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If you love people, their lives improve! January 21, 2008

Another exiting thing I discovered recently: the power of love in action.

If you love a person (I mean not the romantic love but the true human love you can feel towards anyone), what happens is that your attention flows toward this person. Whenever you think of that person, it is only the energy of love that flows into him/her… Than again, because of your loving attention you just notice the things a person needs or wants, and you enjoy arranging for that things for this person. These are tiny little things, a bit of attention here and there, but what comes up is truly amazing: You notice how the lives of the people you love really improve! In many different ways, but obviously!

Wouldn`t it be the easiest solution for all human problems? 🙂

LOVE, axinia

(image by me)


25 Responses to “If you love people, their lives improve!”

  1. radha Says:

    a poetry for you:

    i feel like i want to be smaller
    than this orange
    to climb it and be folded
    by its petals
    of your love

    thank you axinia, smiles

  2. axinia Says:

    Thanks, dear! That is indeed so sweet of you, lovely poem!

  3. […]  If you love people, their lives improve! […]

  4. Wouldn`t it be the easiest solution for all human problems?

    That’s easier said than done, Axinia 😐 Whatever Jesus may have said, I don’t think it’s possible to love someone who hates you 😐

    • axinia Says:

      it is possible.

      • Possible for saints (like Jesus or Buddha) perhaps 😐

        Dear Axinia, I believe you have not yet come across someone who really hates you. I don’t quite know how you would be able to love that person 😕

        The farthest I would go is not to hate that person or in other words, have a neutral attitude. I’m sorry, but I really cannot love someone who hates me. I’m NOT ashamed at all to say this, as I know I’m a mere mortal, and I’ll be honest about what I can do and cannot do 😐

        • axinia Says:

          I really woudl not know anybody who hates me. May be there are some people, but I am totally unaware of that.
          I actually don’t know what HATE is, I never experienced this feeling. that’s why it is hard for me to consider.

          But may be that’s why I think it is possible 🙂

          • I actually don’t know what HATE is, I never experienced this feeling

            I’m tempted to say “you are a lucky girl”, but I won’t 😉 Hate definitely exists as much as love exists. I wouldn’t want to enclose myself in a bubble believing that there is no such thing as hate 😐

            I wish you never experience hate, though. You’re a really nice person and it would be an utter shame on someone who is crazy enough to hate you.


  5. swaps Says:

    Whenever you think of that person, it is only the energy of love that flows into him/her…

    Sometimes that is all one can do…and THAT is such a consolation 🙂

  6. seeker2008 Says:

    I remember an older dervish telling me about love and hate in response to a question I had asked. He told me to imagine a woman I love very much coming to meet me on a crowded corner in Manhattan. He also said laughingly imagine as a gentleman I arrive a few minutes earlier to meet her. I am staring intently on the corner hoping not to miss her. The more I focus on that corner, the more I forget about the long day at work, the argument I had with a family member, my ankle hurting at some point I’m so focused I ‘forget myself’. Then she arrives!

    The analogy above applies all the same to mystics who work towards having both the inner and outer state of being focused on one point. It folly to say that hate and evil do not exist, but when your attention is focus so much on that one point, hate doesn’t exist for you at that moment, just as the noise of the people passing by and the traffic though being really don’t ‘exist’ for you when you are waiting intently on the sight of your loved one or like when one is reading intently on a crowded noisy bus and is so wrapped up in what one is reading you miss your stop.

    This teaching as well as other insights are encapsulated in the following statement by Rabi’a: My love for God, leaves me no time left in which to hate the Devil.

  7. My love for God, leaves me no time left in which to hate the Devil.

    Cher Dave,

    Beautiful as the quote sounds, I wonder what one means by the “Devil”? Is it too an all powerful imaginary entity who is bent on doing evil, just like “God” is an all powerful imaginary entity who does good 😕 In my book, both entities are imaginary. But I guess many people believe that the “Devil” merely tempts people into doing evil, but doesn’t actually do evil. Isn’t that so? Wouldn’t that leave one with not much reason to hate the “Devil”, but rather the person(s) who fall(s) for the temptation and do evil, since their lowly pea-brains don’t have the will to resist the evil temptation 😕

    • seeker2008 Says:

      Hey Raj,

      How are you doing? I hope all is well chez-toi.

      You hit on an important point. The saying “My love for God, leaves me no time left in which to hate the Devil” is really in my experience a brilliant encapsulation of sufi practice, thought and experience from one of the more revered woman in our tradition.

      What is meant by the ‘devil’, ‘love’, ‘God’, even the possessive pronoun ‘my’ has a multitude of metaphoric, symbolic and referentials meanings that come alive when looked at in certain contexts. This statements as well as a many others are given to seekers and dervishes on the way at times to ponder reflect, meditate and study. For example, there is one I came across recently in Rumi’s corpus of work: “I am a shoemaker, with much leather. But i do the cutting and the stitching according to the dimensions of the foot.”

      I am more than willing to share the insights I’ve been able to glean from the statement in my studies though it might be difficult to really get into what does the term the ‘devil’ mean within the context of the sufi mystical path and practice as both are founded in the existence and experience of God.


      • Je vais bien, merci, mon ami! 🙂 Et comment allez-vous?

        Okay, let’s leave the “Devil” alone. What’s the difference between a seeker and a dervish in your way? Are seekers beginners who are learning the ropes and dervishes the experienced folks who do the “teaching” 😕 Or are dervishes the ones who perform twirling dances till they experience a different state of being?

        Un Terrien extraterrestre

        • Hey Raj,

          Im good. I feel like I have been worked like a mule by both jobs but a sizeable vacation is a month away. if you should find yourself in the NYC area during this time a few beers will be on me 🙂

          I have used the words seeker and darvish in the most general sense, a seeker is one who is in search for the truth. He is looking for guidance on the spiritual path. A darvish (in persian this word means poor one) is one who has found that guide and is under his tutelage after taking vows of spiritual poverty and other things. Some people,academics or old manuscripts use them interchangeably depending on the context, but I prefer this way of describing it initially. Sufis are those who have found.

          There are many sufi orders or types of darvishes. One group in particular the Mevlevi is known for their dances- i.e this is the whirling you mention. Each group has its own mix of exterior and interior exercises to guide the seeker down the path. Some fo us whirl and some of us don’t etc.


          • Thanks for the info, mon ami, and for the offer of hospitality – but I’d settle for some non-alcoholic stuff 😉 Though I’d love to meet you someday, I have no plans of being in NYC in the near (or even distant) future 😦

            Enjoy your vacation mate, you surely deserve it!


            • Dave Paquiot Says:

              One of these days I will be visiting India again. I will let you know 🙂

              • Then it would be my chance to get you a few beers 😉

                Though I’d gladly welcome you, I wonder what attracts so many wise seekers to the world’s most uncouth, evil, filthy barbaric empire 😕 If what I suspect is correct, lots and lots of bubble aspirers have been completely brainwashed and have fallen hook, line and sinker to the BIGGEST LIE in the world. The BIGGEST LIE that the uncouth, barbaric, violent, filthy, evil Indian empire is a land of “non-violence” and “spirituality”. There can be no greater lie than that rubbish touted out by the sub-human savages who run the evil Indian empire and the arse-licking hordes and media who keep repeating the same crap, since their pea-brains aren’t capable of thinking on their own and their filthy tongues aren’t capable of speaking the truth.

                • Raj,

                  I hope things are going well for you, and something cool is happening this weekend. I like traveling plain and simple. I am not going to seek, ask for anything. I have this list of places I want to visit. There are pros and cons for every country and place, and I never bought into the savage uncouth hordes, or arse licking, etc not my style lol


  8. contoveros Says:

    This sounds like a spiritual evolution of sorts. Romantic love is not the same as . . . well, the kind of Love you describe here. It goes beyond that. You seek nothing in return, no tit-for-tat, no reward.

    It’s in the loving that we are “loved.”

    Does that make sense to you? By loving, the “Divine” love for another, we become “Love.” We walk with love, we talk with love, we breath the beautiful frangrance of love.

    If we can but stay in the present when love flows freely.

    Like I feel it upon reading your words and letting my own love ease from my fingertips over one letter key over this keyboard after another key.

    Looking up to the monitor, I see words, but also feel a warmth rising, perhaps to touch you when you read this. Read it from your heart, from the Love you feel deep inside of your Being.

    Did I just get carried away? Gotta pull back and get my head out of my heart. I could stay here all day if it was up to Love. But, life’s duties call me elsewhere.

    See your Love. And rasise you two more tokens of Love. Your call!

    michael j
    spiritual quester

  9. Olga Says:

    Let manifest everywhere and in all the power of Love!
    Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and wonderful photos, Aksinya!

  10. Neha singh Says:

    its only yesterday i have found your lovely blog..and i have already started loving you..whenever i read you blog i feel as if someone has poured bucket of love on me…i guess this is how evrythng works..there is so much to learn from such a good sahaj yogi…
    p.s-i love you 😉 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      thank you neha, this is so sweet of you…I think this is simple, you just pick up the love I pour on this pages 🙂 and after all this is a flow of the love Divine all around…

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