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Alcohol and the Christians December 18, 2007

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“The only thing they have picked up from Christ that He went to a wedding, and created wine out of water, and distributed. Now this wine is just the juice of the grapes. It’s also called wine in the Hebrew language… –  mentioned once Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Any truly spiritual person knows that acohol dazes the consciousness and thus can not be of any help for the spiritual development. The whole life of Christ was dedicated to the spiritual development of the humans. How could he advise to drink alcohol?

Let us take a closer look and see what was really written in the Bible about that so called wine ” made by Christ”.

The word for Wine in Hebrew is ‘yaayin’. Juice is ‘mitz’. Grapes are ‘ahnavim’, so Grape juice in Modern Hebrew would be ‘mitz ahnavim’. However this differentiation is likely to have only been developed in Modern Hebrew. Over 2,000 years ago and in the Bible, as far as I know, there is no reference to ‘mitz’ when used with the word for grapes. The fermentation of wine was less sophisticated than it is today and it is likely that any grape juice fermented or not would be called ‘yaayin’. There is another word ‘tirosh’ which means sparkling wine which refers more clearly to something alcoholic like champagne.

Given Jesus’ association with the Nazarine sect, it is almost certain that he himself would have eschewed alcohol altogether. The Nazarines were teetotal. Even Jews who did drink wine always regarded it with great caution and that is why the wine is blessed before a Jewish meal (Kiddush). Moderation was the key. So the excessive consumption of alcohol at Christmas to ‘celebrate’ is certainly completely at odds with Jesus and with Jews at that time. This tradition comes more likely from pagan rituals, the practice of which may have later on been tacitly allowed by early Christians in Europe as a pragmatic measure; rather than forbidding them completely. (Ray Harris)

Later I will come back to the topic exploring the true impact of alcohol (not the well known stuff).

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2 Responses to “Alcohol and the Christians”

  1. axinia Says:

    THanks, Radha, it is a great article, I find it interesting that I wanted to post it at the same time as the article in Times of India appeared 🙂
    Let me reprint it here:

    “MUMBAI: Will the cup of good cheer pass Catholics by this Christmas season?

    In a bold step, Cardinal Varkey Vidyathil has urged Catholics of his archdiocese, Ernakulam-Angamaly in Kerala, to celebrate a liquor-free Christmas this year.

    The cardinal’s message has come as a dampener on the forthcoming Christmas celebrations and has become a talking point in church circles across the country. In his message, printed in several Catholic publications, the cardinal regrets that alcohol consumption has become “an integral part” of all Christian celebrations. “Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or family celebrations, we serve liquor to enjoy the occasion,” he noted.

    This is not the first appeal against consumption of alcohol during Christmas. The Catholic clergy has often advised against serving of alcohol at Christmas celebrations, but this is the first occasion in recent times that a functionary as senior as a cardinal has spoken out with such fervour.

    “Alcoholism destroys many families and leads to domestic violence,” Vidyathil pointed out and urged Catholic families to abstain from alcoholic beverages.

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