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I`ll be back! April 29, 2008


And again Italy, holidays… I guess it looks already suspicious. Not, I am not married to a Russian Mafia boss, and I am not working as a mystery shopper for hotels 🙂 I have a regular manager job, rather a hard one. And I have my good right for the nice holidays!

Anyway, my dear ones, I will not be posting one week again. This time my destination is Liguria, the mountain region in the North Italy – its divine beauty and peace…

Happy to share with you the joy and vibrations of my trip soon – follow my blogging!

 LOVE and see you next week!




6 Responses to “I`ll be back!”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    wish you all the best. more photos when you get back.

    btw, i like your new theme. it goes well with your colorful pictures. have used this theme during the love month. 🙂 bt i didn’t alter the header. yours here is very beautiful, just like you, my dear friend, Axinia.

    wish you love always.

  2. Nita Says:

    Have a good trip Axinia. You look like you are enjoying yourself in that wonderful photo!

  3. Bad Karma Says:

    So do you normally travel alone on such trips?

  4. Raman Says:

    You look like a female version of James Bond in that pic – everything seems to have cometogether in that photo. Great One. Have fun & take care.

  5. Shrot Katewa Says:

    Jai shree mataji, i want to know more about sahaja yogis in Italy. Can you help me on that?
    My email id is – Shrotkatewa@gmail.com
    will get back to you once you get back from the holidays///

  6. axinia Says:

    my dear ones, thanks a lot for your sweet komments!
    this photos was taken during my last trip, not the one I was going to undertake 🙂
    I am back now and hope to post something nice tonight!

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