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2 things about Indians I love the most January 12, 2008

Only two things? In fact, I have got a list of them. But these two just make my heart melt…

SWEETNESS: Indians are incredibly sweet. The way they move their heads saying “yes” or enjoying something. The way they laugh… Oh, that open-hearted smiles and laughs!…The way they try to cheat you (some of them really do!)… Thy way they try to hide a childlike heart behind a business-like mask… And, finally, the unforgettable sweetness of their manner of talking, the melody of an Indian voice!… Simply enchanting.

COLORS: Indians love colors, they are made out of colors. Even their temples look like sweet colorful cakes. Colors reflect the joy of their hearts. And even though the life can be hard on many of them, they never wear that heavy expression of suffering on their beautiful faces (like Russians do :))

Enjoy my sliding galery of India`s images:

LOVE, axinia


11 Responses to “2 things about Indians I love the most”

  1. Nita Says:

    these are beautful pictures Axinia. Just wanted to mention that when you say the thing about ‘cheats’ I think you mean most of the touts and those who sell stuff around tourist spots. You must have come into contact with them, not the general population?

  2. Raman Says:

    I agree with you – colours, in temples, incidentally are only a part of the modern India. In earlier days, all temples were made out of stone (unlike the concrete & calcium nowadays) but now, colours have been inluded so that the temples can attract more people. Of course, the premise is that people are attracted by colours. Otherwise, the avg. Indian wardrobe is also full of colours and even the food (with a green banana leaf for a plate) is full of colours. In fact, most Indians are staunch believers of “colours for occasions” concept – while black is worn for mourning, white symbolises peace & is worn to temples & after the dead have been cremated.

    As for cheating, I believe the “sweetness” you mention when we cheat is just your kindness. The avg. Indian is inadvertantly briefed about the epics (at least the Ramayana & the Mahabharata) and therefore tend form an opinion about “righteousness” at a very early stage of their life and spend the rest of their lives in constant dilemma. At least, I’d like to believe that no human tries to cheat another with a purpose – mostly, it is necessity and they themselves are often not happy doing that.

  3. Winslie Gomez Says:

    Great pictures and great honesty in your depiction.

    Survival instinct I would suggest leads to avenues for deception.

    Having said that; Is there any society that does not “cheat”?

  4. axinia Says:

    Nita, you are right, this kind of “cheating” is the thig I believe every foreigner is facing when in India. As soon as the shopkeepers see the white skin, they push the price 3x up. I can understand, because we mostly do have more money , and can pay more… But even the way they do it, I really find it sweet – I meant not agressive or somehow artificial (as often here in the West).

    Raman, very intresting comment, as ever! I am aware of the “righteousness” principle of Indians, I know also they try to follow their dharma (Which is a great thing indeed!). As a foreginder one faces some things a normal Indian will not see /or will not see to that extend.

    Winslie, great point! surely the cheating it taking place everywhere, what I see in the western countries it is just on the other level – it is hard, harsh or very slime… anyway it is not the same as in India. The Indian way of doing things is just very sweet on its own, whatever they do. That is my experience of involvement and study of this fabulous country for over 12 years.

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  6. Hauke Says:

    Their spiritual depth and tradition of spirituality is of course another one of their aspects that stands out. With so many saints and prophets being born there the country itself is imbued with spirituality. I have always felt as if I was coming home when visiting India.

  7. axinia Says:

    Thanks, Hauke! Indian tradition of spirituality is truly thier treasure, but this is something so special that I wanted to make one extra post about it… Coming soon! 🙂

  8. JV Says:

    Unfortunately , modern India has forgotten the true meanings behind the traditions and is struck with absurd ,mindless rigidity in following them.

  9. sunshineforlife Says:

    I love their love of colors, too! haven’t been to India ever but I get familiar with them through their movies and I just love their love of colors integrated in their daily activies especially special occassions. I am enchanted too in their love for music and dance. 🙂

  10. Nova Says:

    Beautiful pictures Axinia!! 🙂

    And Yes Indians are incredibly sweet people 🙂

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