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The dead breath of Materialism December 28, 2007





(Window) shopping in Vienna by axinia



3 Responses to “The dead breath of Materialism”

  1. Bad Karma Says:

    I was recently talking with my friends about materialism, and one of the comments that came up was that I don’t want to buy my wife a diamond ring – not bc I’m cheap, but 3 months salary for a rock seems like an unusual tradition to me.

    Given that the cost of diamonds is artificially controlled by De Beers, and the fact that diamonds from Africa are blood diamonds, I don’t want to contribute to the diamond culture. But it will be hard to find a girl who thinks the same way as I do…

  2. axinia Says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment I was wondering why no one was commenting that post…Probably the message I wanted to give was not so clear.
    So first I will try to explain that and then comment on your comment

    As I posted several times, I love beautiful things. And I like shopping in general. However when I am visitng one shop after another, or just being in one full of clothes or things, it comes into my mind so clearly how much “dead” matter is there… I mean things that are done mechanically, without heart… They may cost little or a lot but it is the same: it is DEAD. The handmade things are very rare nowadays, and the lifeless stuff is overpowering the poor consumers.

    Regarding dimond rings &Co, dear Bad Karma – I can see your point and understand it very well. I persolannally love the glittering stones, but I dont mind if they are fake – who would ever know?? But if you start thinking about the origin of almost all the things we use in our daily life, then you will have to literary die. Because the background of most of the things is oweful.
    Back to dimonds…. Women love such things, it is true. But there will be definetly someone for you our there who absolutely does not care

  3. Bad Karma Says:

    I’m not opposed to jewelery. I’m opposed to expensive jewelery. It’s materialistic. To me, it seems like it’s purpose is to divide the rich from the poor; when a girl gets engaged, they look at how big the rock is on her ring. Why? To show how rich of a man the woman is marrying. It all becomes about showing off at some point.

    Would a woman look less beautiful with a cubic zirconia, ruby, sapphire, than a diamond? The purpose of jewelery (to me) is to accentuate beauty.

    I’m probably not doing a good job of elaborating my feelings. I guess I should write about it personally, for myself, to make my idea more well thought out.

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