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Trend Blend 2008 and my Top 10 Trends February 5, 2008


Nowandnext.com and Future Exploration Network have once again collaborated to create a trend map for 2008 and beyond

I love the positions like Spirituality, Collectivis, Karma Capitalism  and Search for Meaning on the Society Line (yellow).

The cross stations named are: Digitalisation, Virtuals Worlds, Globalisation, Anxiety and Ageing.

I find really cute the trend of making things: the Internet has allowed people with weird and wonderful interests to find each other. Hence hobbies that everyone thought had died out are now enjoying a renaissance because individuals and small groups all over the world find it easier to find each other.

Or this smart one: Someting for nothing –  One of the emerging business models in the closing half of 2007 was giving stuff away for free in the vague hope that customers could one day be persuaded to part with money to upgrade their experience (or subscription). This has been labeled ‘Freemium’ and is, perhaps, the way that all digital products and services will be ‘sold’ in the future.

And I was very amused about Russian nationalism!

Some other intresting trends: Reality mining, 3-D printers, Virtual protest, Simplicity, Celebrity worship, Networked risk, The attention economy.

My top 10 out of this list are:

  1. Spiritualism
  2. Collectivism
  3. Search for meaning
  4. Rythm and balance
  5. Humans 2.0
  6. Virtual protest
  7. Phsycological neoteny
  8. Labour migration
  9. The attention economy
  10. Data visualisation

And your predictions?

LOVE, axinia


4 Responses to “Trend Blend 2008 and my Top 10 Trends”

  1. Raman Says:

    Very very interesting..I tagged you at http://ramangopal.blogspot.com/2008/02/trend-blend-2008.html and I enjoyed the mapping immensely..very thoughful..

  2. Me Says:

    Yes, very thoughtful.

  3. radha Says:

    it s nice i am hanging it at the office. anybody can make a different map about issues. my 10 based on this one:
    open innovation
    reality mining
    making things
    rhythm and balance
    corporate power
    blended families
    Industry convergence
    search for meaning

  4. Hello all,

    You might remember that you covered one of my trends maps a while ago. Well here’s a new and even better one – a map of trends and predictions for 2010-2050.

    The map is ridiculously complicated, contains too much information and probably represents a yearning for simplicity. So a bit like modern life then!? Hope you enjoy it.

    Click to access trends_and_technology_timeline_2010.pdf

    Best wishes,


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