who has a russian friend that i have met a few times . he’s cute and don’t smile much and after reading your artical on russian men i can see why now.do russian men date outside there race because i really like my brothers friend….thanks,verdell

      • axinia Says:

        thanks for your note, verdell.
        I do not know anyone personally who would date girls ourside their race, but there surely some. Like there is one very rich Russian guy who is now with Naomi Campbell, may be you have heard of that.

  7. Axinia, I think it mainly depends on the individual person. One man’s idea of an ideal woman definitely differs a lot from another’s, even if they are from the same culture 🙂

  8. I love the Будёновка sitting on the nesting dolls in the photo! How strange.

  9. […] realtionships, Russia, Russian, Russian men, Russian women, spirituality, woman Since I posted “What 1000 Russian men told about their female ideal”  last summer I keep getting most of the clicks from Google for that post via search word Russian […]

  10. Regina Helton Says:

    Why are there so many divoreced women In Russia, Ukraine, ect. There seems to be a large number of them who were unhappy in their marriages. Most of them have children and seems the average age is in their 30’s. They all say that the East european man does not take care of the family. Is that why there are so many women looking online for husbands? I would like to hear the opinions from the men side. There is always a his side, a her side, and in the middle the truth! Thanks!

    • Deravidan - South Indian. Says:

      This is the side effect of western culture and ask everyone of russian to dress properly. When women show up everything than who wants to keep them long. His purpose over he left them. It is the collective responsibily of thier women of thier country. They haven’t grown thier children in proper. Utter selfishness made them to thier children to cry. In India millions of sucessful family life happened because they respect her husband, husband support her wife and their children grow with culture. We wouldn’t accept a family women with porn dress. Sorry!

      Please read below:

      Chapter. 6. The Goodness of the Help to Domestic Life

      As doth the house beseem, she shows her wifely dignity;
      As doth her husband’s wealth befit, she spends: help – meet is she.

      She who has the excellence of home virtues, and can expend within the means of her husband, is a help in the domestic state.

      If household excellence be wanting in the wife,
      Howe’er with splendour lived, all worthless is the life.

      If the wife be devoid of domestic excellence, whatever (other) greatness be possessed, the conjugal state, is nothing.

      There is no lack within the house, where wife in worth excels,
      There is no luck within the house, where wife dishonoured dwells.

      If his wife be eminent (in virtue), what does (that man) not possess ? If she be without excellence, what does (he) possess ?

      If woman might of chastity retain,
      What choicer treasure doth the world contain?

      What is more excellent than a wife, if she possess the stability of chastity ?

      No God adoring, low she bends before her lord;
      Then rising, serves: the rain falls instant at her word!

      If she, who does not worship God, but who rising worships her husband, say, “let it rain,” it will rain.

      Who guards herself, for husband’s comfort cares, her household’s fame,
      In perfect wise with sleepless soul preserves, -give her a woman’s name.

      She is a wife who unweariedly guards herself, takes care of her husband, and preserves an unsullied fame.

      Of what avail is watch and ward?
      Honour’s woman’s safest guard.

      What avails the guard of a prison ? The chief guard of a woman is her chastity.

      If wife be wholly true to him who gained her as his bride,
      Great glory gains she in the world where gods bliss abide.

      If women shew reverence to their husbands, they will obtain great excellence in the world where the gods flourish.

      Who have not spouses that in virtue’s praise delight,
      They lion-like can never walk in scorner’s sight.

      The man whose wife seeks not the praise (of chastity) cannot walk with lion-like stately step, before those who revile them.

      The house’s ‘blessing’, men pronounce the house-wife excellent;
      The gain of blessed children is its goodly ornament.

      The excellence of a wife is the good of her husband; and good children are the jewels of that goodness.

  11. Crazy Macaws Says:

    How does one go about writing to russian prisoners?

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