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Vibrations is like a toy which is always with you June 24, 2008

 image by axinia

I met a child, a boy of 10 years who has got his realisation and enjoyed feeling vibrations. When i told him what actually one can do with vibrations, he got even more fascinated an exclaimed “I know now, vibrations is like a toy which is always with you!” – it was sooooo sweet and so much to the point 🙂 I heard many comments on vibrations but never such a candid and lovely one…

But what did I tell to the child?  – What can one do with vibrations?

Let me shortly remind you what vibrations are. Normally vibrations are being perceived like a sensation of a gentle cool breeze in one`s hands, on top of one`s head or sometimes around the body. Sometimes it can be warm or even hot. Never heard of that? You can try it out here (interactive presentation).

Vibrations is a kind of the genuine flow of your being, which can be easily felt on the central nervous system. To me it is like the physical manifestation of spirituality.

These are the things you can do with vibrations:

  • diagnose your physical and psychical state with amazing accuracy (in seconds!)
  • diagnose the physical and psychical state of others (same good)
  • know how to help if there is a problem (mostly it works immediately)
  • check if the things you use are really good for you (types of food, particular book, etc.)
  • check if the person telling you something is actually telling the truth or cheating
  • manage the tasks of your life easier and faster
  • take the most benevolent decisions
  • stay cool in a stress situation
  • enhance the quality of your meditation if you do one (fascinating research here)

In a way the vibrations is like a magic. But it is not! – it is something good, great and real. A divine toy?

LOVE, axinia


19 Responses to “Vibrations is like a toy which is always with you”

  1. Very sweet post. Thank you so much!

    XO, Katie

  2. Swaps Says:

    I had always eyed meditation with suspicion (thanks to U.G.Krishnamurty).

    Now, Axinia, you are making it irresistible.
    What’s the harm in trying.
    What if I slip into coma or something like that? You will miss an avid reader.

  3. techzen Says:

    Would you be going for Russia festival? 🙂

  4. leelajesus Says:

    Axinia, your post ist very much to the point as well 🙂 thx!

  5. Swaps Says:

    Axinia, is the doll in pink yours?

  6. axinia Says:

    no…it is just a random Russian doll in Moscow 🙂

  7. Swaps Says:

    Do you have any doll 🙂

    (Btw, my last comment was held for moderation. FYI)

  8. axinia Says:

    I dont have any children yet. Oterhwise I would have mentioned it already before 🙂

    regarding moderation: I noticed that, …really stragenge…may be because of the different email adress you gave?

  9. Well said, Axinia. Vibrations can be used to calm oneself down and get in touch with one’s inner self.

    By the way, I like those Russian dolls (I mean the toys – though the live ones are very cute as well). What are they called? I guess the name begins with an M but I am not sure, I forgot.

  10. axinia Says:

    Raj, the Russian wooden dolls are called “matrioshka”. Originally they said to come from Japan though…

    The only thing I wonder about your comment – do you mean the same vibrations that I do? Could you feel it same way? – only curious 🙂

  11. Thanks, Axinia. “Matrioshka” is a beautiful name for those beautiful dolls. I am not sure what kind of vibrations you feel. My “vibrations” are actually complete inner silence, so I am not sure if I can call them as “vibrations”. I am at peace with myself when everything is silent within me.

  12. axinia Says:

    it looks like you did not really read the post, my friend! :))

  13. I guess I didn’t understand it thoroughly. Ofcourse, I cannot feel what you seem to feel. I am a long, long way off that. I just look for silence within me, which is when I am at complete ease with myself.

  14. […]  Vibrations is like a toy which is always with you […]

  15. […] it was possible. The guide is called “vibratory awareness” – this is something which one can easily obtain and use for … It is not only practical, but very REAL and knowledgable as well. Even long before the vibrational […]

  16. Sam Says:

    How would you compare the vibrations in India to that of Russia?Whats more?

    • axinia Says:

      Sam, depends on where are you from 🙂 I heard that Indians coming to Russia stun about the tremendous vibrations, and otherwise, Russians going to India claim the vibrations are much stronger there…

  17. Sam Says:

    Well I am from Pune,Maharashtra.So perhaps I know your answer.Guess what even right now I can feel the cool breeze on the top of my head.Haha

  18. Valusha Says:

    Axinia, it’s just a new sahaj-hit!;) should be repost, translated in Russian and repost again and again 🙂

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