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7 favourite things I loved to do as a child August 1, 2008

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 What are the 7 favourite things you enjoyed doing as a child?

I wonder if a childhood everywhere in the world is just the same, or is it much coloured by the cultural/social background? And how much does it reflect our adult life?

As a child I loved to:

  1. built “houses” – under the trees, on the trees, in the flat (out of pillows)
  2. walk barefoot in summer always when possible
  3. drink fresh cow milk – straight after it was milked
  4. argue with my religious grandma on the existence of God -I was not convinced!
  5. monitoring media on various interesting topics (literature, history, UFO, science) – I think I was 10 when I used to cut the articles out of newspapers and keep them sorted out in folders
  6. play with boys Russian activity games like “Cossaks-Bandits” (kozaki-razboiniki)
  7. dress myself up and curl my hair with the curler starting at the age of 7 (my mom did allow me that!)

And what about you? 🙂

LOVE, axinia

(photo of me at the age of 2)


29 Responses to “7 favourite things I loved to do as a child”

  1. “walk barefoot in summer always when possible”

    You were lucky you lived in the cold USSR as a child. If you try walking barefoot in summer in the place where I live, after a few steps, the skin on your feet would melt 😦

  2. axinia Says:

    really? When I was in India I also walked barefoot, and Indians thought I am too corageous. It was hot, but still I enjoyed that. But it was an Indian winter…It may be too hot even for me in summer 🙂

  3. Shirazi Says:

    Things of beauty found here, as ever.


  4. radha Says:

    HELLO! i love “to connect” to my childhood quite ALOT, it s very powerful! thank you for this tag, i ll enjoy it for sure 🙂

  5. axinia Says:

    @Nita, Volodimir108, Radha and wortman – looking forward to learn more about your childhood 🙂
    @Shirazi – thank for your visit, my pleasere to see you again -in a refreshed look 🙂

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  7. wortman Says:

    axinia, my 7 things are online 🙂

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  9. wortman Says:

    the english answers are specially for you 🙂

    da hab ich bisschen dran gekämpft, damit die englischen sätze auch richtig sind 🙂
    nee, die ritterfreude kam erst viel viel später. da war ich schon mitte 30 😉

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  13. mirel Says:

    i was kinda a ‘self-sufficient’ child, had unique personal ways to explore the world out there. labelled as strange by some conservative relatives though!
    -a nature, especially sea lover!
    -music!!! played violin, singing
    -collected flowers, leaves, roots, seeds to make experiments for my home-made fragrances:)))
    -rided bcycle everyday! first thing in the morning to observe the outdoors, learn the world out there…feeling the wind, the sunshine in my face
    -fortunate enough to share the secret recipes of my Grandma…one of my best friends
    happy happy days of my life!
    still eternal child inside!

  14. argue with my religious grandma on the existence of God -I was not convinced!

    😯 😯

    And now you argue that “God” definitely exists and that “atheism is bullshit” 😦 😦

    What made you change your views in this direction 😕 Perhaps you haven’t come across things that disprove the imaginary entity’s existence. Maybe you just ignore them?

    Not that I haven’t changed my views. When I was a kid, I believed in the existence of the imaginary entity as that was how I was conditioned. The more I began to realise things myself, the more convinced I became that “God” is imaginary.


  15. Naina Staff Says:

    7 Best thing I like about my child hood is
    A) I like dancing and getting dress for dance.
    B) horse ride….or horse carriage transport.
    C) collecting wild flowers,colorful stones and interesting looking seeds and insects.
    D) i had a book which is like collection of anything my eyes can see and short note about it.
    E) I have seen my mother at age of 7 and still remember her graceful way of talking.
    F) My room was like miniature museum for anybody to visit.
    G) lot’s of pick from sea shores starfish,jellyfish, shells….any sea side washed twigs, and sticks.
    7) and of course walking bare feet everywhere.

  16. Vanina Says:

    Climb trees (still do it), play on the beach (up to 8 years old), ride a bike (i miss it), make clothes for dolls (around 12), ride bumper cars (fortunately that they exist for children and for adults too), be in the backyard watching the “little nature” around me and watch tv (i lost too much time on this).

  17. swaps Says:

    I used to build toy machines. Now I make just plain machines 🙂 Haven’t grown up much, really!

  18. seeker2008 Says:

    The building and neighbourhood I was living in was unsafe and I wasn’t let outside for good measure other than the times my parents took me out. There were drug deals there and ultimately a shooting in our apartment building which forced us to leave. As I could not go outside, I read every book in the house, wrote stories of what I imagined was happening outside and stayed in silence

  19. Sinuhe Says:

    I remember that some of the most joyful things were, for instance, playing soccer with my cousins, playing american football with my cousins, i loved to drink a huge glass of fresh orange juice after school every afternoon. Listening to music at an early age, according to my mum, i used to sit on the floor, next to the speaker and stay quietly listening to classical music.
    And of course, playing with my toys on my bed for hours, always some kind of sports 🙂

  20. Triveni Says:

    first of all thanks Axinia as you just made me bring back some fond memories. Some of the things i used to do were so funny 🙂 it made me wonder how i turned out to be so different as i grew up 🙂
    For the crazy kid I was in certain things, following were my favourite things I loved doing as a kid, (most of them sound so funny now):
    1. Although i never owned a cycle, i used to love cycling on borrowed bicycles, whenever i could.
    2. Dress up like a chef and pretend as if i am hosting a tv show preparing exquisite dishes, but my ingredients didnt contain anything edible by human beings, they mainly contained pieces of papers colored differently representing different ingredients (and no fire of course). I had even designed my utensils such as spoon, plate and bowls with paper 🙂
    3. Loved to create things and name the newly created stuff, for eg, i had once prepared so called rose cheek powder by mixing talcum powder with water and adding kumkum to create the needed rosy color. Also i used to create some crazy games and give them crazy names. and my friends used to be the usual victims on whom i used to try them out 🙂
    4. Watch tv, be it cartoon or movies or serials and enact the scenes again, i was lucky to have had friends who were like me and participated in the whole drama 🙂
    5. I used to love music and dance and I used to sing or dance to myself whenever i could without being bothered as who was around whenever i wished to. Of course, that changed as i grew up becoming totally conscious of everything around and now I dont even hum in any other person’s presence.
    6. Drawing and Painiting were also my favourite time pass.
    7. Always on the go to learn something new be it cycling, typerwriting, games etc. I used to get quite bored doing the same things again and again.

    Overall, I always preferred playing/chit chatting or doing the crazy things together with my friends rather than sitting on my own and enjoying. I used to never like being alone.

    • axinia Says:

      intresting Triveny, why do you think you ahve changed so much? As for me, my favs have not changed much – I mean I still woudl love to do same things as I did and actually in one of another way I am doing them still :9

  21. 1. play anything as an instrument. I would gather all pots and pans from the house and play drums, or remove the long vacuum cleaner pipe and use it as a digeridoo.
    2. listen to any kind of music.
    3. run outside, playing different games like soccer
    4. watch Knight Rider or McGyver or “Nukkumatti” on TV
    5. try to catch frogs, bugs or other similar creatures
    6. build different huts or installations out of mats, pillows, carpets, sticks, leaves..
    7. climb to the treehouse my dad built, or climb anything else: lamp posts, rocks..

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