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Steve Jones comes up with HERO AND ZERO January 11, 2008

imag___69_202.jpg imag___69_2020.jpg photo by Petra Schmidt

A brilliant philosophical comedy (theater play) by my favorite script-writer Steve Jones.

I have to admit that I never really liked theater, or better to say never really understood it. But this case is truly an exception: even knowing that most of my dearest readers will not be able to attend the performance (for it is only in Vienna, 10-26 January), I still can not keep myself from praising it here.

The reason is, HERO AND ZERO covers one of the topics – ego and superego  (conditionings) I really love to blog about. But blogging is not the thing, one has to SEE the play! 

The story goes like this:

Eric wakes up one day to discover that Hero, (his Ego and rational ‘left-brain’) along with Zero (his emotional ‘right-brain’) are not where they are supposed to be, in his head, but are manifested as two distinct personalities, and they’re sitting on his bed! All the crazy thoughts within Eric’s brain are now played out by Hero and Zero – right in front of him! Eric becomes their puppet and they do everything in their power to distract, confuse and manipulate him. This comedic play follows Eric through a day-in-the-life as he struggles to overcome their subtle games in order to connect to the only real thing in his life – his true self.

(Performed by TEV Austria, with: Eva Maria Neubauer, Vanessa Payer-Kumar,Christina Trefny, Werner Landsgesell)

Today more and more people feel that their heads are full of rubbish thoughts. These thoughts are part of us, but it is not what we really are. HERO AND ZERO shows a human head like in an X-ray box, shows it witty, expressive and yet touching the depth of the viewer.

And who knows, may be one day we will see HERO AND ZERO as a Hollywood blockbuster?

But today – Applause! Applause! Applause!

LOVE, axinia

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4 Responses to “Steve Jones comes up with HERO AND ZERO”

  1. radha Says:

    Hope to put my hands on the dvd asap! Is S.J. the same author of “Friends”? we also enjoed this a lot and i remember it was based on dialogues between ego and superego in our head. Lots of fun!

  2. axinia Says:

    you are right, radha, that is the one! “Hero&Zero” is the new version of “Friends”, but a “light” one, for people who are not that much in spritual matters, in fact just for everyone!

  3. axinia Says:

    Here’s the English translation of the review of Hero and Zero, in the Wiener Zeitung (Vienna Newspaper) which was sold out and overbooked on several evenings.

    Hero und Zero

    Eric is confident – but Eric feels inadequate. As long as all of this is only happening inside his head, it may be acceptable. But one fine day Hero (his over confident ego) and Zero (his low sense of self esteem) depart from his head and start to terrorize him, until he is nothing but their puppet, torn between two extremes. Will he manage to get rid of these two pests, and find himself?

    “Hero and Zero”, the brilliantly constructed comedy by British writer Steve Jones, is playing at the Theater Drachengasse in the room Bar & Co, in a refined and imaginative production directed by Elfriede Schüsseleder. Every movement of the actors is just right. The stellar quartet of actors (among them Eva Maria Neubauer) perform a range from wacky to reflective. The song and dance acts are perfect.

  4. […] it goes in the play “HERO & ZERO” that I review some time ago: JUST DON`T DO […]

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