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What is really so special about Russian women? March 25, 2008

The topic I wanted to conver since long… There are so many myths and rather strange ideas about Russian woman – and this is my way to pay hommage to my Motherland.

The post is at my other blog Shaktipower and it covers the following points:

-Physical Beauty (figure, colours)


-The strength



Happy to read your comments at What is so special about Russian women?

LOVE, axinia


6 Responses to “What is really so special about Russian women?”

  1. Peewee Says:

    Right on.

    My Russian Teacher does possess these qualities.

    So down to earth, deep emotions, maternal ect.

    Just don’t get this with western women.

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you, it is alsways good to get the experience-based feedback!

  3. Valerie Says:

    I think most Russian females are mostly prettier then alot of other cultures. Such as when you look at America the models wear much more makeup and such. Russian women tend to have more femminie features in my opinion.

  4. Anna Maria K. Says:

    It may sound too primitive, but it may be that Russian women have simply more Ostrogene hormone. that make their features more feminine.

  5. ranadhi Says:

    I have seen russian girls in bangkok in a belly dance parlour, it was excellent, till i remember.

  6. MIcheal Says:

    “What is so special about Russian women?” Well, coming from my businessman viewpoint, I believe that Russian women are viewed as a sort of “forbidden fruit”, at least in the terms of my male clients. From my personal experiences, the women in Russia do tend look a bit more feminine and have more natural beauty and as mentioned above…have a more down to earth personality and posses more nurturing traits. I own a Russian dating website, please visit me at http://russiangirlscq.com

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