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A left sided personality December 3, 2007

photo by axinia

In the yogic terminology there are 2 popular terms reflecting human nature – the so called right sided and left sided personality types. At the first side they seem to be similar to introvert and extrovert characteristics, but it is not the same. When you read the following description by Nigel Powel we will see how deep and detailed yoga explains that. Lets look closer at the left sided type in this post.

“The left side of our body is our moon side and as such is associated with our feelings of lethargy, introversion and even depression. It is also the centre related to our desire, including the desire to acquire, achieve and even to live. Some of the most creative souls in history have been strongly left side oriented, as it is the channel most associated with the creative arts of all types.

Left sided people will often be quite lethargic and inactive. They may be attracted to sadness or over emotional enternainment or even to sudden bouts of depression for no obvious reason. They may be unable or unwilling to take responsibility for anything, and try to avoid commitment. They can be quite introvert in many ways. Many left sided personalities do, however, subconsciously attempt to compensate for the tendency by deliberately driving themselves to hard work and futuristic occupations. This type of workaholics can often be identified by their reluctance to take any sort of rest or vacation no matter how tiered they are, least they fall back into their natural left sided ways.

Left sided people tend to take a negative view of everything. Any situation, even the most trivial, which goes against their personal goals can wound them deeply. Eventually they can slump into a deep depression ever the slightest thing, convinced that they are a victime of life. They may also suffer through relationships, convinced that they are the victim of a lack of understanding. In general the slightest action has the potential to leave a deep scar, and wound their fragile persona.”

Sahaja yoga teaches some very simple and natural treatments that help to clean the left side out and then to actually manifest the true beauty of the lift sided personality – actually the LOVE and JOY (as the heart is on the left side).

Next time read about a right sided personality.

LOVE, axinia


18 Responses to “A left sided personality”

  1. lotus Says:

    Very interesting …thank you , and such a cute puppy..:)… L


  2. radha Says:

    hi! just today i was reading this very part in the book by N. Powell, this book is really well written, i like it

  3. axinia Says:

    Yeh, I like the book too. Well written, easy to digest.. and very, very wise…even for experienced Yogis :))

  4. sunshineforlife Says:

    Hi Axinia, this is a very informative one for me. reading this and tried to self-evaluate myself, am still in the middle of that left sided and right sided personality.

    i wonder what are the traits for the right sided personality?

  5. leelajesus Says:

    Thank you for this post Axinia, I enjoyed a lot reading it!

    The doggy looks really left-sided ;)or maybe you just scared him with your camera 😉

    I am courious what kind of foto you will take to show the right-side 🙂 and I am looking forward to read the next post.

  6. axinia Says:

    @sunshine: we all try to come to the middle, and if you feel you are there then you are just perfect!
    I have seen very few cases of “centered” people (I mean who are in the center by birth)… mostly people tent to manifest the qualities of one of the sides.
    Lets see what you will say after the next post 🙂

    @leela: I will probably will use a picture of the same doggy 🙂 he can look totaly different!

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  9. swaps Says:

    Axinia, I had read this post some time back. This broad classification is quite accurate. As you might have already felt, I am acutely left-sided. Even physically, the left side is stronger…. now I can see why.

    But entire India is not left-sided. Mostly southern regions.

  10. axinia Says:

    Swaps, I like the way you say it 🙂

    As for India, yes, the North is definetly more on the right-side, but you know, when I come to India form the hard-right-sided West….:) The whole of India seems left-sided to me 🙂

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