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Are bloggers all charismatic persons? June 5, 2008

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Bloggers are being studied, followed, mocked, copied or misunderstood – whatever is the reaction, mostly bloggers do not leave people indifferent.

Obviously blogging requires a certain amount of self-exposure, which may be even useful in some healthy portions 🙂 Today, thanks to the growing collective awareness Individualisation started melting into globalisation  – and such a mix of both qualities makes blogging to the perfect tool reflecting these contradictions. A blogger is a very individualistic and at the same time group-oriented, open to the whole world, connected to the whole world person.

However not everyone becomes a blogger. What drives a person to blog and who becomes a hard blogging artist?

I guess the secret behind a (good, popular) blogger is in his/her … charisma. If we look at the main characteristics of a charismatic personality – it looks like a portrait of a typical blogger!

  • INSPIRATION that carries away
  • INDIVIDUALITY that impresses
  • INTELLECT that convinces
  • CREATIVITY that fascinates
  • IDEALISM that pacifies

Especiialy I like the point about the pacifying idealism 🙂

Actually, every blogger I know and like fits perfectly into this image… Any other observations?

LOVE; axinia


10 Responses to “Are bloggers all charismatic persons?”

  1. volodimir108 Says:

    It is nice to find out the truth about oneself 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    sure, you are one of those carismatic guys 🙂

  3. radha Says:

    i dont know, but in my case i used to write and write all kinds of things as soon as i learned how to handle a pen into my fingers. my teachers and parents were impressed of the amount of time i was spending writing and scrabblin, drawing. i know that my mom had to buy at least one copybook a day for me. but yes quantity is not important, i do prefer quality. Also, this development we are all assisting today of creating blogs so easily: it is quite spontaneous/sahaj for these modern times. and inveitably it attracts certain kind of people, not everybody. Smiling r.

  4. axinia Says:

    well said, Radha! Surely one has to be inclined to writing first. Or sharing? I guess the desire to share comes first 🙂 And sharing/generosity is also one of things that make people charismatic…

  5. Nita Says:

    Online charisma – well, I guess that is important but so difficult to quantify or even analyse. What I agree with the most is your second point – individuality. I feel that if one is honest to oneself on one’s blog, whatever topic one chooses, then the individuality comes through. Everyone has individuality but the problem is that bloggers who are afraid to be themselves in what they write, forgo a bit of that individuality.
    I also think that if one’s writing helps others it can make for a successful blog, but again one should choose this path if it comes from the heart.

  6. axinia Says:

    exellent point, Nita!
    you are truly one of the best illustrations for that.

  7. Raman Says:

    I blogged because it brought 100s of perspectives without boundaries. The whole world thing as you said. But in the pursuit for individualism, one must not get carried away – remember, it is you who you are talking about. And you can’t portray yourself differently – what is in there is what you get! Individualism is not (to borrow from Shiv Khera: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiv_khera) doing different things – it is not even doing things differently! It is doing things the way you would.

    Another thing I have noted is respect – unless the two are well known to each other, criticism isn’t welcome in blogosphere. Also, constructive criticism is hard to come by. I say this because I hardly see comments more than a couple of lines – that isn’t really useful! The blogger wouldn’t have felt as if the commentor has even read the entire stuff. Blogs are wonderful places to discuss and gain – should/could be used more.

    Extra blog life – very few of us meet outside blogs. So though we grow to like each other and build a strong blogger-blogger relationship, things don’t move forward. I know a couple of guys who if they work together could make rthe world a far better & easier place – but no! Hope this changes too..

  8. axinia Says:

    Raman, thanks for a wonderful and thoughtfull comment, you point out important and intresting things.

    Blogging is a till a young phenomennon and I am sure it will develop well bacause on a higher level it does contribute to the global development of humanity!

  9. radha Says:

    yes it s true, sharing of course! but i like what u wrote up here about “contributing to the global development”, probably it doesnt really seems like that but subtly it does make a difference. whenever it is done with good purposes and intentions blogging feels really great! and actually it is not only meant for the ones who can write and share their points of view thru words. some blogs only share paintings or videos for example. depending on the character and preferences one is free to express his own self exposing it to the mercy of all others. it is also a beautiful game. Regarding comments, as Raman is also pointing out, it is probably true that by writing notes below the posts it doe shelp communication and growth but communicating sometimes means also to witness and enjoy without talking too much. eheh i am saying that coz i am too lazy for writing long notes! like this one!! 🙂

  10. axinia Says:

    great comment, Radha, I appreciate!

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