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Female Voting or “babysitter” candidate test for US Elections February 14, 2008

 photo by Amsterdamned

A good friend of mine Pryanka Joshi, an Indian journalist in America posted her impressions of attending one Obama´s performance. She says she is “not covering the Obamamania” and yet she preferrs him over Hillary.

As an honest journalist, Pryanka asks if there is actually something more behind the charisma and the Obama`s spirit of “change”:

Lo and behold, in no time, this is what the first voter results started saying too, and it took no time for the candidates to start saying they were the ones with “real change” on their minds.

But, what ARE those new ideas? Where are they? Are they too afraid to be shot down? Are these candidates’ offices full of spin doctors, and poll pundits? Why do they not employ think tanks to come up with solutions to global problems? What is their answer to Outsourcing? To the war? To Pakistan? To education? We’re hearing, “Ya, we’ve gonna do great things”, but have no idea what they may be?!? How can they convince a whole country to vote them into power without concretely sharing their ideas? Isn’t that absurd?

All these questions are very reasonable, but… That passage reminds me of an abstract from one modern Russian novel where one young woman is thinking of voting for the Russian president. She ask herself a simple question: with whom of the candidates she would fearlessly and carelessly leave her child over a day (a candidate as a baby-sitter if you may). The one whom she would entrust her own child, is the right one. Not the one with the best and most attractive ideas!

I guess that voting, at least the female voting must be based on some other things than the actual programme or the ideas of the candidate. These are probably not that important. As in all other types of human relationships, trust is probably the most important and even the most desirable (after love).

I wonder how many of you think that way and how do you like the idea of “babysitter”-candidate?

LOVE, axinia


12 Responses to “Female Voting or “babysitter” candidate test for US Elections”

  1. Winslie Gomez Says:

    As always you present a unique way of looking at a particular situation in life.
    I do believe that this particular election is heralding a new mindset into the American psyche and though I am a spectator here in UK, it will still have global repercussions.

  2. pinayhekmi Says:

    Bloghopped from sunshine…If I could vote I would vote for Obama. Alas, I’m a Canadian citizen.

  3. steve Says:

    Mmmh, not sure if it’s an accurate test. I would lean towards leaving my baby with Hilary since she’s a mother but might not neccessarily vote for her! I haven’t looked into detail as to what Obama stands for but an African American president would clearly be an amazing thing.

  4. axinia Says:

    @Winslie: thanks! I think most of the people aroudn the world are expeting something special to happen. Lets see..

    @Steve: I see you point! But what I have seen in life that some mothers are not as good as one good father 🙂 can happen 🙂
    Anyway I believe that voting is not a rational thing, even with men.

  5. Bad Karma Says:

    Well, someone can possibly be a very good leader, but not the optimal person to leave your child with. You want a leader who is bold, and tough, because they need to protect and ensure their vision is executed. They may as well be very good nurturing parents, but how would you see this when all you see is them speaking on campaigns?

    I’m voting for Obama. He seems to have a positive vibe. I dig it.

  6. wishtobeanon Says:

    I would say trust would definitely be one of the factors.

  7. Raman Says:

    God!! Axinia, that is gross injustice to India!! We can’t find a single politician to entrust our cattle, leave alone children..is there no end to the tunnel for India?

  8. axinia Says:

    Guys, thanks for very interesting comments here!

    For Raman and others looking for the “right” politicians: there are some great examples like Gandi or Lal Balhadur Shastri in India. IF it was possible, there could be some others, why not?

    A great read on that is “Lal Bahadur Shastri – A Life of Truth in Politics” by C.P. Shrivastava:


  9. radha Says:

    btw i had started just yesterday to read “The audacity of Hope” by Obama. http://www.amazon.com/Audacity-Hope-Thoughts-Reclaiming-American/dp/0307237699

    the babysitting test is cute!

  10. Nita Says:

    Axinia, this post was one of the top posts in the Howto category on wordpress and that is how I got here. i saw it on the surfer too but it was about American politics and admittedly that didn’t interest me that much as of late there are too many articles on this subject. but then when it came on the top post I read the title more carefully and thought, no this is something different. I came here and read your post and find it very interesting.
    I am a great one for motherhood and trust etc, but no, I would not choose a presidential candidate like that. There are many people who are devoid of mother instincts but are fantastic administrators, visionaries and what have you.
    You are familiar with a lot of things Indian, so you must have heard how bad a father Mahatma gandhi was, but he was a great and a very wise man, a great guy to lead a people. But I would never trust a child with him, because he would pass it along to someone else, as it would not be important enough for him. As a baby sitter many people can be terrible, but they may make great leaders. On the other hand you can be a good parent and a great leader too…I just feel there is no connection between the two.

  11. axinia Says:

    Nita, thanks for your generous comment!
    IN fact, I never ever though I would write about US Elections 🙂
    I like your example with Gandi, I did not know he was not a good father…
    The ideas of this post was to show some different perspective, pirticulary I like this “Russian” story.
    When I see people discussing elections (in any country), they mostly discuss the personalities of the candidates and not their ideas, don`t you find so?
    I personally believe that a strong and benevolent leader has to have a mission and be aware of that mission. That is what lots of the politians lack.

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