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Why every man should serve in the army June 10, 2008

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That is quite a hard statement and probably even shocking for most of my beloved readers… But let me give you some reasons for that personal belief of mine.

1. An army as an institution is not about making war. That is a totally wrong concept. In the first line it is about protection, for safety is the second basic need according to the well known Maslow`s hierarchy of needs.

2. Despite of the cultural diversity, it is very common in many countries that the education of boys is mostly being done by women (home and school). If a boy has a father living in a family (which is even not always the case! ), he sees the father far too seldom. Thus the male role model is often missing. In the army they have enough male educators.

3. They say, boys start a good friendship with a good fight. Boys are not that good with soft skills of socializing like girls. Boys need leadership and discipline probably more that women.

4. An army (in its ideal form, not any particular one) gives a feeling for order which is missing a lot in a civil life. One understands “the rules of the game”, learns to act fast and react appropriately in a crisis situation. One is mobile and strong. All the hardship of the army service is a really good life school.

5. And finally, it is pretty easy to identify a person who has done the army service once – an experienced officer can find it out in 5 min.! There is something about having tasted the soldier porridge…

Serving in the army differs from country to country, some have a contract system, some have it obligatory for the male population. I personally feel it is beneficial for every man to have the army experience. On can argue on some horrid facts about the conditions in the most military institutions of the world, but it is not the point here. Men are getting more and more feminine nowadays. Which is not bad if they ADD some feminine qualities like compassion. But unfortunately it looks like they loose their great masculine qualities and gain feminine ones instead, not additionally … which is sad and also quite difficult for women to cope with. A certain unbalance is in the air…

Again, this is my personal feeling and I guess my view can be also easily misinterpreted. However I just want to add that a word “army” is not a mere sound to me. I am a daughter of a Soviet Army colonel, my both grandfathers have been in the Great Patriotic War and my grand-grand father was a colonel of the Tsar-Army. I maself used to work for the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) some years ago. And had many great experiences on personal and professional level with the military people.

P.S. the post is dedicated to my father who is a true noble officer of a high human caliber. If we could have more of his kind, there would be no wars at all.

LOVE, axinia



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  1. Nita Says:

    Axinia, as an army officers daughter I tend to agree with the gist of what you say. The army instill a lot of good qualities in young men and women and the nation can only benefit. Discipline and patriotism are important things and that is what some people lack in our country. Corruption in India is due to a total lack of patriotism. And the lack of discipline is all pervasive. Though I don’t like the idea of forcing anyone to join the services, I am torn, because I feel that at this point of time India needs it, and not just because there is a shortage of officers in the army. That too.

  2. Axinia,

    This is a nicely written article and I agree with many of your views. But why should it be only about men? Why not women? I feel women need the qualities that a soldier’s life can instill as well.

    As you would have guessed, I am always a rebel. I hate anything that is imposed on me. Conscription is an idea that is doomed from the start. Even in times of war, those with plenty of money and connections can get away from defending the country. On the other hand, a true patriot would wholeheartedly take up arms voluntarily to defend his motherland in times of war!

    Also, you say that the male role model is missing in many families, even if the boy stays with his father. But why should boys need role models? Role models are for girls! Boys are supposed to be rebellious and they are supposed to discover the truth by themselves. That is the very essence of masculinity!

  3. axinia Says:

    thanks a lot, I love your words about patriotism!

    I guess you never seen women getting masculine 🙂 If you will, you will run away – this is a horible fenomenon!
    There is something I believe all women have to experience – but I want to write a separate post on that.
    And Ram, there is really nothing bad a t havin a role model! – it is great if you have one:somebody you respect a lot, you want to be like. This is human. If you dont have any, it may be because of the ego 🙂

  4. There are two kinds of ego, Axinia. Ego and arrogance. The first is of the healthy kind, without which there would only be followers in this world. There would be no self-made people without the first kind of ego. You know what happens when the visually differently abled lead the visually differently abled . . . they all fall into a ditch 😦 [I hate to use the word “blind” when referring to differently abled people as those who cannot see are not blind, those who can see but choose not to see are “blind”!]

    Well, there are so many people whom I respect a lot. But I don’t want to be like any of them. It is not hu’man’ to have a role model, but rather hu’woman’ to look for role models! 🙂

    I want to be myself! I cannot be like anyone else in this world! Life for men is all about what Socrates said: “MAN, KNOW THYSELF!”

  5. Michael Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    this time my opinion is oposite – but not in all points. I have seen many young guys beeing “normal” and then had to joyn the Army (which you must in Austria). Some of them learned in the group silly things like “how to do nothing if possible” and “how to fillup with Alcohol” and many more of that things.

    I did not have to join the Army cause there have been to many of us in my age. All the ones which have conditional “problems” like my stronger glasses have been released. But as I did my training in Gastronomic I have been drilled there (every day). I am glad I did not have to break my life, go to the Army and earn 200 Euro a month.

    Maybe it depends on where you live and what education you got at home. The things boys do learn in Army they should already have got Home. It is like in school where parents do expect teachers to repair what they missed at their kids.

    OK – don’t throw all of the people going to the Army in one box. I also do think that for a certain part of people it is good to go there. If young boys do get good men there I say YES. I am just against that young men MUST go there and just try to get the time passed by.

    answer from axinia:

    Michael, i am familiar with this point of view, it is rather typical for Austria 🙂
    Austria is such a peaceful and relaxed country that I can hardly think of an Army here… Noone takes it seriously and thus is this attitude (as of lost time)…
    However I do not agree with you that boys should get everthing at home – even if they should, they can not! Home is one thing, a social institution like school or the army is another thing…

    I also dont think going to the army is a “lost time” – I guess no experiece of our life is a lost time!!! Even if I loose my way and miss the street, I can discover another interesting district which I never seen before!
    I can see your point very well, but believe me, none of the expeicences we make are useless. It is only the point of using them – remember my other post? https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2008/05/15/experience-is-not-what-happens-to-you/


  6. axinia Says:

    Raj, you amy be surprised but in fact women do not need role models that much, because they have a srongly buils in instincts like mathernity and sustainance – it is a bit different nature.

    It is wonderufl that you want to be yourself – bacisally we dont have any other chose 🙂 YOu are always yourself, even if you hae a role models.

    But I understand you very much, blieve me! – I was the same at your age 🙂 People with a srong personality want to go their way and they do go. Today I know some people who have myself as a role model 😉 But at the same time I am lucky to have peple around I want to be like! That is a good ego-treatment, belive me.

    Any “sound” Ego you mentioned before is good only to the extend when it does not go off. And the funny thing is that the ego is something that goes off very fast and unnoticalble…
    take care!

  7. Thanks for your valuable advice, Axinia. I know one should never allow the positive ego to morph into the negative one i.e. arrogance. Also, you are the only woman who understands me so much. Even my own mother does not understand me to such an extent 😐 which is what worries me as I revere the maternal instinct of women. I don’t mind whether men(including my father) understand me or not, as we men know that it is in our nature to be rebellious 🙂

    Raj, you are a wonderful person indeed! 🙂 axinia

  8. Swaps Says:


    A stint in the army lets one see under what hellish circumstances our national borders are being guarded. Every citizen should know that while they go about their cozy lives, there are foot-soldiers separated from their families and braving merciless weather to keep inimical forces at bay.

    Another aspect I admire about a soldier is that he treats a captured enemy soldier with so much restraint. One has to be really strong to forgive, to be compassionate.

    A couple of years in the army will be something.

    Axinia, if you like Hindi movies, may I recommend ‘UPKAR’.

    And once again I am reminded of Bykov 🙂

  9. axinia Says:

    Swaps, you comment is a good support, I am glad you see my point!

    Thanks for the tipp, I love Hindi-movies (my favourits are Lagaan, Rang de Basanti and Tare Zameen Par).

  10. Raman Says:

    Armies work well because they have discipline – if you look at a huge corporate office, it is no where as neat as an army headquarter – where corporates hire someone to clean, armies insist on not dirtying in the first place! this is just one thing – punctuality, truthfulness, socialness, appreciation, friendship health and many more such things are prevalent in the Army. In fact, because the Army was so good, the entire country was on track.

    Today’s armies are not the right examples to follow though: they are full of corruption, poor pay and other facilities, lack of motivation and charismatic leaders. Today, armies follow rules without understanding the idea behind the rule. The talent that needs to enter the army is being diverted to lucrative pvt. sector jobs which means the best is not available for defence services!

    I would say that armies often go on to define the nature of the country – the culture of treating the enemy with respect propagated by Emperor Akbar & Raja Shivaji, the valour of the Rajputana Rulers, the foresight of the Maghadha, Maurya & Gupta kingdomes and the peace signified by Emperor Ashoka are all important milestones in defining Indian culture and the country itself.

    Coming to think of it, as you write, borders & killing are the last thing that should be on Armies’ minds!!

  11. Raman Says:

    I missed patriotism – but then I didn’t – If one respects culture, people & process (the three of which when put together roughly defines patriotism) the country will surely develop. Patriotism has been misconstructed as standing up during the anthem or wearing the flag on 1 day in a year – it isn’t that. It is not jumping signals, not throwing litter, not paying bribes, encouraging local industries and so on..

  12. axinia Says:

    Raman, what a marvelous comment!

    You pointed out an important idea that today`s Armies are not any more the say, they lack the best people and the idea bihind. Same thing I can see in Russia – the Army is corrupt and lackts talens…

    Your example of India is very intresting, I can say same for Russia – I feel that especially countries with the high “femininity” factor(remember the HOfstede`s framework on assessing cultures http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geert_Hofstede) like Russia and India need a good Army.

  13. Bad Karma Says:

    Perhaps most men in society need to serve in the army. This may be due to the fact that many do not care for books, knowledge, education. If you think of all the great men from the past – da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla – did they serve in the army? No – they didn’t need it, they didn’t need structure. Some of us thrive without structure, and some of us are lost without it. =)

  14. MariaMM Says:

    interesting post! this opinion is very unpopular with the modern men. I agree with you, Axinia that men have become too feminine and they just can not think of serving in the Army seriously.

    @Bad Karma,
    most people need structure.
    Genious are seldom among us.

  15. vishesh Says:

    lol, i don’t believe in fighting(physical)at all 🙂 As you say army might add a few ‘hard’ lines to my brow…but well ,i doubt if it will suit my care free way…i hate to be bound…and if i am bound,i usually sleep 🙂 or resist 🙂

  16. soldier Says:

    How can anyone look at military service apart from war?

    War is among the worst things that humans do. There is a reason that serving in Afghanistan or Iraq results in so many military personnel suffering from depression, their families get broken up, lasting mental scars, etc. And if you look at the relationships between members of military, people who should be on the same team, they often hate each other’s guts.

    You don’t want to know. And a lot of innocent people get killed. If someone goes out to kill some civilians for fun, and that person has been around for 23 years, it gets hushed up, especially in some unit like Special Forces. It made me and a couple of my friends want to puke. I have been there when a lot of civilians who were in the wrong spot at the wrong time got shot. About 20 died. Pure jackassery.

    Racism is pervasive.

    I am thinking outside the box here, and I am a career soldier so this issue is a big deal to me. I see a lot of lies, hear them everyday. I lean towards the idea, even though it is impossible, of no more war.

  17. axinia Says:

    soldier, thanks a lot – your comments is really very valuable (as I understand none of the other commentors here are soldieres, so you have the best exoerience).

    Actually your point is not “outside the box” at all – none of us is for war. And- that was my first point -war should never be the aim of having an army. I personally see the army as more of an educational institution. A war is not the point here at all!!!

    As for lies…I work in the markeiting/PR – believe me, more lies and brainshawsh that this industry creates, exsits nowhere!!! It is terrifing to see what is being done under the well packed “images” – it is much worse than any war, because it is the materislistic brainwash that happens in our heads. And then rules our heart… And then people go for war, because they want to possess – land, resources, money, people, everything. Just see where the war starts.

  18. sahaja yogini Says:

    As I understand, Axinia you mean that the modern men lack the good right side (from the yoga point of view). I like this point because it seems true to me.

    What I can see in Europe is that women take up more responsibilites (get more right-sided) and at the same time men become more inrresponsible. They don`t care much about protecting their women in all senses of this word!

    But I wonder how many men are really able to see that?

  19. axinia Says:

    Sahaja Yogini,
    you got the point! – it is exactly what I was aiming to say 🙂

  20. Dave Says:

    I agree that every young person should be required to do a stint in the military service (if they are able). If every politician’s kid was at the same risk as their constituents’ kids, then there would be a lot less talk about starting wars which could be avoided. If the CIC BS’ed us into a war with the entire nation’s kids at risk, he/she would be impeached within a week. We would still be able to fight the wars that needed to be fought, but we certainly wouldn’t be going around starting wars unless we had a very good reason to. I would point out that Conyers has tried to bring back the draft for this exact reason.

  21. Bad Karma Says:

    Perhaps what serving in the military does is give men confidence to physically defend themselves. With this confidence, in day to day actions, they can be more masculine\bold in their actions.

    So if you accept that this physical confidence is necessary – one could also achieve this by studying a martial art – like karate.

  22. axinia Says:

    Bad Karma,

    physical fitness is a good point…but I mean much much more than that… It is not that easy to explain… But women feel it 🙂

  23. I dont know how much of this is true, but I have heard that joining in the armed forced was considered lucrative in the earlier days because of the career it offered. Nowadays, with so many high paying career choices available to the young, no wonder the armed forces have lost its best recruits.

    It was earlier ok for a young person to earn 200 Euros (as pointed out by an earlier commenter) but with peer pressure so high these days, the army is no more a viable career option for the majority (I know a friend of mine who is a Paratrooper. Lucky him.) Perhaps everything in the end is relative to the Dollar/Euro/Rupee.

    I wonder if the armed forces give double the salary of the software industry and free accomodation in the centre of Bangalore, would people flock to the army?

    Destination Infinity.

  24. axinia Says:

    Destination Infinity, again a brilliant perspective!
    The point I as trying to make was actually not about a carrier in the Army – no country needs all its best men to be officers:) It is more about serving for half /or one year, where a young man can learn a lot of thing he can never learn anywhere else.

    There is a every intresting system in Russia now. If a boy wants to go to the university, he gets free from the army service (there he has military as a subject at the university, goes for 3 months to the practice and then automatically gets the leutenant status). For those who are not intrested in high education, they have to serve. I heard that it works well, especially for the young people from the lower social levels – the Army expericne becomes a very special experience for them and they do learn and value it a lot. The ones who think they are “too intelligent” for that lean it at the University and also gain from enother kind of “officer” training.

    The Army as a carrier is difinitely not for everyone.

  25. Jim Says:

    I agree that one can gain personally from being in the military in the ways that you say, and in other ways which you don’t mention… but it is not the only way to get those things. The military is definitely not for every man, and you seem to be down-playing some obvious drawbacks, like getting deployed, separated from your family, which means perpetuating that lack of male role-model for your children. Not to mention, possibly getting killed..

    There are a lot of great healthy things to do that many people don’t do.. I’d recommend joining a gym for example, getting fit.. before advising them to join the military.

    Also, the need for order you are talking about is not necessarily a good thing. Sure chaos is counter productive, but the sort of order you get in the military means a deference to authority, which just continues and perpetuates the same dependence which was encouraged by your schooling and raising, even exacerbates it. If you can’t handle the absence of authority, it means you are dependent on others for approval.

    If you want your son to be a leader, an actualized person, a pioneer, I say you must raise him to be aware of and trust his internal guidance. That’s the opposite of authority-dependence. If you just want someone good at following orders, then use punishment and rewards and tell him to join the military before attending college. Sorry, but I’m glad you’re not my mom.

  26. Swaps Says:

    Dear Jim, you are so right in saying that the army is not for everyone. But I feel a stint in the army prepares you for a more meaningful life. Here is why(in addition to the all-important physical fitness):

    1. Service to nation – when you have risked your life for nation, you will not brook injustice. You will be a more conscientious citizen.

    2. Team work – as a soldier you will rub shoulder with people from different parts, religion and social strata of your nation. This is bound to widen your mind and make you more tolerant. Intolerance is our worst enemy today. (Not so-called terrorism)

    3. Clarity – it is my experience that a soldier is more world-savy and has better grasp of today’s reality. Because his perspective is not distorted by what-is-in-it for me kind of arrogance. (For this reason ex-service men have quickly prospered as mangers.)

    4. Technology – you got be up-to-date with technological trends when you use the bleeding-edge tech everyday. In fact, current revolution in consumer tech originated in military fields years (even decades ago).

    I could go on. AND for each of my argument you could say “that’s not the only way”, but this is one way where you are PAY BACK as you gain. And yes, it’s not for all.

  27. axinia Says:

    @ Jim, your comments is very itnresting… by the way, I am famous among my friends for pedagogical skills and love for children 🙂

    I was just thinking how to answer – and here comes Swaps with his absolutely brilliant arguments!!! 🙂
    thanks, Swaps – it is exactly the thing I wanted to say but could not find the right words. Loved it!

  28. Swaps Says:

    “..but could not find the right words”.

    Don’t tell me 🙂

  29. Sahaja Says:

    Ohh Great to hear that Axinia…..Incidentally, yesterday at my office, I met someone who is now working with us but was previously in German Navy…..And it was me who asked if he was in Army etc….they have that air around them I guess!!

    I personally agree with you in so far as what does the word ‘army’ sound like to me!!
    but cant comment much on compulsory military training since its not there in our country !!

  30. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, I am glad you finally read this post 🙂

  31. Sahaja Says:

    Ya…..I thought I commented but today just realised that i didnt :)…my grandfather and all of his brothers were in civil services too :)…..though we did not continue it 😦

  32. […] Why every man should serve in the army […]

  33. erwin Says:

    I managed to avoid doing what would have been my obligatory military service thanks to a burocratic loop. Back then, I was happy to avoid what I saw as a bit of a nightmare and a wasted year . But now at the age of 44 I would agree with you , it would have probably done me good, at least the kind of ideal military service you suggest . I admit that I have always been a bit too femenine for a guy ! And I think that is why I instinctively seek out a good war film to try to balance my energy vs a romantic movie … : )
    However, in Spain , at least , people who had done the military service told me that I hadn’t missed much ,since more than discipline, and the kind of ideals you describe , young men came away with all the vices and bad habbits they didn’t have before they went ! Unfortunately, it sounded far from ideal
    ….but yes, I really agree with you seeing the younger generation of domesticated little boys in the local shopping mall obediently trottying along behind their girlfriends carrying their Zara shopping . Since when did boys enjoy going clothes shopping ?? Ah ! Honestly : ) !!
    Note : nowadays in Spain military service is no longer obligatory

  34. axinia Says:

    thanks Erwin for that interesting insight into Sapnish life and serving in the army there… yes, the world is changing and these are all the signs.
    Men do be feminine and may be it is not so bad after all – at least they are less agressive. The sad thing about is that this disbalance makes women agressive! – and that is dangerous.

  35. innerknowledge Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you . Tell me about it ; ) !! sniff !

  36. kush Says:

    Have personally served in Indian Army for 26 years.
    It was the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience without any cribs but only after coming to sahaja Yoga.Before coming to Sahaja Yoga one was in a state of false sense of well being while in the army.
    Inner balance,peace,discipline etc all come in a heap once we practice Sahaja yoga-Army or no Army!

  37. pooyan Says:

    I just found this article amongst your post, read it and enjoyed !
    I think these days the ladies are getting more manly, they are really dominating in some situations even 😉 I mean, I don’t wanna say that I am afraid or something :D, but don’t you think it will work better if government oblige young ladies to do some cooking lessons for two years or so ? or maybe some nice artwork, something pink 🙂
    In olden times, girls used to stand by their mothers and antis, so that they could learn a lot, and also be more feminine, but today , pooh, they drive big big trucks !!!

    • axinia Says:

      hahaha, pooyan, try to oblige the modern girls!!! :))
      I did my hardcore “female army” at the kindergarten-internat, 24 hours “mom’s”job…After that I said to myself I can ealisy marry a man with 10 children and take care of all of them!

  38. pooyan Says:

    When a lady is admitting about modern girls as such, then I guess the man HAVE to go to army !!! 😉

  39. Andrew Says:

    I’m a feminine soul – have been a woman in quite a few more lives as a man, and am more comfortable with it. I never appreciated being forced to do competitive sports in school and would not be happy being made to be more masculine than is natural for me by going to the army. I don’t believe in doing things that are intentionally hard just to toughen me up.

    I know most women look for masculinity in their partners but there are plenty of masculine souls in female bodies out there who are a perfect match for me 😉 And they, I assure you, appreciate me being as I am.

    I don’t believe in any sort of “should”, it would be nice if everyone started giving each other the choice of who they wanted to be and who their role models are. We all have a higher purpose in life that our souls are drawn to so it’s not like we ever have to force people to do what is in their best interests. As all indigos know 😉


    • axinia Says:

      hi Andrew, I am surpried why you ahve chosen this post to comment on 🙂
      In fact, since I wrote it almost 2 years back I changed my opinion………I met my schoolfriends who became an officer and went to 3 wars already…I talked to him and realized some important things. Now I am not any more so sure that every man /or any man at all (!!!) should go to the Army..

      But what I am sure of is that many mondern man today lack the sesnse of responsibility and discipline, which is indeed important for the society, for maintaining our daliy lives…Where and how can they learn it – it’s an open question. But there should be some way, ´may be some new way? What would you suggest? 🙂

  40. mahesh chendake Says:

    Discipline and attitude are the two words with same alphabets if numbers are put the alphabets and their total is made it become 100. so I think military believe in Discipline for building of proper attitude towards life’ goal. I don’t believe in masculine body but masculine soul which i think military also wants but not believe otherwise they would have permitted woman’s to that field who are having it ( I am not agree that all men are masculine and rebellious in nature Most probability feminine attitude are increasing). and I think for that purpose only our president Hon,ble Pratibha Patil traveled in fire fighter planes, (Jagwar Team Of India) of defense and she drive it also almost for 45 min. at the age of 75 saying nothing to defense about females recruitment in defense . ( watch her interview after her experience , She told meditation and yoga help her lot to built up her strong.) So to have discipline with proper attitude attitude, one must join to army or to impose ourselves in civil life even though it difficult and many people don’t like to impose and rule by others. and make oneself strong to face any situation

  41. Anime Says:

    Imagine please if nobody wants to hurt anybody, ideal world of kindness and nongreed society… Should army exist in such worl?.. Sure no! Think about it…

  42. Axinia dear,

    I came across this pamphlet. First let’s see what it says, then I’ll reveal the author:

    “War Is A Racket” points to a variety of examples, mostly from World War I, where industrialists whose operations were subsidised by public funding were able to generate substantial profits essentially from mass human suffering.

    The work is divided into five chapters:

    1. War is a racket
    2. Who makes the profits?
    3. Who pays the bills?
    4. How to smash this racket!
    5. To hell with war!

    and contains this key summary:

    “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

    Who do you think wrote it? It was not some drug-taking hippie, or a peace activist clamouring against the war-mongering criminals. It was written by none other than Major General Smedley Butler, of the American Marine Corps and the most decorated marine in American history.

    There is something called “cannon fodder”. Smedley Butler understood that the war-mongering criminals were using the hordes of hapless youngsters as cannon fodder to further their nefarious goals, to maximise their unethical profits and to spread murder and destruction in order to spread their power. It has always been like this and will always be like this.

  43. “Now — you Mothers, particularly! The only way you can resist all this war hysteria and beating of tom-toms is by asserting the love you bear your boys. When you listen to some well-worded, some well-delivered war speech, just remember it’s nothing but sound. No amount of sound can make up to you for the loss of your boy.

    After you’ve heard one of those speeches and your blood’s all hot and you want to bite somebody like Hitler — go upstairs to where your boy’s asleep…. Look at him. Put your hand on that spot on the back of his neck. The place you used to love to kiss when he was a baby. Just rub it a little. You won’t wake him up. He knows it’s you. Just look at his strong, fine young body because only the best boys are chosen for war. Look at this splendid young creature who’s part of yourself, then close you eyes for a moment and I’ll tell you what can happen….

    “Somewhere — five thousand miles from home. Night. Darkness. Cold. A drizzling rain. The noise is terrific. All Hell has broken loose. A star shell bursts in the air. Its unearthly flare lights up the muddy field. There’s a lot of tangled, rusty barbed wires out there and a boy hanging over them — his stomach ripped out, and he’s feebly calling for help and water. His lips are white and drawn. He’s in agony.

    “There’s your boy.

    “The same boy who’s lying in bed tonight. The same boy who trusts you…. Are you going to run out on him? Are you going to let someone beat a drum or blow a bugle and make him chase after it? Thank God, this is a Democracy and by your voice and your vote you can save your boy.”

    – Smedley Butler before WW II.

    • That was Butler, of all people, appealing to American mothers before WW II not to let the war-mongering criminals drag USA into the war (which they eventually did, after setting up an infamous false flag event).

      More importantly, he wanted American mothers not to let the criminal war-mongers design the war draft, of making every able-bodied male serve in the army. That is exactly what you advocate here.

      Now, Butler was a smart man. Here he was appealing directly to mothers and their motherly instincts and concern for their boys, not to let the criminals in power use their sons as cannon fodder and expendable material to further their evil interests.

      What would you do as a mother if you had a grown up son, who was about to be used as cannon fodder by criminals to further their own interests and nefariously profit from the racket? What would you do if you listened to this speech of his, made by a highly decorated soldier, pleading with you to use your motherly instincts to save your son as well as thousands of others from being used as expandable cannon fodder? What would you do in that situation?

      Would you listen to him, see reason, use your motherly instincts and refuse to let your little boy be used as cannon fodder to further the evil interests of criminals holding power? Or would you be like a good brainwashed commie girl, willing to let the criminals drag your little boy away by force and then deliver his mutilated body to you in a bodybag?

      I would love to know what you would do!


  44. mahesh chendake Says:

    Raj, instantly I also came across the another book written by Mrs.Sudha Murti (Wife of Mr.Narayan Murti, founder chairman of Infosis) in which she has written about certain tradition in Russia. One important tradition she point out is, working in military. She wrote , it is compulsory to every son to work in military . They have places where all these sacrifice people are buried,immediate after marriage they have to visit these places with newly married wife in her marriage dress to get blessings to improve patriotism. Author says Russia won lots of big war in the world on such tradition only. After reading that book immediately I remember Axinia’s blog and I decided to comment. any way you comes first. I thought that, this culture and father ‘s military background provoke her to write this blog

    • I have not read Mrs. Murthy’s book, Maheshsaheb, so I don’t think I can comment on what she mentioned.

      But compulsory military “service” is a typical sign of serfdom and slavery. It is one thing to offer short-term military training to all, but a completely different thing to force everyone to “serve” in an armed group. It is exactly how old European feudalism used to work. The impoverished peasants eked out a precarious living during normal times, and had no option but to “serve” their feudal lords when the bosses of the feudal lords, the tyrannical kings and emperors declared war on each other on a frequent basis. It’s a typical, primitive feudal tradition.

      That continuing “tradition” only shows that the Russian people have never experienced true freedom, unfortunately. Earlier, most Russians (except the aristocratic feudals like the Tsar and his cronies) were peasants and serfs of the imperial Tsardom (which wasn’t exactly a progressive regime, unlike some of its European neighbours of the time). The Tsardom was overthrown, only to be replaced by a Soviet regime that proved to be much more repressive and totalitarian in which, though the people had some crumbs thrown at them, they were no more than glorified and subjugated serfs with very little rights or freedoms. That regime eventually had to go, only to be replaced by the current Russian regime, which is a semi-totalitarian oligarchy controlled by megalomaniac oligarchs, nasty politicos and unbelievably corrupt bureaucrats, not to mention the omnipresent, all-powerful, uncontrollable, dangerous criminal mafias. It isn’t a wonder that the Russians had/have no option but to undergo compulsory conscription in regimes such as those three.

      Besides it wasn’t all glory for the conscripted Russian armies in wars. The imperial feudal Tsardom lost a war with imperial Japan in 1905, had to suffer massive, massive casualties in WW I with no gains from it (except the overthrow of the Tsardom, if that can be classified as a gain). The Soviet empire too suffered massive, massive casualties in WW II from the rampaging Germans (the Soviets and Nazis were actually good buddies when they gobbled up Poland among themselves, before falling out). They eventually did manage to turn the tide and win the big war, but though they bore the brunt of the German war machine and blunted it, they would not have won it if it wasn’t a World War. (The Germans had bitten off much more than what they could chew, attacking, occupying and earning the enmity of too many countries at the same time.) Then there was the Afghan occupation debacle, a deadly blow given by the towelheaded tribal mujahideen fighters which eventually led to loss of the “Cold War” and the Soviet empire & Eastern Bloc’s demise.

      (Strangely and inexplicably, the American empire is also going down exactly the same path with the Afghan towelheads as their former Cold War foes, waging a slow, deadly, attritional, unwinnable occupational war with the towelheads at enormous cost, despite a floundering economy back home. Maybe, it’s too late for the American empire to save itself from a collapse similar to its erstwhile commie foes.

      You’ve got to hand it to those freedom-loving Afghan towelheads. They may be primitive goat herding tribes and cave-dwellers who practise a regressive “culture”, but as they have proved time and again, Afghanistan really is the graveyard of empires. It sends out an ominous signal to other empires looking to plunge their dirty hands into Afghanistan, like the evil, uncouth, turd world Indian empire. Wouldn’t it be completely remarkable if three different empires from the First, Second and uncouth Turd Worlds collapsed within a span of two-dozen years, all in trying to occupy and subjugate the unruly towelheads of Afghanistan?)


    • Maheshsaheb, unlike the imperial Tsardom/Soviet empire/Russian “Federation” where the people were/are never free and had no choice but to compulsorily “serve” as expendable cannon fodder in the wars foisted by the racketeering imperial criminals in power, the Americans do have long and cherished traditions of freedoms, individual rights, property rights, liberty and pursuit of personal happiness without much fear of tyranny or totalitarianism, thanks to their wonderful constitution and bill of rights which assures them those God-given rights and freedoms.

      Come to think of it, (as Axinia mentions Andreev) those are not rights and freedoms given by constitutions or laws, but they are the birth-rights of each and every individual born on this planet, and they can be neither given or taken away by anything or anyone on Earth. The Americans had a taste of that thanks to their constitution which made them aware (not gave them) those inalienable rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, the Russians/Soviets never had those rights and freedoms because they were always in the grip of powe-hungry regimes that would not even dream of making them aware of those.

      It is in such a change of scenario that I wondered what Axinia would do, given her motherly instincts. Obviously such a thing would have been impossible to think of in the Soviet empire. If any Soviet general had even dared to give a speech or produce pamphlets like Smedley Butler did, asking Soviet mothers to denounce the war racketeers and prevent their sons from being used as expendable cannon fodder for greedy criminals, even I know what would have happened to him. He would have been marched off to the nearest neighbourood Gulag, made to dig a grave with his own hands and then shot in the head and buried in the same grave.

      But obviously they did have such rights and freedoms in America back then. (It has been slowly eroded and taken away from them to the point where Americans are being reduced to neo-serfs now, but that doesn’t matter).

      The question was what would someone like Axinia (with so much love for motherly instincts) have done if she was an American mother (of potential cannon fodder) before WW II, had she listened to Butler’s exhortation to American mothers to stop the conscriptionists and war racketeers.

      It is a question of choosing between the regime’s forcible brainwashing and propaganda to recruit expendable cannon fodder for unnecessary wars that profited a few criminal war-racketeers and a woman’s deep motherly instincts, love and concern for her son(s). Someone like Axinia would have been desperately torn between the two.

      What would she have chosen to do?


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Don’t you think both are at their ext reams?
        I also heard lot’s of such stories from both the empire to get control and rule the whole world. But my question is where is and what is end?
        As you are right, for a peace loving ,civilized person like Axinia, and you those things are really disturbing even though from different religion and socio demographic strata but as i said cultural upbringing are remain on unconscious minds . I don’t like fruiderian theories but fatherly impact may be on her.so as you said motherly, still she might have supported.!!!!

  45. mahesh chendake Says:

    In my place also there are some villages in which at least one member from each family serves military. They have patriots also as they die on border, even by Naxali’s and kashmiries !!!!
    why mother’s of them sending them in military?
    Even I tried for …. with my friends ,during my struggling period of beginning. Unfortunately i have rejected.
    My moto of writing this is, the reason could be , poverty, apart from all those. Because military gives definite Job. many people think like that 15 years is very short period of life which can finish fast but afterwords it give stability, name, fame everything.even though person die, it gives name,fame and money. Reason to die may differ’s…. If it is officer rank then it ‘s definite.

  46. Visitor Says:

    I suppose serving in an army is useful for humans….then again, I’m not human so I wouldn’t know.

    Most humans tend not to understand anything about life nor the universe anyways…

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