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Top 20 Search Terms for my blog March 2, 2008

It is fascinating how people land on my blog through the Search Engines. This is the Top 20 List that I took from my Blog Stats :

Search Views
beautiful languages 210
colors of india 199
1000 petals 194
tree of life 193
1000 petal lotus 167
galloping horse 166
1000 petals s 164
falling in love 157
kuchipudi 148
country sizes 143
axinia 141
pleasing your wife 141
urdu 140
1000petals 139
rules of a game called life 138
favourite season 135
fatherly love 133
easily offended people 130
human tree 130
gregoire de kalbermatten 129

The results are not really surprising, but still interesting – I never knew that the term 1000 petals is so popular 🙂

It is also nice to see that even though tons and tons of posts have been written on “falling in love” people still reach to my blog while looking for love-related topics (do I write so much about falling in love??).

Another interesting thing: though the most popular post is 2012: only 5 years to get ready for the Doomsday? , over 2,5 thousand views in total) – it is not the number 2012 that brings me much traffic!

Some other results that made me smile:141 people looking for “pleasing your wife”, 133 for “fatherly love”, and 130 for human tree (?!? – no idea what is meant by that and why do they look for it on my blog). And I am happy that people land here because of looking for “offended people”, as I hope they can get a good support on this topic.

LOVE, axinia


One Response to “Top 20 Search Terms for my blog”

  1. Peter Says:

    Definitely there is a lot of information here and people would like to know more about 1000 petals.
    2012 is coming but I don’t know if we are ready for this.

    I thing is good idea to listen again “Requiem” by Giuseppe Verdi.
    Specially the section: Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

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