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Nikola Tesla on partiotism, science and the future of mankind July 28, 2008


image by axinia

image by axinia

You may remember my fascination for Nikola Tesla, that great genius of the 20th century (read my post on his awesome personality here). He was not only an inventor of Leonardo da Vinci caliber, but also a great visioneer of the future of humanity.

Interestingly, he saw the key to the happy future in the science serving people. And his understanding of science was rather spiritual, than materialistic. He saw science as a living process, the matter as a being. In fact, he was the only human being known who could controll and produce the lightning.

In that respect  I find it intresting to read his thoughts on the possbile (glorious!) future of mankind – and see, how such things like patriotism and science could be connected:

“As long as there are different nationalities, there will be patriotism. This feeling must be eradicated from our hearts before permanent peace can be established. Its place must be filled by love of nature and scientific ideal. Science and discovery are the great forces which will lead to that consummation….The consequences of such an advance are incalculable. A new epoch in human history would be inaugurated and a colossal revolution in moral, social and other respects accomplished, innumerable causes of trouble would be removed, our lives profoundly modified for the better, and a new and firm foundation laid to all that makes for peace.’
(published in 1914 under the title: Nikola Tesla Looks to Science to End the War)

Today we seem to be far away from this brilliant vision. Why?

LOVE; axinia


17 Responses to “Nikola Tesla on partiotism, science and the future of mankind”

  1. scietech Says:


    Scientists like Nikola are great not only because they were unmatched in their fields, but more importantly because they were great human beings. Science means progress. Science is a double-edged sword. When a scientist makes a discovery or invents something, (s)he would be aware of the consequences of letting his/her contribution falling into the wrong hands. The wrong hands would selfishly use it to satisfy their insatiable greed 😡 even if it means that humanity as a whole suffers.

    Science is beneficial to humankind. But when it controlled by unworthy people who do not have the interests of humankind in mind, the scientific discoveries are used for destructive purposes 😦

    Having said that, science is the only hope for humankind. Science is the greatest enemy of superstition. A scientific temperament destroys backwardness and savagery. Science is a tool, science is cool! Blind belief can make one a fool!

  2. scietech Says:

    “A new epoch in human history would be inaugurated and a colossal revolution in moral, social and other respects accomplished, innumerable causes of trouble would be removed, our lives profoundly modified for the better, and a new and firm foundation laid to all that makes for peace.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with Nikola. While science is marching forward at a furious pace, most people still have a mindset that belongs to the stone age. Even in this age of reason, they cannot get out of their backward, regressive mindsets. The new epoch described by Nikola would definitely happen, but not anytime soon because, at the moment, people who deserve to belong to the neanderthal age outnumber those who belong to the 21st century 😦

  3. axinia Says:

    scietech, great comments, I enjoyed a lot reading them! You made the point – scientists themselves shold be evolved personalities, then only it can work for the betterment of our life in general and humanity as a whole.
    thank you.

  4. volodimir108 Says:

    I just posted “The heirs of Tesla.RU” about Russian scientists.
    Vladimir Roshchin(Владимир Рощин), Ivan Filimonenko (Иван Филимоненко), Lev Maksimov (Лев Максимов), Oleg Gritskevich (Олег Грицкевич), Sergey Ugodin (Сергей Угодин), maybe there is some information on them in English for those who are intested. Just google or cuil it 🙂

  5. Science, like religion is like a double edged sword. Blind acceptance would make us fools – even in the case of science. Secondly, even if all nations are abolished and a single union of states of the earth were to emerge, battles will not end. Only, they would no longer be fought in the battle fields, like what is happening now.

    Destination Infinity

  6. axinia Says:

    Destination Infinity, that is a profound thought.
    Good topic on battels. I believe that the only battle to be held is within oneself – beacuse the true enemies like ego, greed, lust, envy etc. are only inside.

  7. scietech Says:

    Destination Infinity,

    Science, by its very nature, strictly opposes blind acceptance! Even a widely accepted scientific theory can be questioned and proved wrong if anyone has solid evidence to the contrary. That is what makes science so beautiful and great! Serious believers in science do not accept something just because the textbooks say it. They believe in scientific facts only because they have gone through the thought process and are convinced that the facts must be true. Science strongly encourages free thought!

    Seeing and hearing can be deceiving!
    Seeking and experiencing is believing!

    A bad workman blames his tools!
    Blind believers may turn out to be fools!

  8. scietech Says:


    Thanks for mentioning the names of those Russian scientists. Thanks to the efforts of the Soviet governments in developing science and technology in the USSR, Russia has a solid base of scientific talent. Combined with vast natural resources and a declining population, Russia is going to play a huge role in world affairs in the 21st century!

  9. axinia Says:

    many thanks for your itnresting comments!
    I agree that Russia will play a huge role in future, there many reasons for that 🙂
    And this note of yours “Science, by its very nature, strictly opposes blind acceptance!” is indeed very powerful.

  10. abhijit Says:

    excellent silhouette! colors are also very nice. well-composed image!!

  11. @Scietech: Science, by its very nature strictly opposes blind acceptance – indeed.

    Science has brought energy, but it has also brought pollution. Science has brought us protection but it has also brought us weapons of mass destruction and terror. Science has brought us transportation and communication, but it has also brought us seperation. (Many of my fathers class mates are in the same town but most of my class mates are not even there in my country). Science has brought computers and networking but it has also brought hackers, spammers, viruses, phishing attacks …. and what not. Science has warmed and cooled our homes and offices but it has also melted the polar ice caps and created holes in the ozone.

    This is why I said Science is a double edged sword. Science opposes blind acceptance – indeed. But we blindly accept that Science can bring in only ever lasting happiness. It can’t.

    Destination Infinity.

  12. axinia Says:

    the ever lasting happiness..in that case the science should be enlightened, which is not yet the case. I guess that is what Tesla meant – for he was an enlightened soul himself.

  13. Destination Infinity,

    Of course, science is a double-edged sword. But there is no need for us to use any edge against ourselves or Mother Earth. It is the foolishness, stupidity and greed of humans that are responsible for the mess that we find our planet in. But again, only science can solve the problems that were caused by the misuse of science by humans.


    I agree that Tesla was an enlightened soul who wanted to use science for the benefit of humankind as a whole. When science and philosophy (not religion) are combined, humankind would discover the answers it has been seeking for so long. In short, when that happens, humankind would discover the Absolute Truth.

  14. axinia Says:

    Absolute Thrugh is already here;) and it is indeed easy to discover, because it is actually within YOU…

  15. Axina; Let us make and leave real artifacts to demonstrate Destination Infinity to the world as R. Buckminster Fuller, the last living genius since Tesla, suggested. I have one to do. Sincerely, Ally Ong Hing..

  16. axinia Says:

    Thanks for introducing this intersting scientist ( R. Buckminster Fuller) here – although I am not that sure about his caliber as Tesla, still it was great of you to mention him!

  17. Abhinayaraj Says:

    I guess, as awareness suggests, Tesla is a realised soul!

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