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Like a child… February 12, 2008

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When there is a chance I love swinging on the playground, even if it is written” Only for children under 12″ 🙂

LOVE, axinia


HOW TO FORGIVE: it is easy! February 7, 2008

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Forgiveness is strangely enough something very difficult for many people. Especially for Christians – while it is the Jesus Christ who brought that message of forgiveness!

Living and Europe and particularly in Austria that is famous for being very catholic I meet lots of people who can not even think of forgiveness. Normally forgiveness is not the topic one likes to discuss. Then how do I know that? Though my experiences of giving self-realisation at Sahaja Yoga programmes or at some other occasions.

One condition to get self-realisation is to forgive oneself and everyone – otherwise the energy of Kundalini cannot pass the Agnia Chakra and get out on top of the head. And also because of non-forgiving one may experience some pressure in the head (btw, headache is often the result of non-forgiving!)

The truth is that forgiveness is not only easy but also pretty necessary for everyone. In fact, it is a matter of common sense! (more…)


Trend Blend 2008 and my Top 10 Trends February 5, 2008


Nowandnext.com and Future Exploration Network have once again collaborated to create a trend map for 2008 and beyond

I love the positions like Spirituality, Collectivis, Karma Capitalism  and Search for Meaning on the Society Line (yellow).

The cross stations named are: Digitalisation, Virtuals Worlds, Globalisation, Anxiety and Ageing.

I find really cute the trend of making things: the Internet has allowed people with weird and wonderful interests to find each other. Hence hobbies that everyone thought had died out are now enjoying a renaissance because individuals and small groups all over the world find it easier to find each other.

Or this smart one: Someting for nothing –  One of the emerging business models in the closing half of 2007 was giving stuff away for free in the vague hope that customers could one day be persuaded to part with money to upgrade their experience (or subscription). This has been labeled ‘Freemium’ and is, perhaps, the way that all digital products and services will be ‘sold’ in the future.

And I was very amused about Russian nationalism!

Some other intresting trends: Reality mining, 3-D printers, Virtual protest, Simplicity, Celebrity worship, Networked risk, The attention economy.

My top 10 out of this list are: (more…)


For my faith is now in Love alone, in Love alone February 3, 2008

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Church or temple or ka’ba stone
Koran or Bible or martyr’s bone
All these and more my heart can hold
For my faith is now in Love alone, in Love alone

A god, a prophet, a deity
The essence of philosophy
All these and more my heart can hold
For my faith is now in Love alone, in Love alone.

extract from PRAYER – LYRICS by Elizabeth Henshaw, Zephyr


Peace is a combination of several factors February 2, 2008

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We all seek peace in one form or another. Some look for it through nature`s beauty, others take refuge in music or the arts. Some dedicate their lives to the search for inner peace through retreats, austerity and contemplation. One thing that is clear, however, is that real peace comes only from within. We can try and trigger this feeling artificial stimulus or by choosing our environment with care, but in the end, if there is no peace inside, nothing can work to make it happen to us.

The truth is that peace is a combination of several factors, which separately play different roles in our lives, but when mixed together form a blanket of serenity which rejuvenates, invigorates and calms.

 – In the first place, we need to surrender to the moment. This means that we must focus on every split second of out time without worrying about the future or the past.

– In addition we need to lose our expectations, we should demand nothing and enjoy everything.

– Finally we must learn how to be totally content, without guilt, fear or desire.

These are easy tings to write, but are clearly extremely difficult to achieve, which is where our yoga meditation comes into play. (more…)


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