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Democracy or Freedom? May 12, 2008

 image by axinia

The meaning of the very word democracy is power to people, not freedom.The trouble is that the people did not get much training in learning how to handle power. It seems that the relationship between democracy and freedom depends upon the tension between power and people. Must freedom in a democracy mean a free-for-all grab at power? If so, we are perecisely in these deeper troubles that Rousseau, Jefferson and oterh godfathers of modern democracy wanted to prevent.

“Demos” means the people, “kratos” means power. However, who is the real ruler when the people rule? Nobody? Everybody? Or somebody. This body may act with such familiarity that its existence is unnoticed. Its shape is ill defined and its desire and purposes are not understood. Is this hypothetical ruler of democracy now inheriting the earth?

Gregoire de Klabermatten, “The third Advent”

P.S: The word on the picture (LUXUS) means luxury in German. In my personal view the modern democracy is almost the same as materialism. I find this photo very interesting, because one can see the shabby house wall and the “rich” word on it, showing the illusory power of riches on the fading facade of democracy.

LOVE, axinia


9 Responses to “Democracy or Freedom?”

  1. Nova Says:

    A very interesting perspective!!! I liked the way you explained democracy!

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you, dear. I wonder how may would agree with that?

  3. There is one more thing. Democracy has its base in the concept that judgement of the majority of the people is always right. It may be right for most of them, but more responsible citizens/ citizens with specialized knowledge might think otherwise. Its like wanting a 2nd grade class to go for an election to decide whether they should be fed with chocolates five times a day! What would the students ‘elect’?

    Conventional wisdom might want to place the authority of deciding on the number of chocolates to be given, to the teacher, who knows what is good for the students. This person is always selected – not elected.

  4. axinia Says:

    I like you view, destination Infinity… Yes, election is never the best way. However it reflect the state of the nation! As they say: every nation is worthy its ruler/president/prime minister, etc.

    And exactly as the quotated author say, then comes up the question: “However, who is the real ruler when the people rule? Nobody? Everybody? Or somebody.”

  5. Atlantic Says:

    Destination Infinity and Axinia,

    I like your thoughts and even agree to a point, but what is the difference between selected and elected. We can agree that the people are not always motivated or qualified to make good choices. The question is, who is? How do you decide who is a responsible citizen?


  6. axinia Says:

    this is a good question indeed 🙂 and I guess I do not know the answer!

  7. Sigrid Says:

    Hi Axinia

    on another note
    here is a whole collection of LUXUS Grafitti in Vienna
    by siegenfeld who posts also at

    Von oben herab grüssen
  8. axinia Says:

    danke, Sigrid, echt coole Sammlung :))

  9. Bad Karma Says:

    For Infinity’s example: in Democracy, wouldn’t we just vote for a committee of people we trust (in this case, health experts), who would then decide how much\when the children would get chocolates.

    We have a lot of experts in the world – they should be empowered. The people who elect them should feel empowered as well.

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