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What marriage really does to people January 16, 2008

 I am a passionate believer in the marriage institution. I posted already several articles on that fascinating topic, but some new ideas keep coming up. So let me continue with praising this truly beautiful and deep form of human relationships.

Despite the growing anti-marriage tendencies in the society and general crisis of this institution, the sacredness of marriage keeps attracting people of all cultures. There are several reasons I can think of in that respect, the reasons I described already in “Marriage: made in heaven”. This time I want to share with you one more reason, which is obviously not that well known, although lays on the surface of the subject.

In a marriage people become (blood)-relatives! – not only that they become officially recognised as a couple, but they start being seen as people naturally RELATED to each other. In Russian there is a special word for it, “rodnoy” which means somebody who is of your own blood. Continue reading ‘What marriage really does to people’


14 Responses to “What marriage really does to people”

  1. Arlene Says:

    i wish marriage did good thing to my being as you mentioned here. but it turned out the opposite. i belong to a country and even religion that marriage is a holy and sacred heart but the people seem don’t understand what is holy and sacred because after marriage their are many affairs along the road of their life. such an ironic situation.

    well axinia, here’s sth from my blog for all your inspiring posts:


    happy week-end!

  2. axinia Says:

    dear sunshine,
    you are right, the sacrednes and the delight of a marriage is somehow getting lost in the modern times… But I believe that it wil comeback. There are so many things that are gling wrong in our heads and our societies, but there is a process of development. I am sure it will change to the best for all of us. But for that the personal input of everyone is needed.
    Therefore I write about things that are in a way not very modern, but eternal…
    And thanks a lot for another award! – it is so sweet of you 🙂 TO inspire – is what I really want with my blogging. I wish you a happy married life!

  3. Raman Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    Have been wanting to comment for a long time – just got the time now.

    Marriage is an wonderful institution and my take on marriage is this; it is the first organization that the child meets in this world. The child gets to understand everything – from tha art of adjusting to the art of compromising with dignity, from how to wage a cold war to the difference a few flowers can make, from unwarranted love to nonexpecting service.

    It is like two people have been bound together by an invisible thread and this thread dissolves every other incompatiblity. It amazes me. Child marriage was so wonderful – children who played together, who fought together and amongst themselves, who grew up learning the same things and learning in depth about each other – if they were not made for each other, who was?

    Today marriage is on the rocks – the I in every relationship has grown to dominate the us, the individual egos & incompatibilities are never-bending.

    From a a country where I have built a relationship with the guy who sold me groceries o the lady who cleans my house (a relationship is signified by the fact that at any instance, both of us can count on each other for support; it is understood that I will their services only), if I can’t build the same with my life partner, it is a bit unnerving.

    Questions like why should I sacrifice my career, why should I do all the household work, why can’t I party every alternate day, why should I take the dog for a walk and why should I clean the child’s waste dominate today’s marriages.

    One good to come out of non-married yet living together relationships is that atleast the lawyer’s fee will be saved.

  4. axinia Says:

    Thanks, Raman – very wise and inspiring.

    I must say, I absolutely love your comments!

  5. Raman Says:

    That’s really nice of you Axinia – but since the inspiration for every comment are your words, I think all credits must go to you. 🙂

  6. When his disciple asked Socretes if he should marry, Socretes replied as follows: “Do get married. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If not, you will become a philosopher!” . So, the philosopher says its a win-win situation either way. Just like what you are saying Axina….

    Destination Infinity.

  7. axinia Says:

    nice quote, my friend! 🙂 Absolutely true… I learned a lot from my first (unhappy) marriage. And I am enjoying a lot the present happy one!

  8. parvesh Says:

    Marriage is a bloody institution of dirty politics. Everyone in finishing other in this dirty tool. Marriage is total failure in india. Next generation will not marry.

  9. parvesh Says:

    Marriage has destroyed innocence in the people and made them cunning and clever. The couples just go on destroying other. Some times ago we saw shiv saniks, assaulting the unmarried people who were proposing to opposite sex. What is our culture! Deny love! Get married and produce so many ideot children. The ability of love has totally been destroyed in indians by the institution of marriage. Ban it.

    • Virendra Says:

      When I read your words “Idiot children” I was sure that your parents never loved eachother. Ha Ha Ha!!!
      You are true to your name Perve(rt)sh.

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  12. lucky Says:

    i belive that it was created by god. and i want to get married in two yrs from 2day. but i am of the opinion that it needs both parties to work for it. and to do all they can to make it work.

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