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What is actually happiness? July 13, 2008

 image by axinia

If you ask people what they wish themselves, almost everyone says “to be happy”. It means they are not happy presently. But what is this mysterious happiness which is so difficult to achieve?

What do we actually need to become happy?

Is happiness a sum of several thing?

Or is it totally independent from the outer word and is the result of the inner development?

Or may be it is an inborn quality that can no be learned/achieved?

I would de very much interested to hear from my readers what they think of it, what happiness mean to them! Thanks in advance.

LOVE, axinia


23 Responses to “What is actually happiness?”

  1. innovatel Says:

    To be happy? I think a true life with a family to love … 🙂

  2. nhces29 Says:

    Which is it? I feel this also ties into the search for the secret of life. For that secret should be the thing that gives us the happiness we seek.
    In my wandering and pondering over this wide globe we call home I’ve found the true secret to life. I always thought I would learn this great truth on the top of a Himalayan mountain from a great wise man. However I never had to go that far. The answer came from an unexpected source in an unexpected place. The great secret to life was given to me by a balding mid-40’s Australian sitting in a green GP tent in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert. Not at all where/how I had in mind.
    He told me the secret is to live life on your own terms. To find what/who you love and to hold onto it. And when your life comes to an end to be satisfied with the way you live. I’ve never forgotten that to this day I try to live that. To have no regrets, to learn but not live the past. I struggle with this portion constantly as I do have some regrets and I tend to relish in certain areas that I shouldn’t. That struggle is a lot of what this blog is about. To gather the lessons of the past and look to the future. Perhaps someday I too will be complete… Have you found it?


  3. Ricky Powell Says:

    Some of my favorite happiness quotes!

    “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    “Happiness doesn’t come from doing what we like to do but from liking what we have to do.” ~ Wilfred A. Peterson

  4. kindspirit Says:

    There are many things in life that can give people happiness. Besides the obvious love, family, friends, and togetherness, there is also happiness in finding your life-passion. So, find your life-passion, and get involved in it as much as you can. That’s how brilliant people are created.

  5. Lovely photo, Axinia! You take beautiful photos of nature, including petals 🙂

    Happiness is a state of the soul. When the soul is happy, the mind becomes happy. When the mind is happy, the body becomes happy. True happiness cannot be achieved through worldly means, though such things may have a negative influence on happiness. True happiness can be achieved only by conditioning the soul 🙂

  6. swaps Says:

    It is a dew drop on a petal – ethereal, evanescent, non-causal.

  7. axinia Says:

    I find it amazing, that by now I only got male comemnts to that topic! 🙂

    thanks, everyone´- every answer is very honest and to the point.

  8. swaps Says:

    “I find it amazing, that by now I only got male comemnts to that topic”

    Axinia, you are very shrewd. We must thank women for this – they make us yearn for happiness 🙂

    (Btw, Axinia are you having a holiday today? It is 1 p.m here and I am yet to start working 🙂

  9. axinia Says:

    holiday? no, i am just leaving for the office 🙂

  10. paleica Says:

    das bild ist wunderschön! und glück… ich denke, glück ist eine entscheidung, kein schicksal. es gibt immer dinge im leben, die nicht so sind wie sie sollen sein. man darf nciht warten mit dem glücklichsein, dass irgendwann alles gut wird.

    viele liebe grüße und schön dass du bei mir vorbeigeschaut hast!

  11. I dont know what is happiness, but I do know that it is relative to “Misery”. The happiness quotient of ones life depends on the misery quotent of his life. Deprive yourselves of any liquid from morning to evening and drink a Water-Melon Juice – How would it feel when compared to having the same juice when your stomach is full and you dont feel thirsty! Happiness, is obtained, in this case, because of the deprivation right?

    Destination Infinity.

  12. misterian Says:

    There was an interesting lecture on Ted talks, about what happiness is. A bit complex, but very good to introspect on. I embedded it on my blog here: http://misterian.com/2008/07/happiness/

  13. axinia Says:

    thanks, misterian for the intresting link – I am glad to get a comment from you!

  14. Ramya Says:

    Hi Axinia, I am pasting a excerpt from something I wrote sometime back in which I describe what I think is “HAPPINESS”

    ” We all come to this world with some empty bottles…..and once we are here, we tend to fill those bottles up…..the process of filling these up is called Happiness!! ”

    Somehow I find its so simple and straight definition of that feeling to pursue which we struggle all our life!!
    And Ya I am trying to do the same…..filling up my bottle with all the memories…..

    Well, Thats my say!!!

  15. axinia Says:

    Ramya, that is just beautfil…

    keep up your great attitide to life!

  16. Sahaja Says:

    I feel, Happiness is something in you :D………masssst feeling :D……did u read this one on my blog?

    Many say its absence of sorrow…….hmm its similar to saying light and darkness…..I say I partially agree to this….why? Hmm….Its definitely absence of sorrow but its something more…..its a feeling that rejenuvates u…it still can be felt with lots of problems……Its a part of life….part of u that can never be separated amidst all other things 😀

    either you should be blessed and ignorant like me of all the sorrows of life (I dont realise them to be problems yaar, definitely everybody has some sadness in their life and its not something odd happening to you – and ya, i consider myself blessed 😀 and I thank God )
    or should be wise and too good like you who realize and still have control for not making the problems take over them 🙂

  17. Sahaja Says:

    PS: And def I am so sure that you are so happy realizing everything around You…. 🙂

  18. Sahaja Says:

    Ohh no!!! Did I write a comment again!! hehe……hmm waiting for your comment now 😛 sorry for posting so many comments 😦

  19. axinia Says:

    no need to feel sorry about commenting!! -. that is really the last thing you should do!! 🙂 And … again saying “sorry” – that is your English virus 🙂

    sure, I read your post on happiness.
    My hidden idea with that post was to hear from somebody that he/she is actually a happy person… I think you are the frist one to admit that, right?

  20. Sahaja Says:

    Yup I am indeed lucky to say I am happy hehe…hope I stay like this!!! fingers crossed!!

  21. […] with you people…so posting my comment again [Hope you don’t mind Axinia] This comment is on this post – and the comment is as follows : […]

  22. Sahaja Says:

    and so you are tagged…..I have not seen any tags on your blog Axinia…..so wondering if you would like to do :O

  23. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, I indeed did very few tags:

    the only tag I made up myself is


    (by the way, feel free to do it if you like!)

    then i did:


    I dont really like tags 🙂 but I will surey do yours – as soon as a Spontaneous idea will come up!

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