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The winter sky January 29, 2008

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photo by axinia

I love to watch the sky… When I was a child I thought of taking a sunset picture a day of the same place. How interesting it would be to have a colletion of 365 pictures reflecting all kinds of different sunsets… Fascinating!

But the time passed and I never managed to make this collection, also because it is impossible for me to stay the whole year at one place. Instead, I use every possibility to shoot the sky if I have my camera with me. To share this beauty with you 🙂

LOVE, axinia


4 Responses to “The winter sky”

  1. innovatel Says:

    The Winter sky it’s fantastic! The last Sunday I tried to do some photo on Winter sky … It was an experiment … they are b/w pictures. If you want to see, tomorrow I’ll add into my blog 🙂

    Bye 😉

  2. Scott Says:

    I wish I could have been where you were when this picture was taken..simply gorgeous.

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  4. axinia Says:

    thanks for your comments! it is funny – Iwas not expecting any for this very post 🙂

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