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Awesome photos from my divine holidays July 23, 2008

When I came back from my truly divine holidays I found in my camera almost only the awesome shots of the sunsets, clouds and landscapes. Although I met a couple of thousands of people, my attention was obviously somewhere else…

Our life is full of manifestations of Divine. However it is the majestic pictures of landscapes or skyscapes that makes us understand the UNITY OF THE WHOLE. It does good to see that there is a life behind the clouds, that there are masterpieces of art and fantastic scenes beyond our knowledge and imagination. It is good to know that there is still so much to discover and to enjoy – and this is the secret story behind.

The story of never-ending DIVINE LOVE.

I was fascinated by that scenery, especially some minutes later when the cloud line became so exact. It felt like the huge dramatic curtain falling slowly from above – and the perfect peace of disillusion down there:

And what would you say about that? -the whole sky in vivid salmon lines:

That looks to me like a N. Roerich paint:

And what about that spectacular sunset?

There, in the depth of the sky, there are wings of angels resting on the clouds…

…and the veil-like path for those willing to walk on the clouds:

And, finally I was stunned to see such a perfect line above the clouds like the board of the Mother-Earth`s sari…

LOVE; axinia


23 Responses to “Awesome photos from my divine holidays”

  1. swaps Says:

    A BIG WOW!! Twice over.

    “…I found in my camera almost only the awesome shots of the sunsets, clouds and landscapes.”

    I am not surprised at all. Except children, people are rarely engaging subjects for a photographer.

  2. axinia Says:

    thanks, dear.
    I love to make photos of people too. People are beautiful creatures!
    In my case only I do not feel comfortable posting someone`s faces without asking them if they really like it – and to ask is not alsways possible. The copy-right issue is too strange for me. That is why I post my own pictures only – in that case noone would sue me 🙂

  3. leelajesus Says:

    beautiful picture indeed, axinia. I have never seen Cabella this way 🙂

    people can also express same beauty and intensivity as landscapes, spacially children as swaps mentioned but also adults or old people.

    I saw once a film “about a weeping camel”. In the end there was a shoot showing the whole nomadic family (it was in Mongolia) and in the faces of the 80 years old was the same expression of innocence, joy and freshness as in the faces of the 3 years old.

    I was just amazed! Beautiful faces…

  4. radha Says:

    we are enjoying these magnificent pics from home here in HK, thank u so much & lov, r

  5. swaps Says:

    “like the board of the Mother-Earth`s sari…”
    “there are wings of angels resting on the clouds…”
    “the veil-like path for those willing to walk on the clouds”

    The metaphors are as beautiful as the photos !!

    Leelajesus, I doubt you would find the faces of us -city dwellers- beautiful. We are just arrogant and self-satified. Can you imagine me standing against,say, waterfall and look a part of it? We are no longer beautiful 😦

  6. axinia Says:

    swaps, I agree that the faces of some people, especially the city dwellers can be rather moster-like. Many are posessed and obsessed with greed, lust and envy. But there rae many truly beatiful. Or at least they need only a bit to remove the city dust from their faces…

  7. pickedout Says:

    enjoying your fotos, very beautiful sceneries – and meditative moods, indeed!
    warm regards

  8. Axinia, these photos are indeed AWESOME! 🙂

  9. Bad Karma Says:

    If you want to see beauty, I would recommend watching Baraka. It has beautiful images of nature and people. It’s not a movie – it’s a work of art.

  10. Bad Karma Says:

    I should have left the youtube preview for Baraka:

  11. Bad Karma Says:

    I meant to explain my comment above: Baraka is a film, it is a work of art, that displays beauty of Nature and people.

  12. Nita Says:

    Axinia, these photographs are awesome! No words to describe them really. You have a wonderful eye!!

  13. purespirit Says:

    really great! thanks!

  14. draupadi16 Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pictures with us!
    Kind regards from Draupadi.

  15. arlene Says:

    oh axinia, hugsss for sharing these photos with us. they are so beautiful and breathtaking. i really can’t have the exact word to describe what i feel when i saw these photos. by the way, that painted orange sky – i saw a similiar picture of that taken by my friend in singapore. 🙂

  16. babudeepan Says:


  17. […] Awesome photos from my divine holidays […]

  18. […] Taking off or landing in a sunset or sunrise would have been more interesting (see my last year shots here) […]

  19. mukesh Says:

    beautiful photos i liked them all.

  20. Triveni Says:

    Really Awesome!

  21. Mae Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    I am in the process of creating a memory book and it’s not only including my personal life but will feature photos of wonderful people I have talked to or life stories that I found fascinating. I would like to have two of your photos – one representing Sahaja Meditation (whether you are in the photo practicing it or a photo which represents Sahaja to you) and one photo of you (one that you look at and say “this shows my spirit” or something along those lines). I would like to include these two photos in my book as you (through your blog) got me into Sahaja Meditation and I will remember your wonderful blog posts. You can email me your photos or if you’d rather, post links to them. If you email me your photos, I can send you a photo of the page in my scrapbook where I will put your two photos.

    Many thanks,


  22. Mae Says:

    **I mean I can send you a photo of the page when the scrapbook is done**

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