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HOW TO FORGIVE: it is easy! February 7, 2008

 photo von vova

Forgiveness is strangely enough something very difficult for many people. Especially for Christians – while it is the Jesus Christ who brought that message of forgiveness!

Living and Europe and particularly in Austria that is famous for being very catholic I meet lots of people who can not even think of forgiveness. Normally forgiveness is not the topic one likes to discuss. Then how do I know that? Though my experiences of giving self-realisation at Sahaja Yoga programmes or at some other occasions.

One condition to get self-realisation is to forgive oneself and everyone – otherwise the energy of Kundalini cannot pass the Agnia Chakra and get out on top of the head. And also because of non-forgiving one may experience some pressure in the head (btw, headache is often the result of non-forgiving!)

The truth is that forgiveness is not only easy but also pretty necessary for everyone. In fact, it is a matter of common sense! When I cannot forgive I keep thinking about the person/people, again and again. Stupid waste of energy! The more so, the only person that will be harmed by my non-forgiving is myself – the people whom I cannot forgive have no problems with that, for they mostly even do not suspect that! Only when it comes to revenge they can suffer – but are we sill that barbaric to think of revenge?

TO FORGIVE IS EASY BECAUSE YOU DON`T DO ANYTHING. Forgiving is not about “doing”, it is actually about “NOT doing”: not being angry, offended, not feeling hurt, not making a drama.

As it goes in the play “HERO & ZERO” that I review some time ago: JUST DON`T DO IT.

As I mentioned already in several posts, I have never had difficulties with forgiving anyone, that may be the reason why I love to write about it 🙂

Then how to forgive? My personally tipp is really easy: just forget. As if “it” has never happened… Because “it” does not exist anymore. The past is no more there.

LOVE, axinia

P.S: The fire on this picture is another tipp: looking at fire clears out the head, out Agnia chackra. Therefore is especially reccomended for those with forgiving problems. It is not by chance that peoplè love to sing sitting around the fire: the head gets free and the hearts opens!

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9 Responses to “HOW TO FORGIVE: it is easy!”

  1. JV Says:

    Forgiveness is easy , yet people cling to it. Again it is the matter of one’s ego and its offending. Human feel offended because s/he claims to be unique from other animals and other humans also, where no other animal has intelligence to claim uniqueness.

    When you do not forgive someone, you have that person in mind and have ideas to take revenge. Now, revenge is a such poison that you take and you expect others to die. Unforgiving people go keep black list of people who offended them and fill their mind with destructive thoughts, which eventually harms themselves.

    I also wonder why people cannot forgive. Sometime, I ask people to forgive someone, but they refuse to do so in belief that forgiveness is cowardliness. They argue that if I forgive someone now, some other will offend me believing that I am coward.

    I recall a Zen story :

    A Zen master was taking walk with his disciple and someone hit the master with stick. The master did not react and moved ahead as nothing has happened. The disciple was surprised, said why don’t you hit him back. The master smiled and replied, just think what if a branch of a tree had fallen on me instead? Should I have hit the tree back? And if I had done so you would have considered me insane. The man who hit me has much lower intelligence than a tree, so there is no purpose in hitting back who is dumb.

  2. Anastasia Says:

    Just wanted to share my own tip on how to forgive. You just forgive the whole world not thinking about any certain person – all the people at one and the same time. And you know it feels so relaxing…

    By the way, lit candles on tables in the restaurants and at homes also serve the same aim: to clear the minds of evebody who has gathered around and to establish warm atmosphere. Sometimes I also look at the flame of a candle and feel how it balances me.

    My mother even printed out the pics of fire and water made by me, each in a large size, and hanged them on the wall: depending on her state she looks at one of them from time to time and feels better (though she does not pratice any yoga or follows any certain religion).

  3. axinia Says:

    JV, nice though and a wonderful story!

    Anastatia, thanks for a tipp, it is even easier 🙂

  4. Sometimes I am not able to forgive anyone (frequently for a stupid thing!)….Why?….because in that situation I am not able to forgive myself…my ego is very unyielding…doesn’t accept errors from me!!

  5. axinia Says:

    right, for many it is also very difficult to forgive oneself. and some people are even proud of that! – it feels like a fals ego – “oh, I am so bad, so bad” – meaning I am good, please give me a feedback that I am wrong :))

  6. roberta Says:

    i start to think that the ability to forgive can be also connected to our genes-history. i ve noticed that there are whole families with this capacityand their siblings are able to put it in action easily, but there are families who struggle to adfirm this ability thru their behaviour. its just an insight but i have several examples of family i know included mine. btw forgiving is really cool :)) do it do it , lets help this world to open its big Agya!!!

  7. axinia Says:

    Very interesting idea! I want to make a post about the forgiving power of one NATION.

  8. Its interesting to see how easily and quickly a child forgives and forgets. As we grow, we tend to develop more memory. Perhaps our RAM becomes ROM somewhere as we grow. Hence we remember too many unwanted things.

    There is a also a quote which i am reminded : “Ignore and forgive your enimies. Nothing can humiliate them more”

    Destination Infinity

  9. Raman Says:

    I think it depends upon the issue; while I don’t remeber who stepped on my toes in the train, I clearly remember the Math teacher who discouraged me and ruined my Math Life (my perception). The more important something is to you, the more difficult it is to forgive. Jesus Christ was ready to lay down his life for mankind – which made him say “oh lord, forgive this men, they know not what they are doing” even as they were crucifying him. Or for that matter Bhagat Singh & Chandrashekhar Azad (Indian Freedom Fighters) whose last wishes were to be hanged with the Bhagavad Gita & Holy Quran tied on them – huge scrifices & forgiveness.

    Everything, comes to one central, core idea – do away with the concept of I; the mine will automatically vanish. Everything will follow.

    And that, is what every religion (somewhere or the other) preach.

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