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UEFA Cup 2008, Austria vs. Germany June 16, 2008

image by axinia

Tonight there was a football battle between Austria and Germany. The Austrian media tried their best to blow the air up and mobilize the Austrian fans against the Germans. That was really too much of hatred!

At the same time when the play was going on, I took a stroll around on of the most beautiful Vienna parks – Belvedere – and shot some photos… The air was so very much peaceful and the sky was pink-golden…

Can you imagine that just some km away from that place the emotions-charged football play between the arch-rivals Germany and Austria took place?

LOVE; axinia



11 Responses to “UEFA Cup 2008, Austria vs. Germany”

  1. This photo is simply superb, Axinia. Vienna must be fabulous place.

  2. axinia Says:

    thanks, Raj, I wish everyone could visit Vienna once in a lifetime – it is very special…

  3. Swaps Says:

    WHAT!! Its blasphemous to speak low of
    – the noblest religion,
    – the most elegant ballet,
    – the most civilized form of war,
    – the most divine pursuit,
    – football.

    Axinia, pray for clemency 🙂

    In fact, I came to tell you of this :


    (Its indeed a great piece of art. Wonder what Viennese think of it)

  4. axinia Says:


    your poem on football is gorgeous 🙂
    I dont mind football, but I would not watch it that often. After all, I am woman, I woudl better watch the Fashion TV if I had one.

    btw, I was intived by a girlfreind of mine to watch the Russia-Sweden match tomorrow 🙂 and I will!

  5. Swaps Says:

    Why don’t have Fashion TV?
    I watch it everyday.
    (Don’t know why but if I switch to Fashion TV at company cafeteria or the gym,I get angry stares from some elder guy who immediately changes it to something ‘milder’. Great Indian hippocracy)

    About the match, are you painting your face? If so please take a photo with the crowd 🙂

  6. axinia Says:

    Swaps, i have no TV at all:)) Since 3 years:) I ahve my Internet, that is enough – everything is here.

    About the match: we will watch at home, not outside. The match itself in not in Vienna and it will not be much fun outside – the last days have shown that is it only fun when the match itself is in Vienna, otherwise the fans performance is rather poor. I will make a slide show of all the pics I took while the UEFA Cup.

  7. Swaps Says:

    It is sooo unlike a woman to NOT have a TV. Over here women are stuck to soap-operas….I wonder how they don’t go mad watching it. Internet is so much healthier. Good choice 🙂

  8. axinia Says:


    I just dont like to be a consumer, I prefer to deliever goods (blogging, etc.)

    Hey, have you seen I tagged you for the meme? – see next post.

  9. Swaps Says:

    I am new to this tagging business, I presume I must reply to those questions in my (dead?) blog.

    Axinia, if it means someone will visit my poor blog, I will do thy bidding 🙂

  10. hello axinia, i just love this picture! it reminds me of the movie – before sunrise and sunset.

  11. and by the way, i would love it if you can drop by and visit my new blog here –

    hope to see ya around. love and take care, beautiful Axinia.

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