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Things that make us thoughtlessly aware January 24, 2008


photo by axinia

There are moments in life that surely familiar to everyone: the moments when the thoughts vanish in front of something amazing, breathtaking, incredibly beautiful or awesome… These are the moments that are so precious, because they relax our mind and for some seconds set us free from the overpowering thoughts. Like this sunset that I captured the other day over the city of Vienna.

Some other things that can also relax our mind could be the following:

– beautiful landscapes

– beautiful flowers and plants

– children (playing, laughing, being busy with something, etc.)

– music (in my case it is either Indian Classical or Western Classical music)

– watching the sky, water or fire

Anything else?

Thanks for your inputs!

LOVE, axinia

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15 Responses to “Things that make us thoughtlessly aware”

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  2. sunshineforlife Says:

    i agree with you on nature, axinia. 🙂 am not much into kids sounds. hehehee

    what relaxes me too is the calm ocean especially sunset, an endless blue sky, the windless rain on my window…they relaxed my thoughts and during those moments, just a fraction of it, i will think — i wish the moment will never end when my mind has been free of all my worries and troubles. 🙂

    i love the picture!

  3. radha Says:

    all the things you listed also relax my minds and in addition:
    singing bhajans
    duing manual bricolage works
    being in the steaming room
    walking in the crowd looking at the ground…

  4. axinia Says:

    @sunshineforlife: really beautiful insights, thanks dear! Wish you to experience this state as often as possible!

    @radha: I was expecting a nice list form you :)) Thanks! I find it great that there are so many simple things that make our life truly enjoyable!

  5. Raman Says:

    My idea of relaxation is silence; if I can have complete silence around, I feel very peaceful. Things that are enormous (sea, mountains etc.) also makes me peaceful. Being in the presence of wise ones, sleeping with my head on my mother’s lap, holding my princess’s hand, licking on a bar of my fav ice cream, exercising to the point of exhaustion and driving on empty roads also make me feel good.

    Basically, all you have suggested is great – I just try to find easier means due to my laziness 🙂

  6. axinia Says:

    nie input, Raman! :)) The more things in life relax you, the luckier you are!

  7. Hi..Axinia..I am Marta..a sahaja yogini from Rome…Last month I stayed in Wien for the New Year day…I saw a very beatifull grove with much snow…I usually cannot see it in my country and so…snow gave me a feeling of a big silent….wonderful experience!

  8. axinia Says:

    thanks, Marta!
    I agree, snow is soemthing very special that can make us thoughtless…
    They say that this natural purity and white colour of snow clear out Agnia chakra – the one that makes us think 🙂 Thus, looking at snow, our heads naturally get clard out.

    Snow is also the reason why I dont want to live in the warm countries – I dont want to miss snow in my life!
    By the way, i have a nice post on it: https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2007/04/20/axinias-sense-of-cold/

  9. Anastasia Says:

    I have recently paid attention that actually there are tons of things which relax us (before I thought that it is mostly the privilage of nature but not only!):

    – knitting,
    – playing with animals (dogs, for example),
    – cooking,
    – taking a shower,
    – embroidery and tambouring,
    – looking through nice photos,
    – taking pictures, etc.

    I mean we can do anything in a thoughtless state and the result turns to be better than we are thinking how to do these things.

  10. axinia Says:

    thank you for the interesting tipps, Anastasia. I love “looking though nice picture and taking pictures” ! -works for me same way.

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  12. […] finally – meditate! – which is basically an all-cure treatment J The amazing state of thoughtless awareness that can be reached though meditation easily opens the heart because it is only the mental activity […]

  13. […] In Japan we had a great master whose name was Vidhitama. He was the disciple of Lord Buddah and he went to Japan and started the Zen system. Zen means meditation-dhyana – and he wanted people to become ”thoughtlessly aware”. He found out many ways of making people “thoughtlessly aware” – the tea ceremony and the temples that they have, are all meant to create thoughtless awareness. […]

  14. Erwin Says:

    There is a special street in our village; when we walk through it we go thoughtless. All the houses in the street have beautiful gardens. There is this incredible peace in this street. In fact the whole little area with two other streets gives us this thoughtless state. It’s incredible, sometimes you forget about it walking along absorbed in your thoughts and suddenly when you enter this area plup ! you’re plunged into mental silence just like that!

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