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Science is but a perversion of itself June 8, 2008

 image by axinia
“Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.”

15 Responses to “Science is but a perversion of itself”

  1. krissnp Says:

    Very true.

  2. Wow! You have put it beautifully, Axinia! That is why I prefer ethical science i.e. science that has humanity in mind. Anything in this world must aim for the betterment of humanity and other Earthlings(animals and plants)!

  3. tvdame Says:

    Where did you take this picture? It looks like from a Doomsday film.

  4. axinia Says:

    thanks everyone!
    tvdame – the photo is taken from Kahlenberg by Vienna (you might know), on a spring day. It was so awesome! I even was scared…:) But it turned out very special.

  5. radha Says:

    This remark by Tesla shows how intentions are important. But most of teh times we show more care for other things when putting something in action. for example we care for teh results, for the time, for this and taht person, for statistics and lots of other stuff drag our attention away from the meaning of the intention. why are we doing it?

  6. Ravi Says:

    By definition science is like a practice or procedure of doing research. Its not possible to predict the outcome of any research untill someone finds a way to make use of that research finding. Some research findings remain transparent for ridiculously long period like blood typing. Blood typing was discovered sometime in late 19th century. But it found application only after world war II. Same happened with pencilline and X-rays. Its upto the current scientists to explore new ways of using inventions and discoveries and apply them for the welfare of mankind.

  7. axinia Says:

    RAvi, interesting poin!
    rAdha, yes, we are doing that… I guess it is because the global understanding of the betterment of humanity is not that much here…yet.

  8. Swaps Says:

    Science is driven by “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”(Truth is God, Truth is Beautiful).

    Technology is concerned with human well-being as defined by human-being himself. SO technology is a much narrow concept.
    If we recall that Tolstoy said,”Man doesn’t know what he wants”, I doubt even technology pursued with the best intentions doesn’t go haywire.

    People confuse technology with science. People use latest medical breakthroughs, gadgets, and what not, and think that’s science. Their childhood fascination with stars, the moon, other living beings vanish and they become more involved with there own need (or rather greed). If this is not perversion, what is? Probably, Tesla had foreseen this.

    So Axinia, you are continuing to research on Tesla. Tesla is fascinating (God, he could make lightning) but a complex character.

    This is a very good topic 🙂

  9. vishesh Says:

    hmm…well thinking only about humanity seems cynical..

  10. axinia Says:

    @Swaps: I dont know what Tesla exactly meant by I was fascinated by these words. I also dont think he “knew” much – he had an access to the collective supraconsciousness and that was it, he coudl easily get any information about the future.
    I like your point about science as a deeper understanding of Cosmos, not mere technical stuff. And, by the way – it is very valuable to have an open mind as a scientist, which is still rare 🙂 – means not to be dogmatic and search for more…

    @ vishesh – sorry, I think I did not get the point 😦 can you explain?

  11. I read somewhere that Science and Religion are trying to do the same thing. Both are promising a better life and uncountable happiness to the deprived (Of the better life and happiness). Interesting argument this. Personally, I believe in the Newtons theory – Every action has an equivalent and opposite reaction!

    1000 years from now, maybe the people then would say that in the 20th century, people actually believed in Science! (With that exclamation mark)

    Destination Infinity.

  12. axinia Says:

    Destination Infinity, it is indeed an intesting point! and I agree 🙂

  13. AVATAR LEE Says:

    ennn,very good opinion.i surpport Tesla.

  14. AVATAR LEE Says:

    very good opinion.i surpport Tesla.

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