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A right sided personality December 8, 2007


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In the yogic terminology there are 2 popular terms reflecting human nature – the so called right sided and left sided personality types. Here I wrote about the typical characteristics of a left sided personality. Now we come to the right side: A detailed description by  Nigel Powel .

“The right side(energetic) channel is our hot side and as such is associated with our tendencies towards action, the future and planning. It is also the side which is related to our feelings of responsibility, which can drive us to assume responsibility for something even if it has nothing to do with us directly.

Right sided people are very action oriented. They are always on the go, planning for this, organising that. Never a moment`s for peace and rest, happy only when doing. They are found of action in all its forms and can never sit still.

They often try and take on troubles of the world, even to the detriment of their own life or health. They can also quickly loose their sense of perspective when faced with a  crisis or – more to the point – what they believe to be a crisis.

A right sided personality will never take no for an answer, nor allow themselves to show any form of weakness. The result is that they live a life full of stress, often in danger of collapsing under the weight of an unsustainable work load. They are the dominant, maybe even insensitive partner in their relationships. For them the world has to keep up, fit in with their timetable, even if sometimes that means they have to ride roughshod over other people`s needs and desires.”

That is for sure a description of a very clear right sider. Some people – depending on how much they are into it – can be right sided but manifest it less.

However if you, dear reader, belive you are something in betweeen – that is mostly a wrong impression. There is a type of a “centered” personality that this is very, very rare. In my whole life a have met only several people like that.

What I learned from my over 10 years experiences with this right side/ left side business is that most of us have a rather clear character preference – for the right side or left side tendency. Mostly it dominates our beahviour in such a way that we can mot even notice it, because it is a part of our nature.

However the wonder of Sahaja Yoga is that we are given tools which can literary change our lives and our personality. We are no longer doomed to remain locked in a depressive or manic personality, no do we have to remain victims of our environment.

Through our meditation we can literary wash away the affects of an adverse environment and, over time, gently reset our innermost character flaws to give ourselves a more stable and balanced outlook in life.

LOVE, axinia

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19 Responses to “A right sided personality”

  1. radha Says:

    I like watching myself in different environments and generally i notice a character of right or left side more stressed in the various cities or places. When i arrived in Hong Kong everybody used to tell “you know this city is very right sided, you’ll immediately notice it”. Apparently its so. But little by little you want to understand more and enjoy more so the intospection comes and …tada!!! You start to understand that some right sided traits are pushed out by left sided not solved problems so you have to go back there and work out the left which comes first. its quite facinating, there is so much to discover yet about right side personalities. Powell just touches the most important aspects about them in a thorough manner. Probably other books in the future will be able to tell even more! very useful post, i would encourage everybody to read this book too.

  2. radha Says:

    and the cat’s eyes are just perfect for the post!! its lying on the same carpet of the other little dog. Are they friends? 🙂

  3. axinia Says:

    Radha, the carpet is the same: the cat and tghe dog are the pets of my best friends, but they do not live together. You notice everything!
    I find it funny, that I had to choose a doggy for the left side and a cat for the right side: normally its vise versa – one says cats are the “left-sided” animals…

    The topic is indeed vast and I may be back with some personal insights later…just wanted to post some basic stuff first.

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  6. Scietech Says:

    Hey Axinia, I am not sure what kind of personality I am. I have many characteristics of a right-sided personality but some left-sided characteristics are very strong too. What kind of personality do you think I am?

    By the way, this kitten (and the puppy, too) looks so cute! 🙂

  7. axinia Says:

    thanks, Raj – I ma not sure if this kitten is cute, but a find it rahter tiger-like :))

    As for your personality, mos tof the people are not clear types, but there is always a clear tendency. LIke, I make an impression of a very balanced person, however I am still more on the right-side because I like to do things and not to indulge into emotional stuff… 🙂 Ideally we should try to become balanced – “central” – people, and have all the good qualities of both the right-side and left-side developed in us!

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