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Italian secret (+ slideshow) April 4, 2008

This March turned out to be a holiday month for me – apart from the great journey to Russia and India I went to Italy on corporate holidays.Italy is a country which I know since many years (used to live there for one year and keep coming for a short holidays every summer). But this time Italy s me showed me its true face – its true beauty. The essence of Italian charm: Tuscany.

First enjoy my photo-report with some comments and they read more on Italian secret.

They say Italy is the SOUL OF THE EARTH, and it is what one can feel immediately when in Italy. What I feel when in Italy:

-the carefree feeling is in the air
-the heart opens and I want to enjoy, and enjoy, and enjoy the easiness of the existence
-I want to laugh more
-I feel loved and cared my the Mother-nature


What else should be said about this absolutely outrageous land? This time I was trying to keep notes for my blog and therefore some cute details, which can complete my portrait of Italy:

The beauty of Italy (nature and architecture) is very inspiring – one can understand why the Italian arts are that incredibly beautiful and fine

Italians still love children (still because the trend seem to be the opposite in Europe) – I notices many small children around)-Interestingly, Italian man is quite a dandy: you can see well styled men everywhere (in the rest of Europe men are much more casually dressed or just don’t care at all about their looks)

In the evening it is mostly men whom you can meet on the street, especially in the city-centre. Where are the women gone? Cooking the dinner? Watching TV? It was really a strange feeling; again it is a different situation in Austria where women like to go out with (girl) friends or partners

 The life seems to be quite expensive in Italy. I know that Italians earn less than Austrians, but the cloths and food are so expensive – no idea how they manage! But in fact, the similar situation is in Russia 🙂 I guess they live more in the present moment, less concentrated on the saving like their northern neighbours

People are extremely friendly and helpful, it is much easy to contact somebody and get a great response. Lovely!

So what is the Italian secret? – Despite all the facts listed above, it is the energy, the vibrations of this country that make it so special. This special energy makes Italy to the soul of the world, to the favourite destination of the beauty seekers, of artists, of couples in love…


LOVE, axinia



9 Responses to “Italian secret (+ slideshow)”

  1. If I may be allowed to express dear Axinia. The mountains. ANY mountains. The lakes, trees, forests. Plains, steppes, swamps and oceans. Anywhere tranquil, where the world is speaking softly or in loud voice. This is where I find the best environment to recharge the inner soul.
    Of course to share with a like-minded lady is the icing of this cake, but that may come in time. I hope. Perhaps. Maybe. Da, da, da.

  2. Nita Says:

    Very pretty pictures Axinia! You are indeed lucky to have been able to travel so much in the last few months.

  3. axinia Says:

    @Jacque LeMoose, I wonder why I could not find any poems on our blog?

    @Nita, it was 3 countries in ONE month! 🙂

  4. waterrules Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful travel pictures and the Italian secret (was very nice )!

  5. radha Says:

    i got goose-bumps on this post 😉

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  9. I have some troubles with my web browser iCab on your site. The monkeys are in the system :).

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