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How to control your husband May 13, 2008

 image by  CeciliaC

Want your husband to look that cat -satisfied, bathing in pleasure? The natural female desire to control the man can be expressed in some unusually simple and handy ways. Please visit my other blog for the new post on this vital subject.

LOVE, axinia


7 Responses to “How to control your husband”

  1. Sailaja Says:

    Nice picture!! the kitten is toooooo cute. comparison of that cute, satisfied, enjoying cat to the husband is too good. (My husband too likes the head massaging, may be he feels the same!!!!!!)

  2. axinia Says:

    thanks, dear. I love that picture too! And husbands – yes, they have to be treated properly in order to make us enjoy their happy looks!

  3. sailaja Says:

    my husband is too dominating. he wants everything to be done by his wish.nothing which i like. he shouts and even started raising hand on me. i feel very bad. i care so much of him and his kids. why is he treating me as a maid not as his wife. what is my place in this house? i am very unhappy. i want to gain control over him.how can i?

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Sailaja, that is a good question.

      In your case judging by the situation, the basic things that lacks is respect on his side. For some reason he does not respect you (otherwise he would have never behaved like that). May be you have to first find out what makes him disrespect you. Let me give you an example: my mom had a problem that my father though loved but never really respected her. With introspection we found out that the self-respect was missing (she was never self-confident enough and always seeking fro an advise from outside). After some time she worked out her self-respect and now the situation has changed a lot, and we can see how the father respects her very much.

      I do not know about your particular case, because also Indian mentality is a differnt one. I always thought Indian ladies know how to control their men 🙂
      But in general it is about you getting stronger and may be even demanding. It is your right to be respected!

  4. Jayanti Says:

    Axinia, you are right. Sailaja what Axinia has advised you is 100% correct. As a woman self respect is very important & a stronger conviction about who you truly are helps in dealing with disrespecting spouses. You need to be strong infact so strong that nothing he does must affect you emotionally. Once emotionally weak he will take more advantage of you.

  5. Ritu Says:

    my husband has started drinking and added bad habbits in his life.. it has been since 5 years.. i don’t know weather he is drinking or someone eles has done wrong with my husband. he used be so loving and carring but now he loves only bad habits drinks and doesn’t care about his children and me and doesn’t earn properly. plz giive me reply what should i have to do.

    • axinia Says:

      Ritu, alcohol is a serious issue, very serious.
      I wonder if you have any possibility to bring your hubby to a doctor? If not then I advise you to visit any Sahaja yoga center near your place (check this site for a address):

      – it offiers, apart from great chances for your own improvement and enjoyment, also techniques how to free your dear ones from bad habits.

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