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Going to India March 4, 2008

My dearest friends, this post is just to inform you that I will not be blogging for the next 2 weeks because of my holidays in India.

Everyone who reads my blogs knows that I am in love with that great country.

So what am I going to do there? Actually same as everywhere – seeing special places, meeting friends, absorbing the beauty and sharing whatever I have… But above all I am going to enjoy something what I am enjoying the most in my life – my meditations (for they are the deepest while in India).

I will be back to you in 2 weeks with loads of wonderful photos and experiences.

Please keep visiting 🙂

LOVE, axinia


18 Responses to “Going to India”

  1. abhishekkumartiwari Says:

    wow..i’m frm india..if there is any chance u come in south..tell me

  2. Peter Says:

    Have a safe trip and bring a lot of pictures, stories and vibrations. 🙂

  3. bharati108 Says:

    I wish you a nice stay in India and I am happy to read your stories, which you will bring to us from there!!!

  4. BadKarma Says:

    When I went to India for 2 weeks, I didn’t access a computer or even a mobile phone even once. It was great not touching a keyboard for 2 weeks, but it was a mistake not having a mobile phone being able to microcoordinate with family.


  5. I am not sure about the north but if u visit south try to visit Madurai, Trichy (Srirangam) or Thanjavur; Some of the biggest south Indian temples are here. If you are more interested in architecture and heritage sites try to visit Beluru and Halibedu (Near Mysore). In that case dont miss mysore brindavan gardens. Since you meditate, you could also visit Kanyakumari rock(Southern most tip) = This is where Swami Vivekananda meditated.

    Destination Infinity.

  6. radha Says:

    See you there then! 🙂

  7. sunshineforlife Says:

    hi axinia, wish you a wonderful trip. will visit again to check on your photos and stories.

    btw, i awarded u with the wondeful person award. pls checkit out. 🙂

  8. lalframes Says:

    you are welcome to our country………wish you a happy journey 🙂

  9. say my namaste to India :-), You look pretty cool in traditional indian wear “Shalwar kurta”

  10. valiko75 Says:

    I attend yoga classes and hope to visit India one day. Have a nice holiday in India! Waiting for you sharing your experience of this magnificent country!

  11. VegeYum Says:

    Have a wonderful trip. I have just come back from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is about my 15th trip to India – and I second destinationinfinity suggestions. I have been to Trichy, Madurai, Tanjavur and Kanyakamari, as well as Ramaswaran, Chidambaram, Palani Hills and many many more places. Cant wait to hear your stories.

  12. Princess Says:

    hi axinia,

    Welcome to my land… “INDIA”


  13. Shirazi Says:

    Happy holidays.

  14. axinia Says:

    Dear all,

    thanks to everyone for your warm wishes and suggestions!
    I am back from my holidays (I covered Russia and India both) and will be happy to give some report in the next days…

  15. Peter Says:

    I’ve been thinking that we are receiving these pictures from one internet cafe in Pune.

  16. Gulnaz Says:

    Аксиния, здравствуй!

    совершенно случайно (а может быть и нет:-) попала на твой блог – удивительно!!!
    пожалуйста, по приезде из Индии, расскажи, куда ты ездила в Индию, откуда ты сама?
    Меня зовут Гульназ, в сахадже очень недавно (скоро год), но с первого же момента знала – это именно то, что я искала! И нашла! (вернее, меня нашла Мать).
    Сама я из Казани, но уже 7 лет живу во Франции, в городе Страсбурге. На след. осень планирую ехать в Индию, поэтому по крупице собираю инфу, куда ехать, как и чем.
    Буду рада, если ответишь!

    С пожеланиями Любви и Света,

  17. […] when you say you are going to India… (I was very surprised to see that one of my last posts “Going to India” was such a hit!  There was nothing special in there, I guess it was the title..) Obviously people […]

  18. Спасибо за то что просветили, выводы соответствующие обязательно сделаем. 😉

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