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10 Reasons Why I Practise Sahaja Yoga December 30, 2007


1. It’s easy.
I don’t have to spend years living in the mountains to achieve enlightenment. I don’t have to give up anything or spend weeks in silence. I don’t have to learn mantras or wear special clothes or even try to clear my mind. The meditation simply happens spontaneously. The classes are easy and fun, and as long as I keep up my daily ten minutes of meditation I find I am able to achieve a deep and peaceful meditation on a regular basis.

2. It’s free.
I don’t pay for my meditation. Even my introductory 8-week course was free. There are no catches, and there are no hidden expenses. If I missed attending classes one week, it didn’t matter. I just picked up the classes again when I could manage it. It is simply the generosity of spirit of other Sahaja Yoga practitioners that allows Sahaja Yoga to be taught to whomever desires it, at no cost.

3. I can see results.
I felt the benefits from the first time I meditated. I felt relaxed and I felt a deep sense of calm. Now I can also feel my chakras (energy centres) and through the techniques learnt along the way I can understand the vibrations of my own energy centres. If I feel unwell I meditate and use the techniques I’ve learnt to clear my chakras, and I can then feel the centres clearing, and as a consequence my health improves.
4. It’s all-inclusive.
All the major religions and their core teachings are acknowledged and respected in Sahaja Yoga. No one spiritual journey is right or wrong. And through meditation the wisdom of all the great gurus and saints is easily revealed and understood. In fact, I’ve found that since I’ve been meditating I’ve come to understand and appreciate the teachings of great teachers such as Lao Tse, Buddha and Mohammed.
5. I’m my own boss.
I meditate and introspect at my own pace. I don’t have to keep up with others, or feel pressured into doing things I’m not comfortable with. I am my own teacher, my own guru, my own master. This technique of meditation empowers me and enables me to help myself. I don’t have to rely on anybody else. Of course, there are many people in Sahaja Yoga who can teach me a great deal about the meditation and its various techniques. However, all that I need is ultimately within me.

6. It’s everywhere.
Sahaja Yoga is practised in almost every country in the world. So, no matter where I travel I can always locate a local Sahaja Yoga program that I can attend. Whenever I get the chance, and no matter where I am, I try to link up with other Sahaja Yogis and enjoy a collective meditation. (Meditating with others is a much deeper and more powerful experience than meditating alone.)

7. It’s portable.
I don’t need to take anything with me to meditate: no mats, no potions, no special clothing or books. I can meditate anywhere – in a quiet room or on a noisy bus; at the beach or watching a movie. Thoughtless awareness (the state of meditation) is easy to achieve if you keep meditating daily, and it can be achieved in almost any situation. (I was pleasantly surprised to learn this as I was under the misunderstanding that you had to have complete silence before you could meditate. And with two children, I can rarely find “complete silence” in our house!)

8. It makes sense.
Everything I’ve learnt makes sense. There is a lot of common sense in this meditation, and even though not everything was known to me (for example, the chakras and their respective qualities), once I had a chance to learn more about the meditation, it felt very natural and comfortable.

9. Everybody does it.
When you begin a hobby or join a new group, you often find that there are particular types of people who are in the group with you. For example, some groups attract younger people, others older folk; some groups have a lot of people who are wealthy, or people who live in a certain part of town. In Sahaja Yoga you will find people from every walk of life, from every demographic – male and female, young and old, rich and poor, every shape, size and colour, with varying interests, languages and beliefs. You don’t have to be a certain type of person to do this meditation. It is one of those rarities: something for everybody.

10. I feel good.
Without fail, every time I sit down to meditate I feel better. Whether I manage to have a deep meditation or not makes no difference. There is more laughter, joy and contentment in my life since I’ve started meditating, and as a consequence my family and friends are reaping the benefits.

Anna Penton (reprinted from Sahaja Yoga Meditation News)

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24 Responses to “10 Reasons Why I Practise Sahaja Yoga”

  1. Nita Says:

    A very good post Axinia. It gives a clear idea to those who are thinkingof going in for this type of yoga.

  2. rapsysap Says:

    How can I find good yoga trainer nearby my place?

  3. axinia Says:

    Wow, Nita, I was not exprecting to get a comment on that from you! Feel very honored.
    Thouhg I have not wrote the text, I agree with every word of it.

    @rapsysap: you can find the adresses of SY centers in all the countries here


    good luck!

  4. radha Says:

    very inspiring! thanks for posting it, smiles

  5. hearbviasna Says:

    Hi how are you? Now what are you doing?
    Happy new year 2008.
    I wish good luck 4u.

  6. rizaisme Says:

    yoga, feel the condition, how we can think clear amd so calm.

    hi… axinia, i’m riza from Indonesia. In my Country, so many people do Yoga…

    Oh ya, axinia i have a new post, here i story that the Superman is exist, not only in the film,”I see Superman Fly In the sky!!!”

    u should see it….

  7. Lauren Says:

    I think you have just inspired me to try Sahaja Yoga.

  8. andyfox1979 Says:

    11. you’re a hippie

  9. axinia Says:

    @Lauren: just try 🙂 you will see the difeerence!

    @andyfox1979: nice irony, but too far from reality. I never understood hippy movement – luckily I was born much too late for it. Sahajy Yogis look and behave very “normal”, the only difference is that they are probably more happier people – and thereir eyes glow 🙂

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  11. […] in Ukraine. Her performance in Kiev that time was seen by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga. Shir Mataji was so much impressed by Lena`s dance that she invited her to study in the Dance […]

  12. […] in Ukraine. Her performance in Kiev that time was seen by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga. Shir Mataji was so much impressed by Lena`s dance that she invited her to study in the Dance […]

  13. scietech Says:

    I was searching for this post, Axinia. From the links, I found out that one centre is very close to my home. I may try this out.

  14. axinia Says:

    thank you 🙂 In fact, you can try getting self-realisaion at home in front of your PC, it works well too. follow this link: http://www.sahajayogawa.com/flash/charlie-1.swf

    But in the center you may feel more vibrations 🙂

  15. katisommer Says:

    Axinia, this post is very inspiring. I will first go and see the film you mentioned, and then try your yoga out. thanks!

  16. scietech Says:

    Thanks for posting the link, Axinia. 🙂 I’ll try to do practise this myself before I go to the centre. I believe one should sit on a hard floor to get the get the maximum benefit.

  17. axinia Says:

    I prefere to sit on a soft polster for my meditaiton :)In sahaja yoga we dont refuse confort!

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  19. Shailendra Says:

    Wow, Axinia! A great post!! Do I know you from a Maharashtra tour?

    Shailendra (Mumbai)

  20. sadegh mahdavi Says:

    very nice
    jai shri mataji

  21. saji Says:

    jsmj . great one . it inspired others also to carry on.

  22. nripen Says:

    A very good IDEA.

  23. Manoj Pande Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    Really a great article based on your experience. You are undoubtedly blessed one. May Shri Mata Ji’s blessings be with you always and every time.

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