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the only truth I know is my own experience

Experience is not what happens to you May 15, 2008

 image by axinia

Quotaion by Aldous Huxley.


6 Responses to “Experience is not what happens to you”

  1. vishesh Says:

    beautiful 🙂

  2. Raman Says:

    Good quote, although debatable.

    Can we determine what happens to us? If we cannot, how do we say that what we do with something that happens to us is experience?

    E.g.: We know going out at midnight in to a lonely area is not a great idea. But if we still go, aren’t we taking a risk? Experience would guide us to avoid such sojourns.

    On the other hand, you go out and you meet muggers – then what we do is experience?

    May be I am taking a very favourable example, but this is kind of a chicken egg story!

  3. axinia Says:

    Raman, I believe it is just about learning from the experience. It is a common case that people keep meeting certain pattern in their life and can not see the meaning behind. One very popular example in the West is the relationships (you are supposed to have several before you find the right person) – a girls whos father is an alcoholic, will fall in love with an alhocolic, and when it reaks – with another alcoholic…Happens rally often! These patters are there for us to understand that they should be broken…SO we should LEARN from the experience, not just have an experience…

  4. Ramya Says:

    do you mean that experience is the reaction we give when something happens to us??
    if so, its debatable…..

  5. Ajdin Says:

    Hi Axinia,
    I was looking up who this quote was from and landed on your site. Just wanted to share that I couldn’t agree more with you. I look at it the exactly same way. You got a nice blog going. Check out mine if you like: http://www.freshnewsblog.com..

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