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How to meet your favorite Blogger March 27, 2008


Keeping the line of my holiday reports I want to share with you the excitement about meeting my favorite blogger.

She lives in India. Luckily my destination was exactly the city she lives in. I contacted her and we met!

Some of my regular readers might have already guessed who it was. My favorite blogger is …… Nita Writer! Now let me explain the reasons this person and her great blog get my admiration and high appreciation:

  • she is a journalist and her approach is to show the best and the worst of her subject – India

  • she has a good style which is easy to read, her articles are long enough (but not too long!), very well researched and always up-to-date

  • she posts EVERY DAY (hats off!) and such a good stuff…

  • she takes good natural pictures that illustrate and support her words

  • she gets a huge number of comments, and what kind of comments! – one can see that people take her articles seriously and love to discuss the topics which are always captivating and eye-opening

  • she answers all the comments (!)

  • she actually has her own daily newspaper (this is my perception of her blog)

  • she LIVES the idea of blogging – creating great content for free, making people think about different important issues and thus making the difference

  • she dedicates lots of time, effort and love to her wonderful blog

  • she is my personal star on the blogging horizon

Now imagine how I was thrilled to meet that mysterious person! Although I should mention that knowing someone from the blog does not make the person that mysterious any more… One can learn so much about the blogger from the topics, wording, pictures… Blogging is truly a new dimension the human relationships!

My expectations based on the Nita`s blog were beat by the reality: Nita appeared to be not only very intelligent, friendly, open but also a very generous person. She took care of me with the love of a mother and concern of a friend. What a treat!..

There is certainly something magical about meeting someone you know from the blog. And even if the person lives far, far away – the meeting still can take place if the desire is there. I wonder if anyone of you have ever had an experience of meeting your favorite blogger in person?

P.S. this photo of me is taken by Nita (for personal reasons she did not want me to post my photo of her).

LOVE, axinia



3 Responses to “How to meet your favorite Blogger”

  1. Nita Says:

    Axinia, I am overwhelmed by this post. It is very generous of you to say all these things about me. In fact I am so touched that I can hardly find anything to say. You are a very sensitive and wonderful human being. I sensed the love you had in you and it is clear from this post that you are a very giving and generous person. All those who know you in real life are very lucky indeed.
    Thanks you.

  2. axinia Says:

    Dear Nita, thank you for your kind words. I am happy to share “you” with my readers! :))

  3. Solveig Says:

    I am a person who has the honor and great pleasure to know Axinia in real life and I can confirm everything Nita says :-). I would also BELIEVE everything Axinia says about other people because she looks at people with love. And love can see only the TRUTH.

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