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Vienna waits in fear for UEFA euro2008 (slideshow) June 6, 2008

IT IS COMING! – the ultimate nightmare of the cosy Vienna citizens: The UEFA Cup 2008, starting on the 7th of June…

The big and small businesses pray for the profit, the rest of the population prays for peace and order 🙂

Austria is famous for the its calm character. Austrians can not stand any disturbing noise or actions. Presently there are hot discussion going on in the Austrian media and Internet about THE BAN ON MOBILE PHONES ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT (apparently most Austrians feel annoyed by the constant buzz and passengers sharing their privat secrets in buses and trams) – and in fact the Austrian city of Graz has already issued such a ban (!). It is said to be the first such case in the world.

Now imagine how a regular Austrian must feel about the wild crowds of most probably drunk uncontrollable fans in the beautiful and neat city of Vienna, that icon of peace and charm??? Most of the people I know are terrified by just thinking of it. Sitting rather far from the so called FAN ZONE I can hear already now (about midnight) the screams and shouts of the arriving fans…brrr…scary…

There is a short slide show of pics I have made yesterday – building up the FANZONE, the triumth of advertisement industry 🙂 

May be I will post some more reports on this interesting international event later next week… if I will survive 🙂

LOVE; axinia


3 Responses to “Vienna waits in fear for UEFA euro2008 (slideshow)”

  1. Hooray! Euro 2008 is here! But I may not get to watch all the matches 😦

    During World Cup 2002, I deliberately missed one of my classes to watch an important game 🙂

    I want a Spain vs Portugal final! I guess you would want a Russia vs Austria final 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    In fact I dont care 🙂 But RUssia in final game would be nice.

  3. sahaja yogini Says:

    I believe that Vienna will calm down the fans, and there will be no cruelty and fights. Vienna has very special vibrations of peace. People feel peaceful and satisfied when in Vienna. Even yesterday we could see it ( Horvatia-Austria match).

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