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The Colours of Vienna (slideshow) July 6, 2008

As  a typical European City, Vienna basically lacks colour. It is rather pale for my taste. Although there are quite a lot of greenery and flowers, most of the bright colours can be seen in the shop windows… I have made a collection of some colourful spots in Vienna. You will not see many people on the photos – Vieneese do not favour colourful cloths in general. It gets better in summer though 🙂

Please, enjoy Vienna – the City of my love:

LOVE, axinia


6 Responses to “The Colours of Vienna (slideshow)”

  1. steve Says:

    Great photos Axinia. That slide show display is neat. Can you use it outside of Word Press?

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you, Steve!
    The slideshow is done with http://www.slide.com – it creates slideshows for different formats. This one has a special address, compatible with WordPress. You can also make in the same /or other style for Facebook, Blogger, myspace, eBay, etc….

  3. lenamona Says:

    intresting slide. Vienna must be a beautiful place, full of easthetics and peace. you seem to enoy living there.
    You always see the colours around? you blog is full fo same very bright colours 🙂

  4. Yes, Vienna must be a beautiful place! I like the photos. Cool slideshow, Axinia!

  5. draupadi16 Says:

    Amazing pictures of our Capital!!! GREAT! Thank you!

  6. paleica Says:

    unglaublich tolle bilder. manche dinge erkenne ich auch wieder (=

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