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Why people like to travel April 1, 2008


photo by axinia

Why do we travel? To see new places? To get new experiences? To meet new people? To get way from the daily routine? All that and more are the reasons for the traveller-mood, which is well known to many of us. But these are the obvious reasons. Is there any hidden one? 

Travelling is the first step of seeking the truth. Seeking the truth is the ultimate aim of that seeking for something feeling (or call it wanting something I don`t know what). When we visit foreign countries, it is – deeply seen – not the outer impressions we are looking for. It is the power, the energy, the vibrations of the place we feel. For it is what is truly behind the cladding! 

There are countries we want to visit at any rate. We feel attracted and affected by its mystery, beauty, danger or uniqueness… There are lands we never want to visit – even if they seem to be same mysterious, fascinating or beautiful. What is the reason?  

I believe it is kind of same as with colours: we wear certain colours either because they manifest our nature or because we miss the energy of this colour. We want to go to some places either because they reflect our character or because they have something we desperately need… 

In fact, it is the seeking for truth (which is in fact nothing else but the seeking for THE SELF), that makes us travel. Apart from the pleasant side of the physical and emotional effect 🙂 

LOVE, axinia


27 Responses to “Why people like to travel”

  1. Raman Says:

    I love to travel because it gives me new things. Newer horizons, newer perspectives, newer cultures & people. Curiosity is one of the fundamental feelings of mankind and i believe travelling is a good way to keep it occupied.

    Also, travelling keeps me away from the usual problems & pleasures of life. It gives me a second life that I can live and shed, if I do not like it.

    It is instant gratification along with the power to end it anytime.

  2. axinia Says:

    Raman, a deep and interesting input, as usual, thanks! I love the last point ” It is instant gratification along with the power to end it anytime”.

  3. volodimir108 Says:

    An intersting thought, that explains a lot.

    Would it meant then than people who are not seeking any more do not like to travel?

  4. Raman Says:

    Non-seekers, I believe are ok with everything. They don’t mind travelling as much as they don’t mind sitting at one place. For them, everything is external and they themselves are not associated with the chore. It is us, the lesser mortals that seek and “do”.

  5. Sahaja Says:

    I never thought of travelling places and neither did I wish…..but its like, even if its a small hr trip to my aunt’s place in the same city I learn and enjoy a lot 🙂
    Suddenly last year everything changed because of my job…..and now I am globe trotting (or atleast europe trotting :-P)….and I am in love with each place I visit…..There are so many things you can learn from….I agree with Raman’s view that its gives various angles of Life….It develops qualities and lets you discover yourself….[so was the case with me, I discovered how much Indian I was hehe] I think I would be eternal learner:-)…
    Nice post and great photo Axinia…My brother would be thrilled and happy just to see this photo 🙂

  6. axinia Says:

    so when are you coming to Vienna then?? 🙂

  7. Sahaja Says:

    Ohh I would love to come Axinia…..I heard and read so much abt the city after I came here ..but u knw, visa problem…I do not have a schengen visa 😦 and when I travel for business they give me visa thats valid for the time I would be in office….I will definitely find a way and visit next year….

  8. […] the drive to travel has something to do with the seeking of Truth (see my earlier post about it here). The phenomenon of hitchhiking seem to be the extreme expression of this kind. It is one of the […]

  9. auRoRa Says:

    something to share with..
    -go to new places and learn new culture..

  10. auRoRa Says:

    thinks about the world and others so it will show our
    respect others country more…
    >> pEAcE no WaR!!!<<

  11. ema Says:

    hai,im ema from brunei,im lerning from mtssr(maktab taknik sekolah saiful rezal) that is school.and we are learning about the travle.can i as about the travle?,identify why people travel?,identify what types of guests stay in accommodation venues?identify the different types of accommodation are available now?

  12. Abhi Says:

    I feel the same way! And Even finding the Truth.. there is joy in exploration as that guides in deeper exploration of it.

  13. mahesh chendake Says:

    I loves natures beauty in all seasons ,during Day and night . I have travel on bike long long journey even alone and that’s why I always choose new roads to reach same destination . I always find a silence, definite rhythm and a very good music in nature’s cycle in all season which always i experience from within. usually i travel for work purpose but after finishing the work always i find a way to share with nature ,its silence, its music , its beauty and much more .( many times I wonder aimlessly) I never get satisfaction for being with nature so always i promise to visit again and finds a way whenever possible. I love to spend more time with nature than people.

  14. mahesh chendake Says:

    how many times have you experienced moon sets? I like to see them during late night and away from city from hills when all are sleeping.( please I don’t have any depression but definitely i enjoy inner silence which match with nature and get connected . I also like to visit see shores and deep forests to enjoy beauty in all seasons and in all its moods. I remember lots of such events i enjoy like anything. I face lot of problems too but i enjoy them . In my college I am a trip in charge . arranging successful trips to all batches every year. and I am doing that job very interestingly.

  15. pooyan Says:

    I would travel to a new place only because I may have heard something special about it, so actually my reason is only curiosity. This I am telling you very frankly.

  16. Rustam Says:

    Great explanation! I think people have exactly that psychological bacground behind their need for travel. Some people travel around the world other people travel inside them self, all of them with the same reason.

  17. tom wilson Says:

    blablablalba whatever

    • james tom Says:

      shut up ediot! show some respect to the lady.she is telling the truth and u r just running your mouth

  18. tradeadept Says:

    i know people who like to travel… but nowhere near finding the SELF…
    until they die

    must be for other reasons as their consciousness level are
    some like to eat… so they travel, and all they do finding and trying local food
    some like to shop… so they travel, and all they do finding things to buy
    some like to satisfy their need with family … so they travel with their family or lovers
    some like to relax and do nothing…… so they relax on the resort and do relaxing activites
    some like to party, sex and adventures … so they have those sex tours, or party tours… or adventures tours
    some like sight seeing… so they go bring their camera
    or combos of the aboves

    etc n etc

    your god is as you are
    your phone is as you are
    your house is as you are
    your collections is as you are
    your travel is as you are


    although travel brings up exploring the unknown in poeple

  19. chullan Says:

    ya well, i think travel is consuming passion, we can get lot of opportunity to visit exotic location. I personally believe that it is very useful in elementary school people,because they study the different history of different country from their text books so I think travel around the world they can get lot of opportunity to see other location and also help to learn different culture of different people .so it is very useful in their school life, they can study their on experience .and nowadays we are leading in a hectic life so people want travel one place to another place for their various purposes like business educational purposes and so on….. so travelling has an inevitable roll in our life.And i think,nowadays people are very talent ,educated and they have wide mind to enjoy nature beauty in all season especially day and night….so people like travel very much….

  20. I had a luck to travel to Rome by bus. We moved through many European countries. So I had a chance to eyewitness the exotic landscapes, but strange in shape views had no lasting effects, nevertheless I have learned a lot – while traveling I didn’t take any things with myself, but I lack for nothing – our group ride a bus to Rome and we all enjoyed the miracle of peace that is a dream to the sinking in the day’s routine… traveling was the experience of our spirituality : while looking out the bus window I didn’t see any strangers, but have smiled to the passersby.

    • fridah Ken Says:

      Tomas Karkalas take a safari to East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania it will blow your mind especially the migration which starts in late may ends late October it will blow your mind. By the way you can do the three countries by bus only.

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