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The importance of pleasing your wife December 16, 2007

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Two interesting stories on the same topic came across my way backed up with my personal observations.

A fried of mine has told me about one interesting phenomenon he has noticed: the better is the present to his wife for the Christmas, the better is their family life in both material and non-material aspects! He understood that giving a nice present to his wife (nice means something what she really likes) means paying respect to the family principle, as a wife is the soul of a family.

Another interesting story I got as a comment from shivausa on my other blog:

“I friend of mine, Professor John Gottman, of Seattle, one of the first psychologists to study the behavior of longterm happy couples, noticed that the men in such relationships, are thinking of their wives throughout the day. That makes sense, for if one’s attention is there, there is no room for it to be anywhere else.

One time I stayed with John in his home, a lawn sprinkler system was being installed in his front garden and as we walked up the path, the foreman of the men working there, came up to him and said that he was getting married soon, and he asked John if he had any advice for him. John, a modest, lovely man, scratched his head and thought for a minute. “Advice?” he mused…….”OK, honor your wife’s dreams.”

I remember reading somewhere that the wives of successful businessmen are mostly very demanding, and this is often the reason why such men become successful. Of course there are millions of women who are after their poor husband – willing this, wanting that… One should be really wise and see what is possible in every situation. Naturally, women are wise creatures however the brainwash of the modern times can easily make a “desire-machine” out of them. But that is not the point I want to make here.

I just want to remind all the husband who will read my post:

Your wife is your power, she nourishes you with her love and attention every day, she is the sustenance of your emotional side and your heart…Try to please her as much as you can, and give her the most beautiful present she desires!..

LOVE, axinia

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5 Responses to “The importance of pleasing your wife”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    sharing and gift giving especially sth that your partner hopes is nourishing for any relationship – not just a husband and wife. And i agree that if couples continue to shower each other gifts til they are married–it will strengthen their relationship more. I haven’t been a wife for long — and if i will be, that genuine thoughtfulness should be part in a guy’s personality. I love gifts from the heart. Not just gifts for the sake of making me happy or coz i want it. 😀

  2. I am not sure if I must comment on this but still: “Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice” is an ancient Chinese proverb. With the proliferation of wealth and the subsequent increase in the quality of living, people often tend to forget that there are certain values, which often hold true, even at 4000 A.D. It is very important to understand that there are certain responsiblilities for a man at every age: learn when you are a student, earn when you are a professional, bring up your children when you are a father, guide younger people when you are a grand father. Similar responsibilities, I hope, are there for women at different ages. As long as the responsibilities are shared in the family, I am sure the bond is going to be strong. Consumerism and commercialisation of values seem to have a stronger hold on women than men. As long as there is a general consenses that a diamond pendent cannot be bought by a husband when there might be a shortage in the next months rations is respected by women, the bond would exist. Please push your men to acheive a bit more. Dont drag him to a mountain and push him from there hoping he would somehow manage to survive. He wont.

  3. Giorgio Says:

    thanks for the advise.

    a sahaj husband

  4. axinia Says:

    @destinationinfinity: thanks for such an extendet comment! I agree that Consumerism and commercialisation of values seem to have a stronger hold on women than men. WOmen love shopping 🙂 And it is difficult not to overindulge into it.

    The easiest way I see just to take to the true spirituality – then the balnce and understanding for all such things just come into you naturally.
    And still I want to state here that presents are the manifestation of love. All kinds of them. Also non-meterial ones!

    @Giorgio: glad you like it :))

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