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India: the everlasting magnet March 23, 2008

More and more people from all over the word choose to spend their holidays in India – some decades ago it was the western seekers looking for the sacred knowledge of Indian sages and gurus. Now places like Goa are full of tourists seeking nothing but exotic holiday on the sea-shore (acutally I don’t see why do they need to go to India for that, this could be any other famous tourist destination).

But whatever the times are, one things is the same: the aspiration when people pronounce the word INDIA.

Despite the modernisation and fast economical and industrial development of that great country, its magic is very special. There are many other exotic countries and continents in this word, however it is only India that has this kind of a spell over everyone!

Just try to tell someone you are going to Africa (any country), Burma, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Russia – just any, the reaction of your listener will be any possible but not the same when you say you are going to India… (I was very surprised to see that one of my last posts “Going to India” was such a hit!  There was nothing special in there, I guess it was the title..) Obviously people feel there is something very special about the land.

Here I put together my photos that I find in a way express the magnitude of India: The magnitude which is  in the deep roots of spirituality and traditions hand in hand with the leopardizing modernity.

LOVE, axinia


14 Responses to “India: the everlasting magnet”

  1. steve Says:

    Great pictures Axinia! I only just bought my first digital camera the other week and had my first real foray into taking photos which I had never been interested in doing. I was amazed how quickly I got addicted to it!

  2. axinia Says:

    Steve, thanks 🙂
    I started with photos acutally because of blogging and can admit that I too become very much addicted… I find it a great way to express our creativity – for all those who can not paint or something…
    enjoy your camera!

  3. Nita Says:

    Axinia, these are beautiful pictures. I liked the way you have taken the pics of the bougainvillae. You get them in white too and in fact many different shades. The picture of the woman drawing water from the pump is also very good. So are all the pictures, and what makes them special is that the pics are casual and candid.
    For some reason the font in the post is very small and I wonder why I am finding it so. The words in the comment form are of the right size.

  4. axinia Says:

    Nita, thanks for your sweet words and the notice on the font. I was experimenting a bit, but this font-business al always pretty hard with my blog as I want to keep it bigger that the theme suggests… hope it is a bit better now!

  5. Peter Says:

    The flowers, the soil and in a way the people are like in Africa.

  6. draupadi16 Says:

    Dear Axinia!
    Thank you for sharing this amazing photos and comments from your journey to India. I enjoyed them a lot!!! Draupadi.

  7. Michaela Says:

    Dear Axinia!
    When I saw this beautiful pictures, I felt like I am there in India by myself for a few minutes.
    Thanx for the short holidays, you gave me with your photos!

  8. ashish Says:

    Hi,it is the best.i can give u some more.u can contact me at backaxe@yahoo.com

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  11. Nova Says:

    So you visited India!! 🙂 I hope ur experience was as beautiful as the people of this country are 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. axinia Says:

    I LOVE INDIA, Nova. It is really my fovourite country 🙂

  13. vishesh Says:

    i love my country and it inspires me to write..some of my best pieces have been on India..btw did you come to “south” India?

  14. axinia Says:

    you poetry is amazing, vishesh!
    I have never been to South India, although I ahve freinds there… I would really like to visit Tamil Nadu one day…lets see.

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