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New Russian President Medvedev is a yoga man May 20, 2008

Good news for Russia: the new Russian President Dmitry Medvedev seem to be more spiritual than any other leader of Russia since long. Apart from his understanding for Christianity, Medvedev is known for practicing yoga.

Medvedev, 42, whose name can be translated into Sanskrit as “Madhuvedi”, will be Russia’s so far only Indian Yoga practicing head of state.  Indian media has been discussing the fact that Yoga is set to get a huge push in Russia, where the Indian art was banned and lessons were passed on secretly during the Soviet era.

Every person has his own path to follow. One has to look into one’s own heart, but the state should create conditions that allow people’s desire to go to church to be satisfied,”Medvedev stressed.

Despite the growing influence of the Russian Ortodox Church and Medvedev`s good connection to it, there will be definitely a big interest for the Indian yoga and philosophy on the whole. 

Russian local media said: If going by the recent post-Soviet traditions, when Boris Yeltsin’s hobby of playing tennis gave a spurt to the birth of a whole constellation of Russian tennis stars and Vladimir Putin’s Judo habits led to the popularity of oriental martial arts in the country, Medvedev’s yoga practicing could result in Russia having more yoga schools than India.

Knowing Russian nature I would believe it straight away! 🙂

LOVE, axinia


19 Responses to “New Russian President Medvedev is a yoga man”

  1. radha Says:

    that’s why i am going to Russia, to get all these new yoga feelings !

  2. axinia Says:

    wow, you are going to Russia and you are not afraid?? 🙂

  3. Axinia, it feels great to know that Russia now has two strong leaders . . . Dmitry and Vladimir . . . a strong Russia is very important for world peace 🙂 I was not a fan of Boris 😐 No wonder Russians love Vladimir for pulling their beloved родина back from the brink.

  4. axinia Says:

    thanks, Raj, I have also a good feeling to the recent developments – whatever the Western mass media say. A lot of good things happen with the rise of Putin and even better ones will happen with Medvedev.

    POlitics is a hard thing, and the mihgt/power can change any good person…However I can see that Medvedev has a good heart and the penetrative mind – hopefully he will survive the cruelties of politics…
    Apparently he has also got his realisation some months ago – this will definitly help!

  5. Nita Says:

    Russia’s new President certainly looks handsome! 🙂 But I agree, yoga is a big big plus…it will give him mental clarity and strength!

  6. axinia Says:

    @ Nita – 🙂
    What I like about his look is the “ausstrahlung”- a good German word describing the aura the vibrancy/emanation, the kind of shine… He is certanly the good man.

  7. Raman Says:

    Surprisingly, no Indian PM (or most other leaders as such) has been even closer to Yoga – it’s a miracle they still walk. All they do is to talk.

    India must learn from Russia on how to develop a good second rung, young leadership..

  8. he is just a puppet… i don’t think unless his master agrees russian president can do anything

  9. axinia Says:


    one should not always believe what the western media preach 🙂

  10. well somehow the whole world thinks that he is just a puppet….
    is there any independent decision that he has taken?

  11. axinia Says:

    you know, the person has a tendency to develop, especially if the person has a clue about spirituality. May I am too optimistic, bet the time will show us. Just keep coll and be critical to any propaganda 🙂
    I am lucky to be able to read mass media in several differnt languages and it is amazing what kind of brainwash everone does accoring to its country`s policy!

  12. Thanks, very interesting.

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  14. Mandeep Says:

    Good stuff,I have long been fascinated by the development of yoga in Russia and Ukraine if more people could learn from guys like Andrey Lappa, Andrei Sidersky and Ilya Zhuravlev, the world would certainly be a better place for it.

  15. axinia Says:

    I could never see how a Hataha yoga (or any “physical” yoga) can the make the world to the better place. It may be a good way to touch the gournd of Indian spcitiruality, but that almost nothing to the inner trasnformation, which we all really need.

  16. Mandeep Says:

    The physical leads to the inner transformation even if on a very small level, even basic asanas can lead to changes in endocrine flow and combined with the power of mantra , has the ability to completly change the structure of the human form and bring the mind to the point where it can conceputalise the koshas, of course much of this depends on the quality of teaching as well as karmical factors such as kula kundalini, so i am hoping Medvedev has some such factors in his favour 🙂

    small steps hopefully

  17. Max Says:

    Javaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were practicing some hatha yoga, Indira was disciple of famous yoga guru of 70-s – Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari. He even visited Siviet Union in Nikita Hruschev time to show some pranayama practise for soviet scientists. Indian spaceman Sharma (who was in space with sovieat astronauts) also did hatha yoga practice.

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  19. DR AK SHARMA Says:

    i am 68 /20 yrs in sahaj yoga gurgaon india /my daughter in law is engineer mtech in london and also my younger son’s wife both catholic /my both sons live in uk /my appeal is to have one one GOD one family for world peace letus not bind with books but hearts we must evolve stop hatred spread love

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