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Love at first sight? – just sex and ego, study says December 5, 2007

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Is love something one can experience at first sight? Rather doubtful…

That first lovers’ glaze is the staple of the romantic novelist, and scientists believe they have now revealed the true nature of its true attractive power.

According to new research, romance has very little do to with it. That “look” is all about sex and ego.

“It does seem to be a sort of narcissistic thing. People are attracted to people who are attracted to them,” said Ben Jones in the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen.

“It’s really a very basic effect that we are all, at some level at least, aware of – which is that if you smile at people and you maintain eye contact, it makes you more attractive.”

The team put together four different sets of digital images – women looking happy, women looking disgusted, men looking happy and men looking disgusted. In each case, the scientists made up pairs of images which were identical except that in one the person was looking directly at the camera and in the other their gaze was averted. Volunteers then rated the relative attractiveness of the images in each pair.

The team found that a direct stare is attractive only if the person giving it looks as if they like you. This preference was even higher if the face in the picture was of the opposite sex.

“What we found at the most basic level is that people like faces with direct gaze more than they like the same faces with averted gaze,” said Dr Jones. “In other words, people find it more attractive when they are being looked at.”

The results are published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Dr Jones said the results make sense from an evolutionary perspective. “It takes quite a lot of effort to attract a mate and what you want to do is allocate that effort in a more efficient way, in other words in a way that is more likely to help you secure a mate.”

And what about love? It is rather silly to suggest that it is love when you are pleased with someone´s gazing at you… It could be a possible start for a realtionship, but love?… Love takes time.

LOVE, axinia


12 Responses to “Love at first sight? – just sex and ego, study says”

  1. leelajesus Says:

    yeah, there is so much confusion going on about: love, falling in love (what we call in german Verliebtheit), passion, physical attraction and so on and so on…
    we mistake the one for the other …

    it´s an interesting sutdy!

  2. radha Says:

    cant we love a person from the first…moment? to me it happens..

  3. Bala Says:

    I am never convinced with this Love at first sight. It is impossible, it is just mere lust and attraction.

    Love at first sight had never happen with people who are pretty bad at looks.So it clearly says that Love @ first Sight is very much dependent on beauty.

    Love is something which should happen with time.

  4. axinia Says:

    @radha: I wonder what kind of love you mean? If you mean an open heart that it is more like a spiritual experience and definetly the one which is menat in the study…Please clarify!

  5. […] Love at first sight? – just sex and ego, study says « 1000petals […]

  6. radha Says:

    i mean just love, like you want to care for that person and be nice to him/her. or you feel you want to care for all the people around you without any distinction or need of “eye sight”. yes maybe is more spiritual what i am meaning. anyway have good nite and…lov

  7. niki Says:

    Is there love at first sight in a yogic way?

  8. axinia Says:

    Yes, there is, but for that one need to be of a good yogi level – in order not to take this feeling for just a sexual desire, but something much more…and that is unfortunately rare.

  9. swaps Says:

    Affection, love and tenderness – how are they different?

    Axinia, I am surprised you should seek scientific evidence to support your views. You always emphasized direct experience, right? 🙂

  10. axinia Says:

    I do, Swaps, but i also enjoy the scientific evidence 😉 People love ot read about it, beause my expeicence is a single unit. The scietific evidence is based on the collective experiences, and that is als very valuable.

    YOu question “Affection, love and tenderness – how are they different?” need a special post 🙂

  11. Swaps Says:

    OK. Looking forward to the special post.

  12. auRoRa Says:

    maybe.. but sometimes it was to fast to giving a choice…

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